BOASTING CRYSTAL-CLEAR WATERS, GOLDEN-SAND BEACHES AND RUSTIC TAVERNAS overflowing with fresh local seafood, the island of Skiathos in Greece is a brilliant choice for honeymooners seeking an old-world escape with a dash of glamour.

You’re certain to fall in love with the island’s traditional blue and white architecture, and thanks to a happening harbour scene, there’s no chance of island ennui setting in.

Run by forward-thinking hoteliers, the Santikos family, each delivers a first-class experience. Skiathos Princess is sophisticated and understated with beautiful gardens and

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Rational land use

Our farm specializes in the production of fruit. Gardens occupy 1050 hectares, or about one-seventh of all agricultural land. The area under them is growing by 140-150 hectares.

Expanding gardens, we set a goal — to get as much product per hectare. In its decision, we have a loyal ally — the science. On the territory of the farm is located Michurinsky gossortoispytatelny portion of fruit and berry crops. In the paper, we strive to use his experience. No less close relationship maintained with the Research Institute of Horticulture name Michurin. Its staff are often in our economy, give advice

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Let the table will be more fruit

The collective farm named after Lenin (village Goryachevodskaya) Mineralovodskogo production department annually planting fruit trees, strongly increases the yield of the gardens. Yes, and how not to develop this important and profitable crop if it gives up to 40% of the farm cash income. In the best years we get from gardening 1400-1500 rubles. But not only that guided the farm, increasing fruit plantings. We see our duty to fully meet the needs of tourists on the Caucasian resorts.

Most mistakes are farm managers, who are afraid of the cost of the development of gardens. In part, this is probably

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Intensive gardening PREVENTS huge amount of manual work. Is created in the All-Union Institute AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY MACHINE mechanized one of the most labor-intensive operations — pruning fruit trees. The machine is controlled by one person. She cuts herself unneeded branches to pick them up. PRODUCTIVITY INCREASES seven times, and the costs are reduced by seventy percent.

Always thought that fruit trees need a space, then the harvest will be. Agricultural science has proven the opposite — give birth to larger fruit trees, if planted densely, only need to limit their crown, thin out. The well-bleached branches fruiting accelerated by three


Deck the walls Holiday Tree.

This season, celebrate Christmas with a different kind of evergreen—one made from hard woods! Our stylized tree brings together walnut, mahogany, and maple in one, attractive, unified design. Have a bare wall that could use a little perking up? Then try this decoration out for size. Enlarge or downsize our patterns to suit your special needs. For added beauty, consider hanging small ornaments from the boughs.

Make Your Tree One Bough at a Time

Note: We used 5/4 (five-quarter or 1 1/16) stock for this project. You can also go with

3/4, provided that you downsize the dowel rod for

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Thickening planting apple trees

I. Molchanov

On an experimental basis of the Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture of the Northeast of European part of Russia (Kirov) in 1948 laid the experience in the study of thickened crops. Trees have been planted at a distance of 6X6 m (control), 6X3 and 6X2 m m. Between the trees in the series at half the experimental plots in the same year planted currants.

An area of ​​1 hectare set aside for the experience — an elevated plateau with a smooth surface. Sod, weakly podzolic, loamy. From the south, west and north adjacent fruit plantings.

Seedlings grafted

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Paradise beauty in garden design

Spring, exuberant flowering apple trees, their heady and dizzying fragrance is remembered for a long time. But gardeners and growers are always eager to put something new and unusual in their fields. And now, thanks to the success of the breeders in our landscapes literally broke new forms of ornamental apple trees with stunning color of flowers, leaves, fruits, various forms of the crown and timing of flowering. There were even apple with double flowers, not inferior to the beauty of the celebrated Japanese Sakura.

I love miniature apple trees for their unmatched beauty and simplicity. In our projects

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In other cases, the president prefers genre monologue

"Created in Minsk Research Institute of Party History of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks), which is affiliated with the Institute of Marx — Engels — Lenin — Stalin — reported in 1947," Russian Belarus. "- On Pachaliperaklady Byelorussian classic works of Marxism-Leninism, the development works and documents on the history of the CP (b) B. Sector translation institute established by edition Belarusian language short biography of Stalin, prepared for printing on whiteRussian language The first three volumes of the collected works of Lenin and Stalin three volumes of essays. "Under the heading "peaches moving to the North" "Banner of Youth" in

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In Grodno detained party environmental flashmob

The guy was a two-handled saw with the inscription: "Grodno + trees = friendship." Young people wanted to arrange a flash mob at the fact that about a maternity hospital were felled all the trees. But waiting for them on the spot by the police.

Names of Liberty: Levon met-Dubeykavski (07/19/1869 — 06/11/1940)

If you go to a place Drysvyaty that Braslaw not pass there the main attractions — the wood and Paul Cathedral, built in 1929, with the features of Art Nouveau. Professionally vshtukavany in Lakeside District, this temple with its five-story bell tower makes a unique landscape that encouraged and encourages artists and just travelers who managed to get into these places — now the border area with the jet mode.Creator wood drysvyatskaga breathtakingly — Levon met-Dubeykavski, particularly bright and professional in almost all areas.A graduate of the Paris Academy of Architecture, he built a church in Smolensk, vorachival churches in

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