To not carry air

There are awkward loads such as long-length tube. For them, the way to container transportation unprofitable. Return lengthy containers usually do not add up, making capacity of the train is used by only 8-11%.

Folding lengthy containers generally not commercially available. They are complex, and in the manufacture and exploitation, for in them the hinges, locks and other extra parts and assemblies.

Knowing this, we are at in VNIEKI of packaging designed for the transport of non-ferrous metal pipe non-folding-metal container — a long rectangular box with sides in a grid.

«Are you, too, enrolled in the sellers of air?»

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«The main directions of the social development of the USSR for 1986-1990 and for the period until 2000» before the rail tasked accelerate the turnover of cars, increase train speeds, increased capacity and carrying capacity of roads, increasing the processing capacity of the sorting, passenger and freight stations. These problems cause an acute need for improving existing and developing new organization processes at the stations, nodes, railway transportation enterprises. Requires improving the reliability and functional development of energy devices, means of signaling, centralization and blocking systems, automatic control of trains, more efficient repair and maintenance of rolling stock. Special attention


REGULATIONS ON «Honorary railwayman»

Order of the Minister of Transport approved the new position of «Honorary railwayman».

GENERAL PROVISIONS. «Honorary railwayman» is the highest award of the Ministry of Railways. Emblem is awarded to railway staff for the best results «in the work, the development and implementation of science, technology, and advanced technology, which were the major contribution to the development and improvement of the activities of railway transport, as well as dedicated actions related to ensuring safety and security of transported goods . By awarding the mark represents the workers, engineers and technical workers and employees for a long time and worked

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The Polish magazine "Beekeeping" It published a very interesting article on the transport of bees to honey collection, which is placed below.

The author of this article — Head of beekeeping main agricultural school E. Woicke — recently visited the US and met with the detail work of large beekeeping farms.

ALL beekeepers are well aware of how much time-consuming and cause trouble as hives preparation for transport: strengthening the framework, closing the tap hole, clogging hives on top of the grid or the lap, and the like. US beekeepers working in large apiaries, each hive can not be

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Wind of change against the ambitions of the hurricane?

«There’s nothing worse than living in times of change,» — says the old Chinese proverb. It appears to the greatest extent it relates to road freight. For a long time the drivers, owners of transport and freight forwarders are living in a constant state of stress. The authorities are constantly trying to introduce some innovations, while not quite explain what they pursue the ultimate goal. «Secret plan» Government «declassified» correspondent Vladislav Ronin.

3.50 — the price of justice?

In the last issue of the newspaper, we wrote about the supposed introduction of the new toll — 3.5 rubles per

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Liberty Poll: eat only fruit, I walk

Listen:Man: "I’m retired, because in primarily feel the increase in food prices. Also on trucks, constantly walking. "Man: "We all in Mogilev is precious … I’m sorry, I’m not the inhabitant of Grodno."Reporter: "And that you have more in Mogilev, than we have in Grodno?"Man: "Products first — meat, bread, milk, butter. Expensive apartments … "Reporter: "And as you have more and more expensive?"Man: "Much. By 50 percent. "Woman: "I have not felt until all but freight prices rose."Lady: "Oh, my son very much food prices have risen …"Young Man: "This is what felt exactly as it is on the

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Belarusian railways not refuse unsafe goods

Because man-made disaster in an unsafe area were about weave Fri populated in the Lviv region.On the danger of other countries like convince the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Belarus, while there is no question:"We designed maps winds, movement of air masses, because we all keep under control. And also goes round the clock sampling: samples demonstrate that any configurations yet.In case there will be suspected severe deterioration of the situation, we keep in constant contact with the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine, with Gidrametam. And it is confirmed that the greatest danger appears particularly during combustion, in

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Chukotka, the introduction of new technologies of transportation of coal

The government of the Chukotka Autonomous District has initiated the introduction of new technologies for coal transportation to the villages of Anadyr district. In the navigation in 2013 in the village of Ust-Belaya 90 tonnes of solid fuel will be delivered in big bags — big bags. This was announced by the Department of Industrial Policy Advisor, Construction and Housing Alexei Fighters. According to him, the question of introducing a new technology delivery of coal was discussed in the spring of this year with the leadership Chukotsnab. "The initiative of the Government of the District of transporting coal

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Unique trailers from Company SPETSPRITSEP

Moscow-based company Ltd. "The company SPETSPRITSEP" lives up to its name since more than 10 years in the design, manufacture and supply of modern trailers to meet the requirements of the customer and optimally solving transportation problems.

The development of the design of trailers and semi-trailers are taught by experienced designers, many of whom were trained abroad and have made a number of know-how, which have been granted patents.

Towed vehicles with the brand name "SPETSPRITSEP" operated by enterprises of the Federal Agency "Spetsstroy Russia" and RAO "Gazprom" company "Transneft" Corporation "Transstroi" city-forming complex of Moscow, the Taiwan

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Mogilev bus gone, the buses are not there

According to the Department of Transport and Communications Executive Committee until Jan. worked on urban routes 695 taxis. At the moment, their number decreased to 600 20 114 minibuses seventh Holder peraregistrovvayutstsa in private unitary enterprises.The disappearance of the city’s taxi routes immediately felt by passengers for yourself. Large human crowds at bus stops, especially in the afternoon and evening, at the Department of Transport as he explained it:"Transport is pretty. Only that part of the passengers used to travel to the shuttles."According to him, at present on routes out more buses and trolley buses:"The number of buses was 115,

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