Water quality depends on the health of trees in the vicinity of water intake

Drinking water quality is directly dependent on the health of forests growing on the watershed, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Staff of the University of Natural Resources Colorado (Colorado School of Mines) concluded that the deterioration of water quality in Colorado and Wyoming (USA) due to loss of forest in the state of the epidemic pests.

After an unusually warm winter, more than four million acres (16,000 square kilometers) of pine forests in these states have been destroyed by pests — beetles beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae). These parasites are resistant to the pine forests of

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Infected trees can become a new source of greenhouse gas emissions

According to a study at Yale School of Forestry, infected trees in the woods can be a significant source of methane — a greenhouse gas that affects climate change. 60 trees studied at Yale Forest in northeastern Connecticut in methane concentration in 80 000 times higher than normal. The normal concentration of methane in the atmosphere is 0.0002%, but Yale researchers found that the concentration of infected trees averaged 1.5%.

The head of the research group, Christopher Covey stressed that such a concentration of methane is flammable. Since the conditions that promote the development of methane in the trees,

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The funnel has finally found




September 11, 2004 the regional group "Kazan-Kosmopoisk" decided to try again to find a strange crater near the city of Kazan, which had already had many rumors and legends (searches were conducted with her 18.07.2004). Saw the funnel only one witness, he then just going in for

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Grove Saints

Sacred Groves were among the Slavs and samymrasprostranennym main object of worship. Ancient princes went deep into lesreshat power issues to resolve them fairly, in the presence of the gods. As a rule, the Grove is a sacred center where stoyalodrevneyshee tree, which subordinates all its adjacent area lesa.Hotya in gardens, and plant fires, there could not break trees and trepatlistya under penalty of Gods. Cutting down trees in a Grove led to skoroysmerti woodcutter. A built from sacred trees house quickly sgoral.Raspashka land in the immediate vicinity of the border Grove also was unacceptable.


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Spring in December: bloom seals, and psychologists warn of depression

— Snowdrops are not found, but seals also white and fluffy! Photos of Anton Lushchikov.

On Monday in the capital, the average day temperature was 9.3 degrees Celsius — is the highest average rate for the last 50 years. Naturally, the abnormally warm weather could not affect the plants that climate change is very sensitive. As our editor, which is capricious princess from a fairy tale "12 months", sent us in search of snowdrops … And it's in December!

First, we went around the Botanic Garden.

— We do not bloom — surprised our question in the Botanical

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Complaints Book of Nature

Cut down a Christmas Tree, hung with toys and sweets — a relatively recent phenomenon. As such, it has begun to spread in the 17th century with Alsace (Germany). And everywhere in Europe and America in the tree houses are established only in the late 19th century, when invented the Christmas candles.

Fashionable custom was originally distributed in the cities, and especially in the higher strata of society. Since the 1840s, the Christmas tree is known in Russia, especially in St. Petersburg, where many foreigners. A number of historians emphasize that the people did not have such a custom,

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Yalta Nikitsky Botanical Garden Celebrates the 200th Anniversary

Celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of the oldest in Ukraine, Nikitsky Botanical Garden, located on the southern coast of Crimea near Yalta, place in a scientific institution on Thursday, told RIA Novosti by telephone representative of the resort and the information center of the Crimea.

"During the celebration at the Botanical Garden will open the statue of the goddess Flora and present a new exhibition. Representatives of the Ukrainian leadership will plant more trees," — said the source.

Russian Tsar Alexander I signed a decree creating a garden in 1811. The following year, in September, near the village of

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Valley of square trees …

October 30, 2011 14:51

Not far from the Panama Canal is the famous Valley of square trees (Panama El Valle de Anton). These trees are a unique attraction, as many poplars here for unknown reasons, have rectangular trunks

It is believed that this strange natural anomaly is not found anywhere else in the world. Thanks to its right angles and precise rectangular shape, trees baffled tourists and scientists for years. Experts from the University of Florida took a few young trees to see if they keep their rectangular shape of the barrel, if they grow in other areas. It turned

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The man who single-handedly created the woods

October 20, 2012 21:39

Green area, covering an area of 550 hectares, is home to many rare and endangered species, including at least five tigers, one of which recently got offspring and horned rhinoceros, and that's not counting the huge number of birds, mammals, livestock and predators.

The history of events laid in 1979, the year when the flood water made on a sandbank in the middle of the Brahmaputra many snakes. A couple of days Dzhadan Payeng, then a 16-year-old, found her beach full of dead amphibians. This moment turned his whole life.

"Snakes have died from the

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Illegal woodcutter cut down 500 trees in the National Park of Sochi

Newcomer man illegally cut down about 500 trees in the National Park of Sochi, affecting 200 million rubles, said on Wednesday ATC resort.

In going Lygothskogo forest area, on the border Lazarev and Tuapse district, employees of Sochi National Park instead of trees found only stumps.

"All were cut down about 500 trees, among them especially valuable — oaks and beeches, and ordinary — hornbeam. Total losses from illegal cutting was about 200 million rubles," — said in a statement.

Police have detained a woodcutter, who was 30-year-old visitor from central Russia, has no permanent residence and work in

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