At the Izhora Pipe running complex treatment facilities

At the Izhora Pipe Plant launched complex treatment plants worth about 75 million rubles.

The new equipment allows us to clean water back into the production cycle, greatly reducing the load on the sewage treatment plant and the environment. The volume of water equivalent to a small pond, it became possible to use the company repeatedly. "Already saving per day is 45 cubic meters. m, — commented Nicholas Skorohvatov, CEO of ASI. — After vsehpusko-commissioning this figure will vary from 80 to 120 cu. meters. Purified water with a minimum of oil can be used in circulating systems IPP, used

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The plant ZIO-Podolsk lent precision heating furnace 4

At an engineering plant "ZIO-Podolsk" (Included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) in pilot production started up four modernized high-heat gas oven. Upgrading the furnace gas equipment held under a grant of the Government of the Russian Federation to establish through energy-saving heat treatment technology critical parts of nuclear energy on the basis of energy-efficient equipment. The complex of the measures will significantly improve the quality of heat treatment products. Including: strictly maintain a given temperature, reduce fuel consumption up to 30% or more, to ensure maximum automation of the process, which makes the guaranteed high

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Magnetic fields return the affected speech




Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone (Alvaro Pascual-Leone) establishes the rTMS device on the head of Mickey Blow (Mickey Poduje) (photo from

Nongray Margaret (Margaret Naeser) of the Department of Neurology at Boston University (Department of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine) and colleagues from

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Avtukhovich made prosthetics in private practice

Society In recent days, there have been positive changes for the better in the issue of the treatment of political prisoner Autukhovich, which is on the "Volodarka."Autukhovich right prosthetics.

Autukhovich in the detention center in Minsk visited dentists, said, "Freedom," the lawyer concluded Paul Sapelka. According to the lawyer Sapelka, doctors examined the teeth Autuhovich and confirmed that he needed urgent prosthetics:

"The result of this consultation was that I asked for the address of clinic where they can make a prosthetic Autukhovich. Today I visited the clinic and there was agreement on the operation of doctors. Hopefully, the prison

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Bashtansky cheese factory installed on the long-awaited wastewater treatment system


"Milk Alliance" has invested about $ 2.5 million in the installation of a new cheese factory at Bashtansky unique wastewater treatment capacity of 1,300 cubic meters per day, which allows us to complete the process of cheese making, receiving process water without odor and contaminants. In the production of cheese whey, which is released during the process of cheese making, not only has a sharp unpleasant smell, but also negatively impacts on the environment. Currently Bashtansky cheese factory came on the daily volume of processed milk, equal to 350 tons. And the old sewage treatment plant, which

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The formula perfect smile

Is there a formula for the perfect smile? Let's try to sort out this issue.

We know that beauty — is primarily balanced proportions. In the literature they are described as the golden ratio. By and large, all cosmetic dentistry is based on the identification of these proportions. However, there is a caveat. The fact is that mathematically "calculate" the ideal proportions of the human face can not — first of all because it is absolutely symmetrical face — this is nonsense. Typically, in respect of all living things, including face admits light nature asymmetry. It

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Photodermatitis: treatment and prevention

What if after a day spent in the warm sunlight, face blistered and mercilessly itch? Consult your dermatologist. Doctor prescribe a topical (external) and internal treatment.

External treatment: In the affected skin is applied ointments containing lanolin, zinc, metiluratsil. From the people's money is well cool the skin and relieve itching cabbage leaves, thin slices of raw cucumber or potato.

In severe lesions of the skin doctor may prescribe hormonal creams.

Inside taking drugs that normalize liver function, improve metabolism, promote regeneration (recovery) of the skin. Typically, this antioxidants, B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C, niacin. Good relieve skin

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Photodynamic therapy: a healthy cervix for one session!

Cervical Pathology is often asymptomatic, but in the meantime they increase the risk of cancer. But now the problems in this area can be resolved quickly, efficiently and painlessly. After photodynamic therapy remains flexible neck, which is especially important for women who are about to give birth.

Laser photodynamic therapy (PDT)— This is a gentle non-contact and painless method of treatment of the cervix of the uterus, which is carried out without anesthesia. Photodynamic therapy does not cause complications after it are left with scars and stitches. For a complete cure only one session. The procedure on

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Murmansk oncologist has developed a unique method of treatment

This "Japanese" appeared in the Murmansk Regional Cancer Center six years ago and immediately became an event: Termotron — the apparatus of local hyperthermia. With its acquisition of our oncologists were able to use a completely new type of treatment that earlier in the Murmansk region was not used. Many patients who could not help either medicine or surgery or chemo-radiation therapy, there was hope.

No one could have predicted

Knowingly hyperthermia experts have called the fourth cancer treatment. The gist of it — in the impact on the tumor by heating due to which cancer cells are killed. And

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Chemotherapy Malignant tumors — is the use of drugs for medical reasons hindering the proliferation of tumor cells or irreversibly damaging them.

From the history of chemotherapy

The results of the first experiment using chemotherapy were published in 1946. The first anti-cancer drug was embihin, the creation of poison gas on the basis of the First World War — mustard. It was he and initiated the creation of a major group of anticancer agents — cytostatics.

What medications are used to treat tumors?

Currently, chemotherapy separated by alkylating cytostatics, antimetabolites, antibiotics, plant, etc. Inhibition of tumor growth by

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