Апрель 2018
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Trehlebov — Bullets devil, water and Tibetan bowls

What is the "devil's bullet." How can charge the spell and purify water. Tibetan bowls and method buzzer water and space. An excerpt from a lecture AV Trehlebova — official website A.V.Trehlebova

Mikhail Zadornov — Why Trehlebova arrested?

On the Internet, slipped very unpleasant for me to post. Missing interesting and educated people Trehlebov. I read his writings. Let's say, something I disagree with him. What does it matter? This is my business. Maybe I'm wrong, and he, and the rights of a third party. More alarming. Trehlebov one of the highlights of today's patriots. "The Patriot" — a word not Russian, but many generations have adjusted. He makes a very important thing — develops an interest in the history of the people that this interest today formula discourages education.

The fact that the prosecutor

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Interview with a witness detention Shubnikov Trehlebova

Interviews with participants on lucid dreaming, where the arrest took place Shubnikov Trehlebova and participants.




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