Ukraine sell Blackjacks

RUSSIA AND UKRAINE have reached preliminary agreement on the sale of some Ukrainian Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack bombers to Moscow. The agreement was reached during a two-day visit to Kiev by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Soskovets, and was subsequently endorsed by the Ukrainian National Security Council and Defence Minister Valery Shmarov.

Air Force Commander Volodymyr Antonets said Ukraine was no longer capable of supporting the Tu-160, and would rely in future on its remaining 24 Tu-95 Bears. It has not been announced how many of the 18 Tu-160s based at Priluki, 75 miles (120km) north of Kiev, are to be

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From 18 to 20 August, in Artek the final of the International contest of young singers of popular music «New Wave — 2013». The winner was 12-year-old Ukrainian, ward Producer Center «PARADIZ», the participant of the project «GolosDeti» Sofia Tarasova, with a score of 197 points.

On the first day of the competition participants had to submit to hit the country. Sofia sang Tina Karol «Namal». In the first competition day the young singer won first place. The second day of the contest was decisive, Sofia Tarasova presented to the public and the jury popular song Justin Bieber


NEW sweet cherry varieties SOUTH WOODLANDS FOR UKRAINE

EP Kravchenko

The head of the Kiev yusu Endowment Variety testing portion of fruit crops

To make decision XXI Congress of the CPSU to increase production of fruits and berries are not less than 2 times, and grapes are not less than 4 times much has been done. The supply of industrial centers of Ukraine fruits and berries significantly improved mainly due to products coming from nearby farms gardening. However, the needs of the population in cherries, especially in the northern half of the Ukrainian SSR, is not yet fully satisfied.

Cherry comes in here most of the industrial

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The climatic anomalies are not surprising

Still, many «disaster movies» in large numbers released in recent years, have had a positive impact on humanity. Not in the sense that we are careful with the outside world — and that began to quietly take him «surprises.» When the temperature in California, Nevada and southern Arizona has passed for fifty degrees Celsius (Fahrenheit and the figures are absolutely terrible — 120 and above), the local population, listened to warnings of the authorized bodies, sighed: Well could be worse! And many still do expect that will finally be broken record temperature at Earth’s surface, set July 10, 1913

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Lebedko: From Ukraine to go positive impulses

"Winning orange in these elections — very importantth factor for us. Why? Since there, from the Ukraine, will positive energy and momenta. At the moment the official Belarusian propaganda will be even less likely to show an example of how Ukrainian hopeless case. Now do not say that people are actively entering into the streets and fight for their standards do not bring results. "• "Lukashenko is very interested in the orange power in Ukraine.", 01.10.2007

Belarusian died in an accident at Maloyaroslavets

9 people were killed 7 people in Ukraine, the driver — citizen of Belarus, also lady’s identity and citizenship being set.Two injured people were hospitalized in Ukraine, Interfax reported.Accident happened near the village of Mikheev Malayaraslavetskaga district 142 kilometer highway M3.Look of the scene on the map.

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Tyscha demonstrators came to Kiev to support Tymoshenko bloc

They protested against the refusal of the CEC to register the party, which had the largest opposition faction in the Verkhovna Rada, for a role in preterm parliamentary elections, scheduled for September 30.CEC members BYT blames the wrong registration documents of their home addresses. Tymoshenko calls this decision politically targeted and going to challenge it in court.Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko urged the CEC to register candidates from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, without waiting for the judgment.

Lukashenko receives credentials from new ambassadors

But the ambassadors of Switzerland, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Netherlands, Haman, Syria, Sri Lanka and the Land of the Rising Sun will make its obligations under the combination.Is noteworthy that the new salting Ukraine working in Minsk since March. But he handed his credentials just now.According to Ukrainian media, this delay could be caused by the fact that did not come true meeting of the presidents of Ukraine and Belarus, which was transferred a couple of times.

Where moved phosphorus accumulation, hitherto unclear

Ukrainian news agencies report that 145 people were hospitalized, 43 of them — kids. Meanwhile President Viktor Yushchenko accused the Cabinet of Ministers of concealing the real consequences of the tragedy.The representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus Vitaly Novitsky said today that while the danger to the country and people in the country do not. By him, Belarusian experts at are in contact with Ukrainian colleagues.The department meteapragnozav Republican hydrometeorological believe that toxic accumulation is not moving in the direction of Belarus. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine claim that phosphorus accumulation no longer

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Still remains a huge and ever nizapomnym funny day in the history of fraternal Ukraine

"Free Belarus" in 1917 year reports from Ukraine: "On June 10th (Junes) Ukrainian Central Rada approved Universal to all the Ukrainian people, which abveshchaetstsa autonomous system in Ukraine. This day is huge and ever nizapomnym funny day in the history of fraternal Ukraine. In today nayblizshaya to prophesy, customs and society historical shred, sister of our Mother Belarus became on their own feet and become the mistress of the Lord’s own … ""Proletarians of Vitebsk", year 1937. The newspaper publishes the final word of the Secretary of the CC CP (b) B V.Sharangovicha at the XVI Congress of Belarusian Communists:

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