Tropical retreat

When it comes to design your dream home, there’s simply no room for compromise

TROPICAL DESIGN is a style that seamlessly incorporates the elements of nature into interiors and exteriors by means or passive cooling, cross ventilation, protection from harsh sun and rain typical to a tropical climate, and by using natural materials and colors. Plants also play an integral part in tropical design. Furniture pieces in rattan, wicker, wood, and bamboo are commonly used, as well as natural fabrics for soft furnishings like linen, cotton, ramie, and silk, all of which are airy, light, and appropriate for hot and

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Create a tropical paradise in your own backyard.

Tropical Lifestyle is Australia’s largest manufacturer of gazebos that meet Australian standards. They are available in 21 different styles, ranging from the Federation look to models with cupolas, Bali huts, and those featuring Colorbond, shingle, ironwood shingle, asphalt shingle from the USA, cedar shingle from Canada, and even African reed roofing from Africa, all of which are available in kit form. Tropical Lifestyle can install the cabana for you, or customers also have the option of DIY if they prefer.

A cabana, also referred to as a gazebo, can enhance your outdoor

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Most tropical storms does not match the peak of the season


September 3, 2013. Come September — the second month of maximum activity of tropical cyclogenesis in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Atlantic, he continued sluggish trend in August. It is only one region of the cluster of thunderstorm clouds near the Lesser Antilles island with a 40% chance to become the next tropical storm.

In the Pacific, the season is represented by three tropical storms. In the north-east of the acts storm "Kiko", which slowly fades away to the west of the peninsula of Baja. Whirlwind is poorly developed and are expected to the National Center for

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Tropical cyclone intensified Lua

Tropical cyclone intensified Lua Natural Disasters

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, a tropical cyclone Lua, won the second category, beginning March 15, 2012 was located 790 kilometers north-west Australian port Hedlend, West Australia, and moved at a speed of four miles an hour to the north. According to preliminary calculations, the meteorologists, the cyclone will always grow, approaching coastal areas from Cape Leveque to Mardi.

Tropical cyclone Lua formed March 13, 2012 in the north of Western Australia. As a minimum volume, it was characterized by the maximum speed of wind gusts of 65 miles per hour. Even

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Cyclone Giovanna: The first victim

Cyclone Giovanna: The first victims of natural disasters

Torrential rain and destructive wind of 231 km / h to the east of Madagascar have come together with a tropical cyclone, Giovanna, which received a fourth category of risk. In the vicinity of Toamasina Andovoranto and wind gusts up to 120 km / h felled many trees, damaged power lines and buildings. Reported one killed. It appeared to be a resident Brikavilya (220 km from Antananarivo), the house had fallen coconut palm.

In the capital of Madagascar, fell nearly 16 mm of rain, wind accelerated quickly to 88 km / h

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Two new tropical storm formed in the South Indian Ocean

Two new tropical storm formed in the South Indian Ocean Weather and Climate

January 8-9, 2012 in Mozambique and Madagascar have been observed adverse weather conditions caused by tropical storm "Chandra". Now a new tropical cyclone "Funso» (Funso) is formed between the two territories. The tropical cyclone has affected southern Mozambique in Maputo, the capital, causing flooding on 16-17 January. Heavy rains in the north are also referred to the effects of the cyclone.

According to the latest American Joint Naval Centre for the Prevention of typhoons by 20 the number of tropical cyclone "Funso" is located 595 nautical miles

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Pacific hurricane Barbara could become the Atlantic hurricane Andrea

Hurricane "Barbara" over Central America, 19:30 GMT, May 29, 2013 © Sputnik «Agua» | MODIS / NASA

June 1, 2013. "Barbara", a tropical storm the eastern Pacific Ocean, has ceased to exist, but still retains the potential to get a new life as the first Atlantic tropical cyclone. By typing a hurricane category 2, May 29 "Barbara" hit Mexico near Acapulco and brought to the state of Chiapas to 407 mm of rain in 18 hours. The storm intensified in a remarkably short time, having risen from depression to a hurricane in just 21 chas.Uragan "Barbara" over Central

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Pollution contribute to the emergence of strong tropical cyclones

Pollution contribute to the emergence of strong tropical cyclones Scientists prove

Scientists argue that intense tropical cyclones in the Arabian Sea due to constant pollution areas. Although this statement is rather a hypothesis, scientists continue to collect data for its confirmation.

Analysis of the intensity of storms over the last 30 years found that the resultant dense haze in the atmosphere has increased tropical cyclones. The strongest of them were recorded in the period after 1998, and their duration is much greater.

Hurricane "Rina" has weakened to a tropical storm

Hurricane "Rina" weakened to a tropical cyclone Natural Disasters

Sixth hurricane and seventeenth named tropical cyclone for 2011 hurricane season in the Atlantic 27 October weakened to the cyclone. At this point the speed of wind gusts up to 110 kilometers per hour. "Rina" is moving toward the northwest at a speed of 9 miles per hour.

It is believed that the cyclone will pass the State of Florida, although rainfall in this area is inevitable. The greatest danger, "Rina" is for the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Flooding in the area can reach 12.8 centimeters, and in some parts —

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Tropical typhoon "lied" in the Philippines

Tropical typhoon "lied" Natural disasters in the Philippines

After two typhoons in the northern Philippines water begins to recede, and the number of victims at around 60 people. First typhoon "Nesat" and then typhoon "lied" hit the north-eastern part of the archipelago (the province of Isabella, the island of Luzon and agricultural regions of Bulacan province). Local authorities are doing a great job to save lives, but at least 15 villages remain inaccessible.

According to the China National Meteorological Center "lied" headed toward the Chinese island of Hainan and central Vietnam, where last week there was a strong seasonal flooding

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