Yushchenko said he would not allow a military scenario

Yushchenko also said the head of the government, that the Cabinet is not a political force, and can not hide behind the decision of the Verkhovna Rada in ensuring financing early parliamentary elections and should provide activities election commissions.Earlier, Viktor Yushchenko held a meeting with representatives of the security forces and ordered them todo, so were not violated the constitutional rights of people in the state and provided peace and tranquility. Yushchenko ordered the Prosecutor General to check the legality of last night approved resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada.And Viktor Yanukovych addressed the Parliament and met with supporters gathered at

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Tymoshenko bloc reaches demolition Russian monuments in Ukraine

Andrew skeleton convinced that Ukrainian society has long been prepared for the complete abandonment of Russian monuments and streets titles. Monuments to Lenin, manage, and other party leaders and Russian well in Kiev and throughout Ukraine just kind of disappeared. Another early 90’s lost Lenin monument on Independence Square in Kiev, almost all for the sake of de-Sovietization was manufactured in the towns of Western Ukraine. Elsewhere, Russian monuments are still preserved. But even where they are, people do not particularly remember the heroes of a bygone era, which reflect these monuments.Skeleton: "The Kirov was one poll and 100 percent

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England builds anti-Russian coalition

England was one of the most vocal critics of the Kremlin for his actions in Georgia. Before traveling to Kiev, Miliband said that he would try to do "the largest coalition" against "Russian anger." Miliband met with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, who is now said that Ukraine will never recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.In connection with the visit Miliband, last Minister of Foreign Affairs Anatoly Zlenko said that the Georgian situation is a threat to Ukraine, Ukrainians must be vigilant. Previous Minister also said that Ukraine will never turn to brutal means in politics, and that the

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Ukraine can keep ships in Crimea

Earlier, special representative of the President of Ukraine Konstantin Eliseev said that Kiev is ready to provide Georgia with humanitarian and political assistance. He said that Ukraine has no plans to provide military assistance to Georgia, but added that Kiev will be watching to see how things will develop action.August 10 Ministry Foreign Affairs Ukraine issued a statement in which Russia warns against a possible role of the Black Sea Fleet in the conflict over South Ossetia. As thesmiling in a statement, the Ukrainian party reserves the right to prohibit the return to the country of Ukraine to resolve the

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U.S. military intervention in the Ukrainian crisis began

Suppression of dissent in Eastern Ukraine will private military company (PMC). It is reported by ITAR-TASS news agency, citing a source in the security services of «It is about PMC« Greystone Limited », — said the representative of the SBU.

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities believe that the SBU in the eastern regions are not able to suppress the protest mood and neutralize favorites activists and pro motion.

Specifically, he noted that such representation holds Acting President Alexander Turchinov. «Because zabugornyh decided to attract mercenaries who will do the function of political investigation and protection of state security»

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Memorial candle famine victims in Minsk

Representatives of embassies, public figures and members of the Belarusian Union of Ukrainians visited the exhibition, dedicated to the events of 1932-33. in Ukraine. Salting Ukraine to Belarus Igor Likhovyi said at the handover ceremony candles memory the fact that the Holodomor in Ukraine 17 countries in the world atknown as the tragedy of genocide against the Ukrainian people.Memorial candle was a day or three in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Ukrainians living in these countries gathered around her and share the memoirs of the events of 1932-33. When in Ukraine killed several million people.

It happened today at the

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Zatulin CIS run across political barriers

"Itself for itself CIS organization naturally want as roundtable and a platform for various kinds of initiatives. I’m a huge swing to her abilities as a public company to promote economic integration. As such, it immediately begins to run across political barriers roznanakiravanasts aspirations throughout the CIS. Very difficult to read on economic integration directly with Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Some of these states in sharp contrast between themselves. For example, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Because the CIS, it will continue to exist. She is the principal field of meetings and discussions. Only thanks to the CIS, despite the

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In Bucharest NATO summit begins

A few hours before the summit, U.S. President George Bush delivered a speech in Bucharest in which outlined the position own country on the main issues of international security.U.S. President focused on 3 areas: an action plan for accession to NATO for Georgia and Ukraine, the deployment of a missile defense system parts in Europe and increase the military contingent in Afghanistan. He stated:"Here in Bucharest, we must make it clear to realize that NATO welcomes the intention of Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO and offer them a clear path merits this purpose. My country’s position is clear: NATO

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V.Hrol: Ukraine in NATO — Yugoslav variant

Vice-chairman Commission House of Representatives Basil Khrol states of Georgia and Ukraine entrance into NATO "means the latest geopolitical reality": "With every fiber of the soul, all diplomatic means, I think, Republic of Belarus coupled with the Russian Federation must resist the process of accession to NATO of our closest neighbors. Now millions of people in Ukraine do not wish to join the bloc.I really do not want to be Nostradamus, but if NATO countries to perceive themselves to Ukraine, it will lead to a repetition of the Yugoslav version. Ukraine will start to share: one piece — for NATO,

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V.Frolov: Georgia into NATO will accept. But with Ukraine — questions

U.S. President George W. Bush during his visit to Kiev said that the days of the NATO summit in Bucharest to support the accession of Ukraine and Georgia to the action plan aimed at membership of these countries into NATO. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko confirmed that only NATO ensures the security of the country.Ukrainian favorite condemned sample block traffic Ukraine into NATO by the country, which, according to Yushchenko, "not even a member of the alliance." This refers to our homeland, which Tipo agrees to place parts of a U.S. missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland in

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