Vietnam Gun Trucks

On September 2 1967, a US Army 8th Transport Group convoy of 39 vehicles was ambushed a few miles west of An Khe by a company of Viet Cong (VC) soldiers. With only weak convoy protection of two Jeeps armed with guns, the results were predictable. Seventeen American soldiers were killed, 13 wounded, and 34 of the vehicles were damaged or totally destroyed.

In another ambush in late 1967, a U.S. Marine convoy of 10 trucks, escorted by tanks, heading for Camp Carrol from Ca Lu on Route 9 was stopped by mines, and then came under attack from small

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Tanks, trucks & Firepower

The late August bank holiday is a popular date for shows up and down the country, with intense competition between show organisers, but one of my favourite events on the calendar in recent years is relatively new in terms of military vehicle shows — Tanks, Trucks & Firepower. The event is a joint venture between Andrew Baker, owner of the land on which the show is held in the rural setting of a farm just outside Dunchurch near Rugby, and the local Birmingham and West Midlands branch of the Military Vehicle Trust, which helps attract many of the vehicles that

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Swedish heavyweights

Scania will be well known to most MMI readers as a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles, specifically heavy trucks and buses. However, the company also manufactures diesel engines for other heavy vehicles (including military), marine use, and other general industrial applications.

In 1900, Maskinfabriks-aktiebolaget Scania was founded in Malmo in the south of Sweden as a manufacturer of bicycles. By 1903 the first cars had left the factory, and two years later Scania built their first truck.

Scania’s origins (through merger) actually trace back to 1891 and Vabis (Vagnsfabriksaktiebolaget i Sodertalje), Vabis founded in 1891 as a railway carriage-manufacturing

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Export sales of trucks and vehicles KAMAZ grow

In the first half of export sales of trucks and vehicles of "KAMAZ" showed strong growth.

The business plan for the implementation of trucks and assembly kits in the first half of 2012 was exceeded. Compared to the same period last year, sales increased by 13 percent.

A special place in the export business of the company is a promising direction as the market of the CIS countries. Great success shows the leader of the Russian truck industry in Kazakhstan: the proportion of "KAMAZ" in the market of this country has increased and is now more than 30

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What good is the newest family of diesel engines JAMZ-530?


The new inline engine family JAMZ-530 in 4 — and 6-cylinder version have liquid-cooled, turbocharged with charge air cooling in the heat exchanger of the "air-to-air" and the displacement of one cylinder 1.1 L (the dimension cylinder 105? 128 mm). Thus, 4-cylinder, 4.43 liter version 17.5 for compression will be offered with a capacity of 136, 150 and 170 liters. s. at 2300 rev / min and 6-cylinder, 6.65 liter can develop 240, 270, 285 or 312 liters. s. Depending on the version. The values of torque 4-cylinder engine range from 422 to 710 N • m, 6-cylinder

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Uruguay received a dozen fire engines Ural

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uruguay gave 12 Russian fire trucks "Ural". In the future, the government plans to buy the same car to work in the north of the country.

As the number of transferred cars included nine fire tankers on chassis "Ural", one lift, a car breakdown and the container with tires for cars. At a solemn ceremony of transfer of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Uruguay Jorge Vazquez. He praised the Russian-Uruguayan cooperation in this field, and also noted the quality and reliability of Russian products.

In the two

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Ukrainians will make the brake pads for truck Perlini

Dnepropetrovsk manufacturer of braking systems company DAfmi develop brake pads for the 550-strong Italian Perlini dump trucks with a payload of 40 tons


The new project Ukrainian company will design, testing and production of shoes. At this company spodvigla growing popularity of Italian dump trucks, which are increasingly supplement parks construction companies and mining works in countries around the world, including the CIS. Preparation of project development pads for trucks Perlini may take business from six to eight months. Delivery of the first experimental batch of brake pad DAfmi scheduled for February-March 2012.

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Since the beginning of the year in Russia produced about 100,000 trucks

According to the data of "ASM-Holding", the production of trucks in the I half-year amounted to 98.5 million units, up 5.5% compared to the same period in 2011. Of this issue of domestic models was 85.8 million units (+4%), and trucks of foreign brands — 12.7 thousand units (+17.2%).

The largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Russia — KAMAZ — in January and June produced about 26,350 kits, which is 15% higher than a year ago.

Bus production in Russia in the first six months of 2012 increased by 33% to 24.4 million units. Of the total number of buses

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New fire trucks arrived to Kamchatka

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky delivered two new fire engines to staff the units in areas of the province.

One of the cars based on the car "Ural" will join the fleet of fire fighting equipment in § Sokoch Elizovskiy district. The car is planned to complement the specialized rescue equipment for work at the accident scene on the highway Petropavlovsk-Milkovo.


The second car — based on the GAZ designed for small fire departments in small towns. After technical tests in Elizovsky area it will be directed to one of the settlements of Koryak Okrug.


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Caterpillar starts production of dump trucks in Russia


The company "Caterpillar" starts production of dump trucks in Russia. Today in Tosno (Leningrad region) was officially launched production of trucks 773E. There will be manufactured frame and chassis of the machine capacity up to 60 tons. Body for it will be manufactured at the company’s plant in Novosibirsk. The first such machine today transferred to the customer — the company "Norilsk Nickel".

As the director of the production of transport vehicles Larry Tate "We are not talking about the production of screwdriver Tosno". "There is brewed frame — the foundation of reliability truck — and

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