40% of New Yorks seafood — a fake

About 40% of seafood in New York stores and restaurants are not those for which they were issued by the seller. Such shocking and the alarming conclusion experts conservation organization Oceana. They conducted a genetic analysis of the 150 most popular items and culinary dishes.

As it turned out, the sellers often give a scented substance for the natural product (eg, crab meat), are confused about the names of seafood, and even rename the fish, which do not recommend eating the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Office of the Food and Drug (FDA), and non-profit organizations

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Earth Hour in the Russian regions: candles burning sails and continents



Residents of Russia will support environmental campaign "Earth Hour", designed to draw attention to the problem of waste of resources and global climate change: the administrative buildings and monuments remain for an hour without light, the activists fire shows and bike ride, and Russian tourists in hotels waiting for the evening by candlelight .

"Earth Hour" — an annual international event, conducted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). On the last Saturday in March at 20.30 local time, the

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In Paris we robbed twice

Decided to talk about the trip on May Day celebrations in Paris. Probably, it will be interesting to many of our visitors. During perestroika I had visited many countries of the world. But what happened to me and my family in Paris this spring, never happened.

In April, decided to bring their wife and daughter (15 years old) in Paris. Purchased a voucher and have been in Paris 29.04.2008. The next day at 12-00 was ordered city tour. Punctually arrived minivan for up to eight passengers. His wife and daughter sat next to the driver. Very erudite

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Moscow Metro: test train on the construction of Art. Alma-Ata (photos)

Before the launch of the station left nothing. Clearance checked test train started up. And now there is a break-in and the completion of the remaining work before starting.

1. At the station, all the lights turned on!


3. And on the reverse side — the most correct metro map!

4. A station turned out beautiful!


6. While waiting for the train, rented views.



9. There is a test train!



12. Puteizmeritel check the plan and profile path.



15. Inside — quite modern equipment. And before everyone wrote a huge

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ALEXANDER Tumasyan caving in equal game

The head coach of the youth of the yellow-blue commented on the fight with "Alan", in which his team lost — 2:3.

— Today was very "cheerful" match, what do you say?

— Jolly it turned out, probably only for fans (laughs). At sufficiently equal game and win chances for success luck favored opponent today.

— There was a feeling that Missed penalty may psychologically dislocate guys?

— It is rather a "stamp". Yes, of course, one can imagine that we led 2-0, but this game’s not over. Serge then

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The case at the military base




The soldiers turned to stone pillars

In 1991, after the dissolution of the KGB, a large number of materials of this department has got abroad, particularly in the CIA. As

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African Durban turned into a snowy kingdom

African Durban turned into a snowy kingdom Weather and Climate

For Durban, one of the largest cities in South Africa, suddenly swept incredible hail storm, the city covered the white "winter" shroud. Damaged many roofs city buildings, gardens, cars, plenty of trees turned inside the roots. It is surprising that some suburbs could avoid the Gradova cloud, for example, and Glenmore Vestvilyu. Injured same regions except heavy hail were also small flood after heavy rain preceded by hail, which brought up to 30 mm of rain in the first few minutes. Houses that escaped the hail strikes, flooded with water.

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When blooming water fish trouble


8.09.11.Pochemu Volga turned green? They say that now the water in the Volga abruptly turned green — in previous years this was not observed. On the banks of the Cheboksary reservoir — just creepy looking! So what happened?

For the answer we turned to Mari branch of State Organization "Srednevolzhrybvod." It confirmed that the observations are correct, but the grounds for calling in 2011 in terms of abnormal was found.

The fact that the water every year, "blooms" in any natural body of water, and the Cheboksary Reservoir — is no exception. It is clear that even in areas

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On Finland collapsed debris meteorite

9 January 2012. Baltic news, Finland. In the skies over southern Finland and Estonia in the evening on January 3 unidentified object appeared as a fireball. Contrary to the expectations of adherents of the theory of alien spacecraft, it turned out later that it was a meteorite that entered the dense atmospheric layers.

According to the online newspaper Postimees, pieces of the meteorite fell in central Finland. However, most of them turned out too close to the city center Jämsä.

According to specialists, the wreckage of the cosmic body can weigh several hundred grams to one kilogram. Currently

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Karpovka river turned green. Video


30.07.11.Odna of St. Petersburg river suddenly changed color. Karpovka turned green in Kamennoostrovsky prospect.

What happened to the water until clear. Perhaps in the river were chemicals or by heat rapidly blossomed algae. In any case, this ecological disaster.

Add serious problems for many of St. Petersburg rivers — Smolenka Bypass Canal, buckles. These are only some addresses. "Latest News" has repeatedly raised this issue.

Source: TV channel 100TV

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