Taking the Strain in the Middle East

THE RAF’S Hercules fleet is seeing a major surge in the tempo of its operations in the Middle East to support simultaneous British Army combat deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. It comes at a time when almost half the RAF’s C-130K fleet is undergoing urgent modifications.

As a result, the RAF’s C-130J fleet, operated by 24 and 30 Squadrons, is being heavily tasked during the current rotation of army brigades, totalling more than 20,000 troops, into Afghanistan and Iraq. C-130Js are used to shuttle troops to and from Basra so that RAF Tristars and chartered airliners can land at Al

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Tim Ripley reports from Afghanistan on NATO air operations in southern Afghanistan, aimed at ousting Taliban insurgents.

AIR STRIKES recounted give some idea of the scale and complexity of NATO air support at the height of fighting between alliance ground troops and Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan over the summer. Air operations reached a peak in September as Canadian-led NATO troops swept into a Taliban stronghold west of the city of Kandahar and British Paratroopers battled to hold a series of isolated so-called ‘Platoon Houses’ in the north of neighbouring Helmand Province. According to US Central Command Air Forces, which

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Slash of Clanc

Chief commercial hit of 2013, online strategy, earning a million dollars a day.

Platform: iPad, iPhone

Genre: Strategy

Developer: Supercell

It looks like: Spartan Wars

English: you

Suitable for children: yes

The mobile market is unpredictable: one day it appeared dozens of new applications, but guess which one will hit is not always possible. In particular, multiplayer strategies of varying quality in the AppStore hundreds, and against the background of the project is a little-known studio Supercell, released late last year, it was easy to miss.

Today, to pass him much more complicated: Clash of Clans that month in a

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LANDING goes round and round …

Battalion tactical exercises with live fire — this is one of the most significant events for the Marines of any training period. In the Eastern Military District, in southern Primorye, on the territory of the polygon amphibious «clerk» this kind of combat training events are held regularly. In recent years, military training «black berets» Pacific Fleet is characterized by high intensity and the quality of working out problems. The bulk of the time the Marines carried out on field training and exercises, regardless of the time of year, weather conditions and time of day. Battalion tactical exercises (BTU) for the

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Combined Arms

Victory on the battlefield while ensure the successful deployment and the combined action of infantry, cavalry and artillery.

Army encountered on the battlefield first campaign in 1757, had a completely different tradition. The Prussian army, inherited a legacy of Frederick II in 1740, there were 83 000 people. Its structure was determined more by Frederick I — the grandfather of the king, and developed by his father — Frederick William I. The Prussian army was schooled to perfection. Frederick William I treated her as his own toy soldiers and never expose them to the dangers of war. The situation

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South American radar — in other words a threat or not?

Accommodation on the ground Czech and Polish parts of the U.S. missile defense not only does not reduce the danger of terrorism, and create political and military tensions — said in an interview with Interfax commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of Belarus Major General Igor Azaronak. He explained that at least some accommodation of new types of weapons at the border of any country is a certain tension and building up its military threat.But with all this Azaronak General stated that the combat capability of the Belarusian armed forces from the placement in Poland and the

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Belarus does not make sense out of the contract on ordinary weapons in Europe

Capital analyst and columnist for "The latest newspaper" Paul Felgengaver answered the question Radio Liberty, that the main problem of our homeland is the Contract of ordinary weapons in Europe.Felgengaver: "In the main it’s Istanbul commitments — Russian presence in the CIS. This — the main problem. Main stumbling block at the moment — Moldova. Our homeland is constantly refuses to withdraw its troops from Transnistria. Both President Putin and other bureaucrats have stated that they do not recognize the right of the West to impose on Russia such restrictions. Moscow says has the right to keep its troops there.

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Turkey against Syria: the correlation of forces

First days of October brought with dull announcements Near East. It all started with the fact that Turkey had fallen on the ground artillery shells, allegedly issued by Syria. Turks responded to this vsepolnotsennym fire. Over the next couple of days the situation is repeated again: someone with the Syrian countryside produces several shells, then Turkey inflicts fire attack on the positions of Syrian troops. Such a choice target Turks motivated by the fact that impinge on their armed forces can only Syria. Why are guilty or guilty specifically assigned military, not the rebels? The official answer is no,

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Precision combat crew

Our homeland will not allow the military defeat or in real life or in cyberspace There is no hesitation that now and Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin expressed his agreement with concern Dmitry Rogozin, who a couple of weeks back the announced severe backlog of in the development of certain kinds of modern non-nuclear weapons. The Head of State at the last meeting of the Russian Security Council stressed that «precision instrument according to his abilities have not actually inferior strategic, and this has an impact on the global balance of power.» In this case obviously not in our favor. Recall,

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With Islamists in Mali will fight BRITISH spy plane

  Britain sent a military spy plane Mali Sentinel R1 (pictured) to support the French military operation against Islamic militants, reports the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom.   Sentinel reconnaissance aircraft is a modification of a business jet. He resettled radar capable of in a few areas to explore Minutka length of several thousand kilometers.   Earlier aircraft used in Libya in the fight against the troops of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Spy planes to date are also used in Afghanistan.   A total of five RAF spy plane Sentinel, but West Africa will be sent only some of

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