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There can be up to half a million board feet of lumber in a single mature giant redwood. It seems sacrilegious to think of these natural wonders in woodshop terms, but they did provide our ancestors with the lumber to build entire cities. And it’s impossible to stand among them, if you’re the kind of person who owns a table saw, and not think about the massive amount of rich, red heartwood.

Oh, come on. It’s OK to just think about it.

Nowadays, most commercially available redwood is the result of planting. The virgin forests are off limits. While a



September 1985. The State of Emergency raged on across

South African townships, schooling was disrupted, government property assaulted by both protest graffiti and flames.

There were hushed conversations among grown-ups, conspiratorial almost, on how Tembisa Township was a dangerous place for young, impressionable minds. For my brothers and I who, for eight years of our lives, had been creatures of the city. City lights. City ambience. City food. A metropolitan existence.

The hushed conversations yielded an unforeseen «cultural» shock — a Great Trek to the bundus. to my grandparents’ headquarters in the Hill of Mice, a small village northeast of


Farewell to old friends

The beauty of the winter is that there is time for the land to replenish with water. Rain that tails in autumn does not evaporate as the trees in many cases are losing their leaves, allowing rain to penetrate deep into the tree canopy and down into the soil.

It all takes time which has been w’ell demonstrated in my own wilderness garden. I’m downsizing thanks to the Christchurch earthquakes to allow for a building expansion next door but I had to wait for the rain so that I could lift trees and plants that I wanted to keep. The

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Wandering dunes


Sand dunes can travel. And, quite successfully. A few meters per year armada they come to the village, the forest and the sea, sweeping away all obstacles in its path.

How is this possible? And what strength to conquer the sand dunes of living space?See in this photo report. I say at once, it will be hot:

Staroderevenskaya dune near the present sea of elite cottage settlement (near the border with Lithuania) swallowed whole fishing village in the 60's. 20th century. And this, at least for 1000 years happened repeatedly with the Prussian and Soviet settlements in this

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Silver Trees extract solar energy

Silver Trees extract solar energy Facts

Power industry for many years tried to transcend and overcome the laws of nature. However, when people come to understand that this leads to catastrophic climate change, efforts were under way for a return to natural laws, and wisdom. For example, to increase the efficiency of solar cells by scientists actively explored the mechanisms of converting light the trees. Ongoing studies are aimed at finding techniques to reduce the use of precious metal silver to make photovoltaic cells.

Each silicon solar panels for a contact grid, a special paste with a silver content of

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The hurricane knocked in Odessa more than 1,000 trees, one man was killed

May 31, 2013. The hurricane knocked in Odessa more than 1,000 trees, one person was killed and many wounded.

In Odessa cleared element! Ten minutes had hurricane knock down dozens of trees and off the light in the center, a fountain and Tairova. In particular, suffered green spaces in the city garden.

"When the whirlwind came, people vacationing on summer dining areas, climbed in the window establishments, and some even dragged" — says Eugene Odessa, who met in the center of the bad weather.

According to him, badly damaged scene, prepared for the festival of ballroom dance "Cup

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Seven thousand young pines planted in the walnut Zuyevsky forestry (Moscow region).

In a nut-Zuev in honor of Marines killed in fighting fires, planted forest. Since the beginning of autumn this is the second such action. Many residents of the area responded to the call of environmentalists to take part in the event. This time, foresters together with pupils, students and volunteers have planted seven thousand pine trees. By the end of the year in the area is planned to plant 60 hectares of forest.

In Mytishchi tree planting took place on the Boulevard of youth. 27 chestnut trees were planted by representatives of the Youth Council, the district administration, honorable

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Giant trees dying because of climate change

Giant trees dying because of climate change weather and climate

As the observations of experts, has recently risen dramatically deaths of giant trees and trees with an impressive age. This fact can not be taken calmly, as together with the tree-giant killed an entire mini-ecosystem, as in the crowns of trees and their roots live several species of birds, many insects and other living organisms.

This problem applies to almost all existing types of forests in the world, say the Australian University of James Cook and his colleagues in Washington, USA. Their research, they started with a forest

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In Texas, the drought has destroyed 10% of the forest

In Texas, the drought has destroyed 10% of the forest area Weather and Climate

Over recent years, Texas has experienced a particularly dry summers, accompanied by large fires, in particular, this applies to 2011. According to the Texas Forest Stewardship recent fires have destroyed about 10% of the state forest, or about a billion trees. Considered the largest fires in Bastrop east of Austin, resulting in burned 1.5 million trees and 1,500 houses destroyed.

In winter, it is difficult to assess which trees were killed, and which are at rest after the extraordinary summer heat. Therefore, experts await spring of

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In Moscow, opened after the reconstruction of Crimean Embankment

In Moscow, opened after the reconstruction of Crimean embankment. It has become a pedestrian area with fountains and vernissage artists, where they will exhibit their work.

Accomplishment of the Crimean city waterfront cost of two billion rubles. These funds have equipped the modern pedestrian zone more than a kilometer in length. 

On the waterfront created artificial hills of varying heights — it is made especially for lovers of summer extreme sports. And in the winter with these hills can ride a ledyankah.

All the guests will be able to connect to the

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