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Treasure hunter

Rachel Ashwell, the founder of Shabby Chic, explains the lure of the antiques markets that inspire her work

Over the years vintage finds have become more and more desired, appreciated and actually understood. Whether apparel, furnishings or textiles, it seems to me that the thirst for uniqueness and eclectic treasures has grown. Sometimes it might be budget that drives the attraction, but often it is about having things that are one of a kind that blend easily into the decor of already-owned pieces.

Only in Round Top, Texas and the neighboring little towns could there be a flea market covering

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CHINA 1405-1433

The first of seven daring maritime journeys for the Chinese Treasure Fleet got underway in 1405. From this first expedition to the fleet’s final trip in 1431, these voyages — led by explorer Zheng He — would expand the influence of the Chinese empire throughout the world from Indonesia to Africa.

The fleet was commissioned in 1403 by Emperor Chengzu, who appointed the eunuch Zheng He as its leader. Zheng He was an imposing captain at 1.8 metres (six foot) tall who, after being taken prisoner at the age of ten, had gained the favour of the emperor


Now another anniversary of the War of 1812

French Embassy in Minsk on June 12 no special events are planned. This diplomatic, consular employee says Angelica Beetle:"No,what now not planned. Usually at the end of October — early November, when, and was actually crossing the Berezina, every year we go there. There are carried out mass productions, remember when the historical clearance time, with the laying of wreaths, etc. And it usually has been held. "According to historian Alexei Khadika, unlike of, on the Belarusian lands were expecting the arrival of Bonaparte with certain expectations: "There was a project to restore ON that Napoleon specially promoted to enlist

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World staged Mozart Belarusian

So makarom be deployed another page of the history of Belarusian musical theater era of classicism. New performance rely summer show in Mir castle, and later to keep unchanged the theater’s repertoire.Comical opera "Strange heritage nobody is" Ian David Golyand did in 1795. German by birth, a huge part of the composer own life held in Belarus. For 20 years he served kapelmaystram Nyasvizh Radziwill at the court, and after a doctor music Vilna Institute, where he taught composition "Philomath Filaret."

Member of the Arts Council of the Belarusian Opera, Honored Artist of Belarus Victor Skorobogatov (Photo) knows that the

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The curse of the treasure of the Argonauts killed a family archaeologist




From a life gone father, sister, mother, and Andrew himself Chamkin who found the treasure

When the treasure found near Sochi, was brought to the Hermitage — experts gasped. This complete collection they did not have. The price of each item around $ 50,000. But few

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Ukraine: a unique find in the Crimea




In Feodosia found a unique treasure — more than 150 thousand rubles, printed at the beginning of the last century, which were hidden in the wall of one of the oldest houses Theodosia. But not a huge amount shook unwitting hunters and specialist coin and banknotes themselves.

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Inca Gold

November 9, 2011 17:41

Gold — probably the most ancient idol of mankind. For the right to own the yellow metal were bloody wars, destroy entire nations and peoples.

Inca Empire was one of the victims of the Spanish gold rush. But the Spanish conquistadors could not capture all the treasures. After the execution of the last ruler of the Inca gold disappeared. Looking for him since the end of the XVI century. Thousands of expeditions were sent to the Peruvian jungle, hoping to find at least part of the treasure. But all

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All the secrets and hidden secrets will be open by 2012

All cards will be laid out on the table, all the secrets and hidden secrets will be opened in 2012. (B.Marsiniak — Family of Light)

In our urban life, when all abuzz artificial electromagnetic fields, the most important for a person becomes a meeting with yourself — with the Divine within. We live in a unique and exciting time in the history of mankind, our Native Gods expect us patriotic heroism and selfless acts in this great time of change. Each of us is a huge pedigree with millions of ancestors, and many of their hopes, aspirations,

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Battle of civilizations. Curse of Montezuma (05/01/2013)

January 5, 2013 16:03

"The majority of the treasure ships sank near South America, the so-called" Golden Triangle ". Scientists and treasure hunters for years cherished dream to find there missing frigate or galleon …

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India — an ancient empire watch online

India is a real treasure, full of variety and wealth of jewelry, the most eye-catching of which is eminent diamond "Koh-i-noor." According to legend, the stone has given public land merciful God Krishna, to check his greed. Krishna wanted to look at how to behave themselves people when their hands will be so unheard of until now the pride and jewel: Will they be wiser, or be like feral animals. In this film the audience will be able to behold the sight of her conquerors India who wanted the glory and untold riches.

Mysteries of the history, excavation,

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