Night Siege of June 19

UN Council Human Rights abolished the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Belarus. The forums this news portal comment followed properly.Fromall: "Human Rights in Belarus is obvious benefit would not, though, with On the other hand, sneezed everything on "UN resolutions", as in globally. "akselbant: "UN is a pitiful and scary bureaucratic office on consumption funds in the main European taxpayers." funhouse: "Previously, the choir sounded Lukashenko supporters: we want to spit on any special speaker! Who is he such, the rapporteur?. Yeah, it generally does not mean anything! And tseper shchanyukovaya some satisfaction that this special rapporteur canceled …"The

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The futuristic marvel of old tram appeared in Izhevsk

Upgraded tram futuristic design will appear soon in the capital of the Udmurt Republic.

In the first day of the tram will pass on Izhevsk, but the route he would get up in July after all the technical tests. All changes have extended the life of the composition approximately 10 years.


The most amazing thing is that for a new facade hides an old car, which this year celebrated its 30th anniversary. It could have been written off, but by the company IzhGET carriage restyled, informed the news agency "Susanin" the chief

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Need to abandon the station and the construction Nyamiha

* "Free Belarus" in 1918 reported: "In" Belorussian want "(Horse Market, Minsk) on the first day of Easter, May 5th, was delivered to you T-Belarusian Drama and Comedy British farce," Aunt guilty. "Not looking at that behind the scene echoed strangers for Belarusian ear the words: "Mr.," "lord," "Miss," etc., farce went very well, capturing the audience with his fascinating story, pazyvavshym on niutrymany laughter. "*"Evening Minsk" in 1988 published a statement Poznyak at the "round table" "My world: Abandon building second strip through the subway Site of ancient castle and the Upper Town. Need to abandon the construction of

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Ust-Katavsky Plant (Chelyabinsk region). Expanding exports of trams

In the next three years Pavlodar barn (Kazakhstan) will add 50 new modern trams produced in Russia, the press service of the "Tram management."

This was agreed on Saturday "SEC" Pavlodar "and Ust-Katavsky Railcar (RF), signed a memorandum of cooperation.

Russian cars designed for 187 seats — low floor, adapted for the carriage of passengers with disabilities. They are economical — operating only one new tram reduces energy costs by one million tenge per year.

"The agreement on cooperation has a business component and has a social character, — the chairman of the board of socio-entrepreneurial corporations" Pavlodar ",

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Ust-Katavsky Carriage Works has released a new model low-floor cars.

A new model of tram car — 71-631 prepared for testing. Six-axle articulated car with low floor will be used for high speed and conventional rail lines. Technical specifications and parameters provide a comfortable tram travel for passengers with children, people with disabilities, lower power consumption and longer operating time between overhauls of the car. Also car is equipped with navigation equipment (ASMPP) GLONASS (GPS).

Additionally: "So it became known that in the near future car should go to the factory acceptance test and in the nearby town of Zlatoust. There are fine-tuning the car will engage

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Tram new generation of production of JSC Uraltransmash

Tests of Russia's first fully low-floor tram model 71-409 production of "Uraltransmash" — company in the corporation Uralvagonzavod began in West tram depot Yekaterinburg.

The tests consist of several steps: checking the car and its components in the steady state and in drive. Each stage includes a variety of tests under different conditions. Currently executed commissioning, and has already successfully completed their first stage.

July 26 tramcar 71-409 model was shipped to Western depot EMUP "TTU" for commissioning, acceptance testing and pre-

August 23 tram started tests in drive mode, having made the first three-kilometer run-idle on

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Citations past: The latest doll — mogilevchanka

 "Star" in 1938 published the rules for using the tram Minsk: "Permission entry through the forecourt of the car trailer with free transportation by rail workers and special certificates to police officers only in the form. Attention: police officers get in shape without the tram cars on a common basis for a fee .. . Mengorsoveta members and candidates and members of the Minsk PKB enjoy free travel on the tram. ""Lim" year 1948. V.Barysenka writes about ideological refraction in some articles: "The nationalist writers argued that the Belarusian literature developed in isolation from the Russian culture and throughout its

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Tram hitherto in Minsk will be gone …

"Free Belarus" on this week 1918 report from the village Tsesova Slutsky County "chop wood, earth-mother already groaning. Heart hurts, if it goes, it will soon be no where to do at home. Very large piece lost, spalashyli base in tselyuh — stumps remained. A yard shaking as if an aspen leaf on. And it is from this, that God alone knows. How to look at the people, the ones like myartsvyatsy, while others, like mad. ""Proletarians of Vitebsk" the 60th anniversary of the death of the poet Nekrasov wrote in an editorial: "oppressors of the people, bloodsucker, parasites, zaklyaymennyya

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China threatens new tropical storm

August 19, 2013. August 14 in the South China city of Yangjiang (Guangdong) came ashore typhoon "Yutor." To date, we know of three dead and five missing people. Tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated.

Soon the people of China lies in wait for a new attack. Approximately 300 km from the coast of Taiwan was formed tropical storm "Tram". According to the forecasts of meteorologists to land in China, he can come out as early as Tuesday.

It is expected that over the next few days, "Tram" will intensify. For a short time it can be rated as

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New trams for St. Petersburg

The Government of St. Petersburg, ZAO "Transmashholding" and Alstom Transport signed a memorandum for the modernization and improvement of the tram infrastructure and renewal of urban tram fleet. Photo

The memorandum was signed by the governor of the city Georgi Poltavchenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors TransMashHolding Andrew Bokaryov and president of Alstom Transport Henri Poupart-Lafarge November 16, 2011.

The signing took place on location in St. Petersburg company TransMashHolding — Oktyabrsky Electric Factory (OEVRZ).


Its main partners are providing to the citizens a comfortable, safe and meets the latest requirements

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