Crime and Punishment: Sexual Tyrants (2012)

Foreign sex tourism exists as a legal industry. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to toughen penalties for organizing brothels, however, law enforcement efforts to combat prostitution малоэффективны.Проституток from former Soviet republics in countries such as Israel and Turkey are called "Natashas." In Ukraine, in 2012 released information about a former "Miss Lions" as Organizer export of sex slaves. Only in 2012 was recruited 200 women aged 16 to 25 years and sent to the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Over the entire period of the group for sexual exploitation have been sold more than 500 Ukrainians.

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Leonid Grach: Ukraine needs a new girl happy Pereyaslavskaya

"The authorities of Ukraine no one has given no mandate to go to the European alliance, as the majority of the population in favor of joining the Customs Alliance" — said in an interview to a REGNUM Ukrainian politician, former chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea Leonid Grach, commenting on the statement by the Ambassador Ukraine to the European Union Konstantin Eliseev that Ukraine's accession to the Customs alliance will give Ukraine the only Short-term dividends.

"Salting Konstantin Eliseev — clerk of the nationalist regime. He does all the things that hunt the Ukrainian presidential administration, it works against

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Ukrainian Air Force is increasing grouping off BORDERS CRIMEA

Due to the difficult situation on the border with the Crimea, Ukraine has taken steps towards building up their military forces in the south, reported April 7.

During the last week of March in the southern Ukrainian city of Nikolayev arrived four modernized Su-27 fighter from the 831 th Brigade Combat Air Forces of Ukraine. The main base in Mirhorod (western Ukraine) are combat ready 9 more Su-27 and Su-27UB 5.

At the landfill, near Kiev accomplished demonstration of new military hardware, communications and personal protective equipment, small tools, absolutely made Ukrainian military industry. Some of them were

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Why is winter in Ukraine have become shorter, but colder?

Because of global warming, winters have become shorter than 1-3 weeks. But in this case — no warmer!

We know after all that winter can not do without, but frost still hit unexpectedly. On the street cold, snow drifts, and it seems the end-edge in sight … The mark on the thermometer drops lower and lower, doctors and FEMA are alarmed, and students canceled classes.

What happens to the Ukrainian weather? We found out how long we still have to suffer and why the first long winter there, and then if you really come — it seems, is going to

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Crimea — the needle Ukrainianization

Maybe if Ukrainise Crimea — the region where most of the population is not simply accept Ukrainian statehood, and feels for her is something akin to the inner contempt?

In Kiev, consider that in the peninsula and to systematically enforce without annoying Ukrainian language and Ukrainian vision of regional problems, whether it be a question of dislocation Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea, or the case of the Slavs with the Crimean Tatars.

The peninsula, which from 1783 to 1954 was a member of, and after 1954 — in the Russian Ukraine, ie that of Ukraine, where

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Devkrainizavats country on the model Lukashenko Yanukovych will not work

Society Director of the Kiev Institute of Global Strategies Vadim Karasev believes that before Lukashenka and Yanukovich appeared before the same choice of either Russia or — Europe.Ukrainian politicians discuss the application of the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, who on the eve of his visit confirmed its previous position concerning Sevastopol — namely, the transfer ("return") of the city under the jurisdiction of Russia. For example, a public initiative "Upgrade of the country", headed by the former head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko, demanded that the government "does not turn a blind eye" to such statements. "Otherwise, this government

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Ukraine is concerned sentence Sannikov

Society Ukraine is concerned cruel sentence of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov — the newspaper "Ukrainian Truth".

"We are disturbed by the sentence of a renowned diplomat, politician and public figure Andrei Sannikov and his wife Irina Khalip"- The newspaper quoted the statement by the Director of Information Policy Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleg Voloshin.

"We have appealed and we will turn to our Belarusian partners with calls for a constructive dialogue with the opposition, to take practical steps to guarantee the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and other civil liberties and human rights," — stressed the Ukrainian

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Yanukovych and his team showed to the world the true nature of

Yanukovych and his team, which was able to seize power in Ukraine only because of the pro-Russian rhetoric, intensively exploiting the desire many millions of Russian and Russian voters, graduated from its "multi-vector merrymaking," showing at the end of the day, your true essence. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych dot the «i», telling Ukrainian citizens that the choice of the Ukrainian foreign policy of the country is definitely moving in the direction of European civilization, the Euro Union.

"Despite the difficulties, the main step has been made: we do determine his future. European choice has become the basis of Ukraine's

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In Kiev, prepared by the decision not to Belarusian sugar

Society The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine initiates the withdrawal of sugar from the free trade regime with Belarus. Already in August, planned to submit a draft decision for consideration by the central authorities.

Experts point out that the main reason is the so-called "Gray schemes" deliveries. In the framework of the Free Trade Agreement of Belarus has the right to supply to Ukraine sugar produced from its own sugar beets. However, actually operates another "mechanism" — Belarusians are processed in-house raw sugar and carry this product in Ukraine.

According to experts, farmers, such imports was acceptable, while

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Flamboyant creativity of Ukrainian opposition

In the process of information warfare for Ukraine Western favorites and come down to the use of creative and sometimes controversial instruments of influence on public opinion. For example, in a network of Web earlier launched and successfully gaining momentum campaign under the title "The referendum on the accession of Ukraine to the United States." It take an active role of the huge amount of resources, including virtually all the resources of Ukrainian opposition forces. It was announced the beginning of a group of volunteers who are called in each community Fri collect the required number of signatures to

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