Hostage: A Guide to Survival

Despite the long history of hostage-taking, to find sensible instructions on how to behave in the thrall of the terrorists was not easy. However, such regulations exist in both English and in Russian.

In Russia it were specialists "Institute of Risk and Safety", which is a division of the Institute of Nuclear Safety RAS. It's called "How to behave in the abduction and becoming hostage to the terrorists."

A careful study of the document found its similarity (and in some places — almost a literal match) from the U.S. manual for the hostages, written by Alan Bell,

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U.S. Marines get new guns

U.S. Marines ordered the company Colt batch of 12 thousand new pistols M45 MEU (SOC) CQBP (Close Quarter Battle Pistol) to conduct close combat. As described in the press release, available at: Defense-Aerospace, contract is for 5 years and cost the customer in 22.5 million dollars. The first batch of 4036 new pistols with spare parts will be delivered during 2012. Disk imaging on Marine Corps Times, a new gun is designated Colt Rail Gun and is a development known Colt M1911, standing in service with the U.S. military in 1911. Since 1985, armed U.S. Marines stood special version

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Why do they hate us (American Thinker, USA)

The spread of open violence against the United States around the world and the surreal spectacle to the role of federal agents investigating the case are not sufficiently well-known film director who a Christian is called the root cause of the pop frenzy, should force us to reflect on the follow-up question: why do they hate us? Why do they hate America? Why do they hate Israel? As such, we have done what we have offended and hurt them, not counting the fact that our being and life satisfaction?

By asking this question, it is fundamentally aware of who

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Flight of the atomic UAV will not take place

Sandia National Laboratory (USA) presented to the public document, through which it becomes clear that the constant rumors of recent years did not appear out of nowhere: the scientists of the United States in fact been developing drones with onboard nuclear reactor.

As such, it does not matter what kind of paper, document contains no direct references UAV with a nuclear reactor. All the same test to find specific applications in this document are the files that contain a sarcastic statement: «Intentionally left blank for Internet posting purposes». But, as you know, almost 95% of all classified disk imaging

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Conquest of the World — the story of the 1st sub-machine gun

Ultrasound — a submachine gun made the children of Israel, who conquered over time the hearts of many real guys, today is the perfect weapon in close combat class of its own.

As well, it was noticed: Ultrasound — it is not just an ordinary medical diagnosis, and something that will lead you to a fatal lead poisoning.History of the 1st sub-machine gun begins in the middle of the 20th century, immediately after gaining freedom and independence of Israel. Then what the Israelis were caught freedom, an instrument may be referred to only approximately.

Following the acquisition of

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Pakistan showed the Chinese hidden South American Helicopter

Pakistani authorities shared with the Chinese military hidden South American technology. They are allowed to look around helicopter, who participated in the operation to eliminate bin Laden first of May. About this report Financial Times citing U.S. intelligence sources.

Recall special forces marines landed in Abbottabad, where the terrorist was hiding the number one on the 2-Helicopter "Black Hawk Down," the latest hidden modification. But one of the cars suffered a tragedy. U.S. authorities then stated that the helicopter was lost. But even crashed the car is a lot of enthusiasm.

The source told the publication that the Chinese engineers

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Pakistan can support in the confrontation between Iran and the West

Actions of a number of recent years they say that the sprawling South American influence so much that the country falling into such a relationship must obey undeniably crisp white House. Or, if not openly subservient, then conduct its policy in such a Makarov, that Washington had "felt hot support" from its own new satellites. In order to realize this trend is the place to be pretty to look at countries that have not so long ago, within the sphere of influence of the Union of Russian and Moscow had even considered friends. These are the countries of Eastern Europe,

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Japan. Train Eco Ride — to work with the Roller Coaster!

Japanese — an amazing nation, the spirit of which, it seems, can not break any calamities and troubles. Brilliant ideas and are born in the smart heads. I present a new idea of a heavenly country: the train Eco Ride. AboutHe scurried to the principle of "Rollercoaster" and electricity costs will be minimal!

For every ten meters in height, where the train climbs special auto lift, he can travel only four meters by the force of gravity. Speed Eco Ride — 60 miles per hour (for a roller coaster of

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Impoverishment of the free world: 1980-2011

The myth that the neo-liberal market reforms have enriched the average citizen of the West — sassy heresy. Structural market reforms have brought real impoverishment and terrifying separation in the Group of Seven rich nations. This is — the key to the collapse of liberal democracy and peace in the coming era or a new totalitarianism, or a new dark age in horror.


The reality is: the average inhabitant of the West since 1973, became only the poorer. The present statistics do not confirm those tales that fed us the neo-liberal economists — liars or

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Obama calls for the role of in the missile defense system

President Barack Obama called on Saturday for the role RF created in Europe in the American missile defense system.

This system should be a place of cooperation between the U.S. and Russia, so the external threat to their general, he said at a meeting in Warsaw with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski.

Polish officer, with his own hand, praised the U.S. plans to deploy elements of a missile defense system in its own Europe and also stated that it opens up additional opportunities for cooperation with Russia, Radio Liberty correspondent reports.

Both presidents also discussed the issues

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