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Stars of Sandstone

It is apparent everywhere you look on the sprawling Sandstone Estate that the owners are striving for excellence. From the carefully tended lawns, well designed layout of buildings and storage sheds, and vast collection of steam driven and military machinery, the passion of owner Wilfred Mole shines through. The annual Sandstone Heritage Trust show held in May this year made a point of showcasing the Trust’s large serviceable collection of Military vehicles and equipment. Set amongst the picturesque Maluti Mountains of the Eastern Free State, this working farm boasts 26km of 2ft narrow gauge track on which a variety of

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Poll: either you trust disk imaging municipal television?

Woman: "No, not beheld such."Young Man: "Do not beheld."Reporter: "Why do not you see the BT? Whether trust such disk imaging? "Woman: "We presently session, no time. Friends will tell us later."Her friend: "And what channel indicates the first BT No, we do not trust such disk imaging. There’s a lot of untruth."Young Man: "I myself work in the BTRC, and I know that this information is necessary to explain himself On the other hand. They distort the usefulness of the information itself. Maybe some facts took place, but they are presented in a biased ".Man: "Did not look because

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As Sergei Wozniak greenish light gave

Nicholas Petrushenka Anatoly Anihovski, trustee Alexander PopkovWinery, as it is called local, officially passes as canning. Incidentally, naikrupneyshim and wealth in the area. From his team and the emperor stood ass. Director Anatoly Anihovski — his proxy.

 Sergei Wozniak, editor of "Comrade"And what Popkov decided to stand against this company in the year of health, announced the country’s president and the director became his confidant, I think it will hinder him gain the sympathy of voters. In Popkov will be a huge task — will need to with ballots "khimichit" engage falsification. Indisputable victory he did not get … "Tags:

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IMF mission graduated work: the fate of the loan is unknown until

International monetary fund is negotiating new loans with several countries, among which Belarus. These loans divine spirited function of their issuance and the lowest number of the criterion with respect to economic policy than it was previously. While the IMF mission does not report the conclusions of his own work in Minsk. Managing disk imaging management of the National Bank of Belarus Anatoly Drozdov said:"They got the information, they are now analyze it and will announce its own decision."Official Minsk requests stabilization loan of 2 billion dollars. But maybe, for a while, until the mission worked, the situation has stabilized,

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Gomel warns prosecutors for religious teaching

Sergei Nesterovich accused of developing without registering Transfiguration Orthodox community of brotherhood and in the organization of meetings in his apartment "for the purpose of research and dissemination of religious doctrine" also in fundraising activities fraternity. According to Orthodox believer in Belarus "live openly unreal." In time Sergei Nesterovich with peers attended Sunday orthodox school. Unlike others, their group is disbanded. As adults, former pupils of the Sunday school groups attend church Seraphim of Sarov, which is located in the neighborhood "GOMSELMASH" regional center. After Sunday’s liturgy believers really going on Nesterovich apartment to share lunch, prayer and discuss the

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Belarus stands majestically at the time of the week to ban the sale of alcohol?

Listen:Believer: "I believe the consumption of alcohol must be not only tough measures — be prevention. And not only in the stately week. Need promotion of a healthy lifestyle. "Believer: "Fighting with alcohol have a very positive phenomenon. Very badabout. "Woman: "It is necessary, because the Church does not welcome alcohol consumption. Holy Week — this week of spiritual purification. Alcohol is not conducive to this."Believer: "You can do something like that. For the salvation of souls and for the health of the body."Believer: "I am against alcohol. This is such a disease that spoils the lives of children, family,

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A.Kazulin offers the Congress of democratic forces to form a government of national trust

According to Igor Alexander Kozulin Rinkevich believes that "through the government of national trust and can venture problem of leadership in the opposition." "Kozulin welcomes ability Democratic Forces to compromise for the sake of unity, but beware of that work are not mired in opposition pagadnyalnyh commissions "- says Igor Rinkevich. According to the lawyer Rinkevich, Alexander Kozulin feels better and looks healthier.Chap. also: Kozulin in favor of a government of national trust A.Kozulin: "Reputation ruined Belarus"

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Lukashenko: Belarusians trust the banking system

"Our people, like any hard, trust and authority, and the banking system. They ran landslide withdraw their deposits," — said Head of State. In his view, if they did not trust the banking system, no one would have held it in their funds, reports BelTA.Together with the fact Lukashenko said: "Although Belarus to a lesser extent in comparison with its neighbors suffered from negative developments in global money markets, it is necessary to take into account our vklyuchanasts into the global economy." He added that in a situation where all suffer from the global monetary and economic crisis, Belarus

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Is it possible to abandon the survey during bypass apartment?

"Formally, let into his apartment police officer citizen must only for certain proceedings. Like search, seizure, if there is a sanction, respectively. Also in cases when verifying the passport regime. In all other cases it is the citizen’s right — start or not to start, read or not read. In this case, if a worker comes to you and asks, where he was in such and such a time, we must realize that it’s just poll. This is not an interrogation, a person does not pass as a witness, has no other procedural status. And so may abandon the survey,

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M. Mushroom: Lukashenko allocates according to personal trust

"Everything is done on the basis of personal trust. Who leads the personal protection of the president, who has the best chance to get a more senior job. Who operates the coming Assistant to the President, Vladimir Makey, then also has advantages in destiny."Vladimir Mackay may be the best admin — more educated than its predecessor Gennady Nyavyhlas believes M. Mushroom."But there is no chance of any configuration, as all power remains in the same hands. Who and where will rearrange — it does not matter. Officials can change what you want, but the system power remains the same."


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