Man with stone Vidzy

In Vidzy yes, in general, on the Braslav Uncle Mieczyslaw everyone knows. His works are almost in the eyes. On the way to Braslaw of Vidzy — stone bear. Braslava from Minsk — weighing nine tons of hero-horse. In the center Vidzy — beautiful girl. And libraries — symbolic stone-head hats. Librarian and local historian Tatiana Plyashyvava recalls:"About 10 years reversing a story. We were given land with beets, and we treated them hoes. Watching, Beyner takes plow., He looked like Ilya Muromets. From it then just draw a picture. Time passed, knocked down — one lives …" Me greybeard

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Friendly: fined another party protests

He was accused of participating in an unsanctioned rally against the construction of a chemical plant Russian private company "Bel-August."Misha Kalinkevich May 16 speech at a rally in the village of everybody against the construction of Russian chemical plant."I deliberately came to this meeting because I was the 15th was not allowed into the house of culture Pukhavichy executive committee, when he came to control the Minsk region, where said or not to build the plant chemicals. Would not let me. Said, you are not on the lists. Threw me as cat oparshivevshuyu. I already went through the door, grabbed

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