The Knights of the Round Table would have appreciated this periscope to look over walls or around corners as an invaluable secret weapon when defending their castles.

It is advisable to buy your mirrors before starting any woodwork in case you can’t obtain the exact size that I have used. I found that small mirror tiles were ideal for the job. Within reason, the tube can be as long as you like.

1. Your first job. once you have chosen your mirrors, is to cut out the two corner blocks on which they must be mounted.

Take a length of

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My friend Hottabych

For half a century of life I fell a lot of luck. But the main, I think his meeting with Nikolai Yefimovich Martyanov. Here’s how it happened. For several years I worked on a series of inventions based on relatively little-known phenomenon when NATURE phase transitions of the second kind. Its essence is that the material without changing its state of aggregation, that is, staying either solid or liquid, all of a sudden abruptly changes many properties at a certain critical temperature. There are many unusual and curious for the inventor. I have developed and received dozens of copyright

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METHODS Microbiology

Since microorganisms are very small dimensions, in the study of individuals can obtain only limited information about their properties. Therefore, usually microbiologists study population consisting of millions and billions of individuals. Such a population or culture obtained by cultivating microorganisms in a more or less specific conditions. The culture containing microorganisms only one type, called the net, and a culture that contains more than one kind of microorganisms — mixed. If the culture grows only two kinds of microorganisms, and their special support in association with each other, so called two-culture.

Thus, the basis of microbiological methods comprise two

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All About…Reflector telescopes

The reflector telescope is an amazing instrument. We take a look at their history and how they work…

The great 17th Century scientist Sir Isaac Newton is credited with the invention of the reflector telescope, although there were others who came up with a similar idea for such a device at around the same time.

The only type of telescope in use by astronomers in the early-1600s was of course the refractor which used glass lenses in a tube in order to gather and focus light. Several scientists were aware, however, that there was another way to achieve this, using

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A car with comfort

Garage with a pit, rack parked motorists … Who does not dream of such a comfort? And while it is not true, we spend a lot of time under the car in the uncomfortable position Now — progress. Dmitrov Excavator Plant produced the first commercial batch of lifts — tilters. A major event! Model US-79m is for cars «Moskvich» and VAZ (except 2121). Consists device (s. A. Number 716968) of two similar lifters, linked by a cross-beam, adjustable feet, the safety devices and the bar. The construction weighs 95 kg, it can be transferred in

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Inflammation of the appendages (adnexitis, salpingo)

What is it?

Inflammation appendages also called adnexitis or salpingo-oophoritis, is the result of an infection of the epididymis ovaries.

Why did this happen?

Factor that provokes inflammation Ovary often appendages subcooling, such as prolonged sitting or lying on a cold surface. In addition, wet feet in cold weather can also cause adneksita.

Cause inflammation may be as "normal" agents, and sexually transmitted diseases. Most often it is a chlamydia and gonorrhea. If these bacteria as a result of infection fall into the female reproductive tract, they are not suitable acidic environment of the vagina and they

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Tragedy on the oil pollutes usvoyu Dnieper

As a result of the tragedy in the Dnieper usvoyu already leaked more than 70 cubic meters of fuel. Environmentalists they say that there is a danger of contamination of the Dnieper river bed, which provides water to the capital of Ukraine — Kiev.Now the scene rescuers expect to cut a piece of pipe. On this "Radio Liberty" said chief inspector of nature protection area Rechitskoye Gennady Kalinowski:"From the scene of the tragedy just 500 meters from the Dnieper. Thaw in the water on the floodplain of the river rose and closed the pipe. And now here comes the cut

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Pipe rolling on Sibenergomash (Altai Territory)

The plant "Sibenergomash" (Included in the machine-building holding "NOVAEM") pilot batch of rectangular tube. The first two tons of profile pipes 40×25 mm made in accordance with GOST 8445-82.

Manufacture the new assortment is primarily aimed at ensuring their needs in the form of products. With a wide range of applications, profiled tube will be used primarily in the production of boiler processes — for grounds maintenance of boilers as elements of the frame.

Fabrication of a new type of pipe, will allow "Sibenergomash" optimize production costs and shorten delivery components.

For the production of a new product was

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From the lab to the United States disappeared tube with the dangerous virus


The tube with the dangerous virus has disappeared from the research laboratory in the U.S. city of Galveston, Texas. Virus can be used as biological weapons.

According to ITAR-TASS, the disappearance of small plastic tubes in which there was little-studied virus Guanarito, revealed last week during a routine inventory. The tube was kept under lock and key in the freezer.

The laboratory management immediately notified of the incident the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, located in Atlanta (GA), and the FBI. According to the director of the laboratory of Scott Weaver,

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Seversky Tube Works implemented a joint project to build a concrete-and-mortar site

Seversky Tube Works, which is part of TMK, launched into commercial operation a new concrete-and-mortar unit (BRU) for the production of building materials. The project was implemented in cooperation with the company "Remstroygrupp."

New concrete and mortar unit — a modern plant for the production of concrete and mortar with high efficiency (up to 60 cubic meters per hour). Unit is equipped with computer numerically controlled and can produce a day to one thousand cubic meters of construction materials.


The presence of three receiving hoppers new BRU allows a ready-mixed concrete

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