True North Living

Customization is paramount at True North Living — your source for exactly the furnishings you want, crafted by hand in North America from solid wood for impeccable. lasting quality in individually perfect style.

True North gives customers complete control over their furniture: you choose the type of item, the shape, the dimensions. the stain and fabric colors, the hardware and fixtures, from hundreds of options in well over ten thou¬sand possible combinations. In a matter of weeks, you’ll have a showpiece made to your exact specifications.

And don’t worry about being overwhelmed by possibilities — the staff are experts at

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Tried and True

Many of today’s woodworkers, if faced with the job of cutting a miter without the aid of the trusty table saw could, no doubt, do the job by hand. After all. much of the preparatory work for any project still has to be done by hand. We have to measure with a tape or a rule, and we have to use try-squares and bevels to mark where the cuts must be made. Making the cut by hand is just a short step from bringing the work to the machine.

What happens after the cut has been made is another story.

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Lavon Volsky: Name Bykov for me due to childhood

Once a kid all I wanted something such foreign. As if there’s any true adventure, and we are certain they "wrong." And all the kids were skeptical attitude to our creators Russian and Belarusian. And, remember, were asked to read "third missile" Bykov. I was at home, I lazily unfolded and, in short, somewhere deep NIGHT MODE finished reading it. And after already started reading Bykov. As there was real war, not like most Russian books — for me, for a kid, anyway. Beletrystychna and very "gone." And we have too many in the class read. And read Belarusian creators

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America without makeup. Video


In the film, America without makeup Belarusian TV channels unmask and reveal the true nature of U.S. owners and their plans to enslave the world under the guise of the United States. Owners of U.S. global government declared itself a bulwark of democracy in the world and under this cover are to sow chaos and war, except in countries golden billion — the so-called theory of controlled chaos. See the truth about America. The film is not only for the true anti-globalization and antiamerikanizatsii. Expanding horizons useful for all. The film features the "winged" statement of George W.

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In the Ural River might meteorite fell. Video


27.01.12.Neveroyatno but true — superhuman size lumps found in the Ural River by local residents. Eyewitnesses say that it is nothing other than the antics of aliens. How else to explain that the huge blocks of ice, like children's toys scattered in a radius of 20 meters.

Paul Singilevtsev, Rubezhinskogo forest ranger:

— I walked over there, I saw, I think here the trees, poles lie from afar it seems logs. And when he came — ice. This I have not seen in my life for 50 years the first time.

Hunter, not a little frightened, immediately called

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The police returned the petitions activist Tell the Truth

Society Mogilev activists of "Tell the Truth" Igor Kovalenko returned today seized on August 13 blank petitions for nomination of Vladimir Neklyaeva deputy to the Fourth Republican People's Assembly. 1071 subscription list was taken during a police search vehicles activist.

Igor Kovalenko"I got a call from the police station and was told to come and pick up printed materials, which were seized by state inspection. This so-called pustagrafy, blank petitions. I am the Major asked, "What is no sedition in them is not found?." He replied: "There was." Made the report survey. Listed there, which I chaired charity. What she

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Myths and rumors about Nostradamus and his prophecies


Nostradamus personality, his life and especially the prediction of great interest to the modern generation, accompanied by a lot of questions. In the past, it was gossip and speculation gave rise to a number of myths about the events completely unrelated to Nostradamus. As a result, at the moment there is a huge number of misconceptions about his life. Nostradamus was a Jew who converted to Christianity?

Not until we know only that the part of his father's family was of Jewish ancestry, and his paternal grandfather, Pierre de Nostradamus converted to Christianity

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In Minsk, detained activist campaign Tell the Truth

Society August 6 near his apartment was arrested activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura. This is Radio Liberty reported Bashura colleague Oleg Snowstorm.

A 17-hour door to the apartment rented by Michael Bashurov knocked a man in civilian clothes. He is familiarly offered Bashurov get to talk. He refused and the doors did not open. But the man in civilian clothes did not leave.

When 19 hours Bashura had leave the apartment on business, he was greeted and offered a hard drive to the Soviet police department.

There Bashura asked to call his lawyer and

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Now past Rusich. Original documents

Original documents of the British Library, artifacts, historical finds that opens the mystery of the true history of Russia, all of its true greatness. Events, many predicted the return of the true visionaries of Russian history and the return of its greatness predicted for 2020 come true.

Lie detector confirmed that Ukrainian abducted by aliens

July 27, 2012 18:50

V.Voronezhsky passed a polygraph test with a rating of "positive" in January 2012 in Moscow (story talk show «Pro Life" (02/10/2012, the TVC, Russia).

February 10, 2012 in a talk show «Pro Life" (filmed January 25, 2012) on the TV channel "TV Center" (Russia), a famous Ukrainian abduktant (UFO abducts) Vladimir Voronezh (from the city of Dubno, Rivne region) has successfully passed a polygraph test. "Successful" — means that a specialist in the field of lie detector test confirmed the correctness of the words V.Voronezhskogo about his contacts with aliens.

Recall, 29-year-old Olga,

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