Turkish retirements

THE T-33A FINALLY left the Turkish Air Force inventory on January 20, 1997, at Eskisehir (1st Main Jet Base) when the final two aircraft were retired. It ended almost 45 years of service which had seen the type fill both the jet training and liaison roles. When the first two T-33As (serialled 51-4058 and 51-4059) were received through the Military Assistance Program (MAP) on December 27, 1951, it marked the beginning of the Turkish Air Force’s (TuAF) jet age.

Further examples arrived from the USA, Canada and France during the intervening years and by 1983 the TuAF had received 100

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Turkish News

IN FEBRUARY 1994 161 Filo of the Turkish Air Force at Bandirma received its first LANTIRN-equipped Block 40 F-16C, making the unit the first outside the USAF to gain the LANTIRN night-attack capability. Block 40 F-16s have longer undercarriage legs to accommodate the two underfuselage LANTIRN pods — targeting on the right and navigation on the left — bulged undercarriage doors and relocated landing lights on the nosegear doors.

The squadron had seven LANTIRN F-16s in service by May 1994 and the whole unit is expected to have converted within two years following which 162 Filo, also at Bandirma, will

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Turkish Army Aviation

THE REPUBLIC OF Turkey celebrated its 75th anniversary last October. The Republic is coming of age and so are her institutions. The year 1998 marked the 50th year of Army Aviation (Kara Havacilik) in Turkey and this article represents a modest attempt to assess that service, examining its operational and technological evolution. Turkish Army Aviation began life in 1948 operating a small fleet of fixed-wing aircraft tasked with observation and artillery cooperation.

In the closing decade of this century, it is now a modern, combat-experienced force that is able to play a decisive role in the battlefield, day or night,

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Turkish Black Hawks Deploy to Afghanistan

THREE TURKISH UH-60L Black Hawk utility helicopters were deployed to Afghanistan on May 30 in support of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). The helicopters arrived at Kabul International Airport on board two Antonov An-124-100 cargo aircraft operated by the Ukrainian Antonov Design Bureau International Cargo Transport service.

A Turkish Air Force C-130 Hercules supported the deployment bringing in the manpower and all necessary equipment. Turkey sent a total of 56 personnel, including 12 aircrew members and 16 technicians.

The helicopters, which are taking part in Turkey’s first ever helicopter detachment for a peacekeeping mission abroad, is slated to

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The Ottoman Medical Service in the Crimea

In recent medal sales, DNW has auctioned the fine collection relating to medical services formed by the late Tony Sabell. My attention was drawn to a few — and there were only a few — examples of Crimean medals awarded to British personnel attached to the Ottoman Medical Service. British medical failures during the Crimean war are all too well-known, as is the novel role of volunteer nurses like Florence Nightingale and various other groups. British involvement with the «Turkish Contingent” in the Crimea is well enough recorded, but I for one had never heard of British work with the

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From mezze to the rituals of the hammam, you’ll taste the best of what Turkey has to offer at a racking new resort on the Mediterranean coast.

Here are many things to love about Turkey. The romance of its history and culture; its architectural wonders; the food — and what glorious food it is. For spa fans it’ll probably be the traditional hammam ritual, which is said to have kept the harems of the Ottoman Empire happily occupied when off duty and which is still a favourite pastime for modern Turkish women and men. Before even arriving in the country

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Second Turkish Peace Eagle 737 Delivered to TAI

TUSAS AIRCRAFT Industries (TAI) took delivery at its facility in Ankara, Turkey, on October 2 of the second Boeing 737 for conversion by TAI under the Peace Eagle airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) programme for the Turk Hava Kuwetleri (THK -Turkish Air Force). The aircraft, Boeing 737-7ES N362BJ/1979 (c/n 33964), left Sussex County Airport, at Georgetown, Delaware, on September 29, routing via Bangor, Maine, and Rome/Ciampino, Italy, before arriving in Ankara on October 2.

Although the first aircraft, N356BJ/1614 (c/n 33962), was converted by Boeing in the USA, the remaining three of the four on firm order will be

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Jandarma Hips

An exclusive report on the first Russian military aircraft to be purchased by a NATO country — Levent Basara and Serhat Guvenc look at Mi-17s in the service of Turkey’s Gendarmerie.

THE JANDARMA (GENDARMERIE) is one of the oldest institutions in Turkey — indeed its roots can be traced back as far as the Ottoman era. Its role and tasks have changed dramatically to stay in keeping with the needs of modern Turkey and the Jandarma now wears two hats — one related to internal security as a law enforcement agency reporting to the Interior Ministry; the other as a

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Genel Energy, Turkish oil kings mending bridges in Kurdistan

Every company leader has an entrepreneurial streak by his very nature, but in Mr. Mehmet Sepil’s case, this would be an understatement. Aside from having the derring-do to enter into a war zone, he was the first person to set up an oil company in Iraq – a Turkish one to boot – with Genel Energy in 2002. Add to this that relations between Turkey and his adopted region were anything but cordial at the time, and one can agree with Mr. Sepil when he asserts that he ‘‘helped mend Turkish-Kurd relations,’’ with Genel acting as the symbolic olive branch.

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Sweet William!

I came to my friend for advice, but this time I sit Turkish cloves. And she did just «taken aback» his absurd statement: «I do not like this ugly flower.» I was taken aback — a carnation a nondescript flower!

Posted in General object when so speak about the colors. I believe that all the flowers are good, just one bloom is very bright and lush, others modestly, but also have the right to occupy a certain place in the garden.

But on the Turkish carnation I can not say that this humble flower. After all this

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