UK Wants Litening Pod for typhoons

THE UK is looking to equip its Eurofighter Typhoon with the Rafael Litening III target designation pod, according to RAF sources. Moves to buy the Israeli-made pod are the result of the RAF’s emerging requirement to field multi-role capabilities on Typhoon as soon as possible.

«It’s not a done deal yet,» commented a senior RAF officer involved in the Typhoon project. «We want them to equip the final aircraft of our Tranche 1 Typhoon buy in the 2007 time scale. Then we will retro-fit the earlier aircraft so we don’t have a fleet within a fleet.”

The final decision on

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A fine ceramic case — a first for CW -will be just one of an impressive line-up of hi-tech features. The watch will be powered by a modified Eta Valjoux 7750 movement. The model will take its design cues from the RAF’s delta-wing multirole Typhoon fighter jet.


Renowned for its customer service from Day 1, Christopher Ward is adding yet another level to its famous «personal touch». From March, clients will

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Typhoon Teething Problems

ROYAL NAVY Sea King HC4 support helicopters are flying in Afghanistan with modified composite rotor blades.

Carson composite blades and a new five-bladed tail rotor allow the helicopter to operate with increased carrying capacity and speed in the demanding conditions of Afghanistan.

US-designed Carson blades were selected following an extensive test and evaluation programme conducted by ATEC (Aircraft Test and Evaluation Centre), part of the UK Joint Test and Evaluation Group

AS THE RAF Typhoon Force, based at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire, continues its efforts to expand the type’s capabilities and prepare for its future operational debut, AFM has received details

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The Day a Typhoon hit Bognor Regis

The West Sussex holiday resort of Bognor Regis, noted for sunshine and fun, was once hit by a typhoon, killing two people and destroying two houses. This was no freak weather phenomenon but a Hawker Typhoon aircraft crash in WWII.

Len Martlew, 65, and his 63-year-old wife Annie lived at number 13 Beatty Road Bognor Regis, a home they had lived in for many years, with a small but well-tended garden. It was mid-afternoon on Thursday 22 April 1943 and the morning rain and drizzle had been replaced by slight winds and watery sunshine, when tragically an RAF aircraft crashed

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We report from MAT, where an RAF Typhoon nearly crashed at the world’s biggest military airs how.

A PILOT from 29 (R) Squadron had a close call with disaster after the Typhoon he was flying came within a few seconds and approximately 20ft of crashing as he practised his routine for the flying display at the world’s biggest military airshow, the Royal International Air Tattoo, at RAI Falrford, Gloucestershire, on Friday, July 15.

Something went very wrong for Sqn Ldr Matt Elliott as he came out of a manoeuvre. Had it not been for the Typhoon engine’s high levels of


Force Report: The RAF at 90

A NUMBER of reasons lay behind the creation of the RAF. First, the Arm/s Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) overlapped and competed when it came to procuring engines and aircraft, and their separate supply organisations failed to meet critical needs during World War One. Then, in June 1917, German Gothas dropped 72 tons of bombs within a one-mile radius of London’s Liverpool Street Station in broad daylight — and RFC and RNAS aircraft assigned to defend the capital were barely able to get within striking distance of the intruders. The clamour for reprisals was

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Eurofighter Begins Assembly of First Tranche 2 Typhoon

EUROFIGHTER GMBH announced on October 26 that the first Typhoon aircraft to Tranche 2 standard are about to begin final assembly at Manching, Germany, and Warton, Lancashire, UK. The first Tranche 2 aircraft will be IPA7, the 29th single-seater from the German production line, which is scheduled to move into the final assembly rigs at Manching at the end of this year. First flight of IPA7 is due in 2008. Once it has flown, IPA7 will be used for testing Block 8 Typhoon capabilities, together with IPA6, a UK-built, single-seat Typhoon F.2 ZJ940(BS031). Although IPA6/BS031 was built as a Tranche

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Eastern Smile

Eurofighter Typhoons Head East

SINGAPORE’S MINISTRY of Defence (MinDef) has imposed strict reporting guidelines on the three companies bidding for its Next Fighter Replacement Programme (NFRP, also known as the Next Generation Fighter programme), insisting that they reveal nothing about their submissions or about the evaluation process. They seem to have obeyed this order to the letter, though Internet bulletin boards have included comments by MinDef and RSAF sources, and even by people claiming to be members of the evaluation team.


Normally helpful press and PR staff at BAE Systems and Eurofighter GmbH were tight-lipped when asked about the

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