Freezing rain in Moscow, cars in the snow snowfall in Hungary and the Ukraine

March 16, 2013. Snowfall goes to Moscow for a few days. Snowstorm in the capital in the evening on March 15 has been replaced by freezing rain. The roads were like rivers, and formed puddles on the sidewalks. According to the press-secretary of the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Public Works of Igor Pergamenshchikov, utilities come out at night to clean the streets of Moscow four times.

According to weather forecasts, three days of bad weather in the capital may fall more monthly average rainfall.

Heavy snow complicated the situation on the road in Europe. In particular, Hungary

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Bad weather deenergized 102 places in Ukraine


© RIA Novosti. Igor Zarembo

KIEV, July 2 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Savochenko. Rain and strong winds in the night from Friday to Saturday led to fire protection systems of power lines, leaving 102 still without electricity settlements in four regions of Ukraine, the press service of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the country.

No light left 91 residents of the village in the Poltava region, five settlements in Chernihiv and Lviv regions, as well as one location Volyn region.

Brigade power companies were under repair.

Source: RIA Novosti

Five-story building collapsed in the Ukraine


10.06.12.Neschaste happened in Lutsk in western Ukraine at 4.25 am on Sunday. 18 residents of the building were evacuated in Lutsk, two people were under the rubble.

— Between the first and the second entrance there was a sudden destruction supporting structures from the first to the fifth floor, — the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Just struck eight apartments. By this time the building had to leave 18 people, one person was injured, the fate of the two remaining inside is unknown.

At the scene with about 90 police, ambulance and emergency services. In the

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Pavlo Skoropadskyi. Our homeland without Bolsheviks

I'm not vain referred to the post Our homeland without the Bolsheviks, although there's nothing on the subject. This post is a continuation of the blog "in 1917. Our homeland without the Bolsheviks. Part 2." Comrade Sukhov. The problem is that in an old Russian in the new Russian textbooks this part of the history of Ukraine is considered from the standpoint of edinoynedelimoy, it is true or not I do not want to judge, but the fact that this is definitely one-sided. Without a proper understanding of those events is unrealistic correct construction of AI. That's why I present

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OUN-UPA. Facts and Legends. Investigation

The problem of the OUN-UPA refers to the controversial topics of the Ukrainian society, the point of view during the years of independence varies between positive (fighters for independence, Heroes of Ukraine) and naughty (German collaborators, traitors of Ukraine). Their assessment is often based on the propaganda cliches on both sides. The issue of official recognition of the UPA belligerent during the second world war and the provision of benefits to veterans at the municipal level (some western areas have taken this decision at regional) so far remain unresolved. The creator does not put himself in front of goal

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Cases of Kiev and Moscow are warming with every day or

In particular, this trend is observed in terms of military cooperation, because this year between Kiev and Moscow, we have cooperation in the fight against piracy in the field of military communications, and cooperation between enterprises of the military-industrial complex. Our Ukraine and the home also agreed to cooperate in the areas of design, production and after-sales service of aircraft.

As Secretary of Defense has allocated Ukraine Dmitry Salamatin, "between the two countries there is a good, trusted format of relations in the military sphere." It includes exercises, exchange of delegations on the burning issues of reforming the armed forces,

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Abnormal flowering trees: blossomed cherry, pear and lilac


Autumn comes, while Ukraine has the unusual: trees bloomed like early spring. In Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Sevastopol, and in many other cities emit white tassels chestnuts and leaves on them and remained almost — yellowed, opal … In one of the courtyards of Dnepropetrovsk people are given only diva-White gave a pear-wildings. In Kiev, that too for all the amazing, happy colors cherry tree.

Here is another little miracle: in the Crimean village of New World flowered lilac. Workers House Museum Prince Golitsyn going to do routine pruning bushes, but his hand did not rise to the tender buds.

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From Ukraine to Eurasia. By changing the integration agenda

The "however. Ukraine "has been exhausted.

In 1-x, as the Ukrainian authorities refused Eurasian integration in the format of the Customs Union — as it should, began to be implemented scenario of rapid degradation.

In-2, locked between with 2 economic unions — European and Customs — Ukraine falls into the trap catching up. Not being included in any regional economic system, the government, Ukraine will quickly run out of resources classic.

B-3, there is a suspicion that Ukrainian the ruling class — the national nobility — completely and absolutely satisfied with such a scenario. The only thought that

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Bablometricheskie of passport on you bastards well earned!


13.12.12.Vopreki protests of human rights defenders and journalists revelations we have a new law — "On the Unified State Register of demographic and documents that confirm the citizenship of Ukraine, of identity or her special status." It carries all the changes in Ukraine — from a frightened refugee to trust in their own impunity top corruption.

— Girl, you see the time?

Vsooo … — stretched the last word even more annoying Vick.

— How "vsooo"? Until the end of the day a quarter hours — not giving "a girl."

— No one is not. Come on Wednesday in

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Frosts in Ukraine killed two dozen people

Frosts in Ukraine killed two dozen Weather and Climate

In Ukraine, as in other Eastern European countries, have established very cold weather. Since the beginning of December, and so far from frostbite killed 18 Ukrainians. Because in addition to the cold in the country occur regularly snowstorm, because of the situation on the roads in traffic jammed several avtomobitey located there with childbirth. Women had to give birth in the car.

Frost became especially strong at the end of last week, here and there the temperature dropped to -15 ° C. At the same time, and there was

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