Ukrainian experts: Kiev and Minsk are tested on vashyvasts

Society Ukrainian political scientists and political experts believe that the recent harsh words of Alexander Lukashenko "vashyvasts of" Ukraine's leaders to complicate relations between Minsk and Kiev.

Former Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Igor Likhovyi believes that official Minsk Ukraine is still needed as a strategic economic partner.

"This is a 5 billion hryvnia ($ 630 million — PC) turnover, the dynamic growth in economic relations. In connection with the specific policies pursued by Belarus — or rather, its leadership — for many years, the state was in a difficult position in the international arena. Ukraine began to help Belarus

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Ukraine leads an army to NATO standards

Secretary of Defense Ukraine Dmitry Salamatin assured management NATO the readiness of the Ukrainian side in the coming develop business with the alliance.

As UNIAN said the Department of Press and media relations disk imaging MOU, this ADSalamatin said today during a meeting with Deputy Supreme Commander of Allied Forces NATO Europe General Richard Shirreff.

Namely, D.Salamatin stressed that the armed forces Ukraine ready to move forward in partnership with the Alliance and is open to cooperation with countries NATO in almost all areas.

"For us, the experience of the alliance is a valuable asset. Better

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Ukraine introduced a new tank engine

Ukraine presented at the VIII International Show of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition in Nizhny Tagil (Russia) dimensional model of the new engine 5TDFM. Experts have recognized its best in the world in its class.

As the press service said the state company "Ukrspecexport", which together with the GC "Ukroboronprom" represents Ukraine at this forum, "the exposure of our country boasts the highest attendance rate of interest and expertise." Namely, the leaders of the Ukrainian delegation held talks with Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov concerning cooperation in the armor industry.

Slider 5TDFM designed Spices State-owned enterprise "Kharkiv engine design bureau."

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Ukraine defected to the category of the Third World

In the 21 years of independence Ukraine endured global transformation, as a result of which ran across in the category of "Third World. "Told" Rosbalt "said Ukrainian political analyst Alexei Blyumina.

In his view, Ukrainian society has passed a point of no return. "We ran over to the category of countries Third World. Based on this and the need to build all the other calculations — including foreign policy and economic. State that Ukraine will be the second or even France, Greece is now not necessary. We are located at the level of systematization of Colombia or Guatemala. It

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Ukraine is not going anywhere

The era of autonomous floats into oblivion — to survive in the modern world need not independence, choice and good form of interdependence.

Here take a map of the USSR — you can see the north-western Balts prudish? With ambition, saying, sprats and balm? They determined long ago — so even cause irritation Russian patriots a hollow-attendant. Determine definitively — and because there is not even announcements reprinted media Commonwealth. Precipitating forever — going from the category of the most advanced and defining trends in the outskirts of the USSR, usually an ordinary province of the European Union. Subjectivity on

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Ukraine is not going to stop cooperation with the alliance in favor of Russia

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych took a course of rapprochement with NATO — despite the declared them non-aligned status of the country. This is shown at the disposal of "b" closed document with the schedule of the Ukrainian-NATO actions in 2011. It implies that Kiev and NATO discussions are so sensitive to issues of Moscow as the future of the Black Sea Fleet, missile defense, the reform of Ukrainian intelligence and even the concept of foreign policy.

The fact that relations between Ukraine and Russia even "pro-Russian" President Viktor Yanukovych is not going smoothly, it was clear before. But the first

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West of the positions of Russia and China on the events in Ukraine

«The international community» — well, at least, specifically refer to themselves as the authorities of the United States, Canada and the puppet they are 28 members of the European Union — was «expressing concern» into the «action» of the Russian Federation in connection with the situation in Ukraine. Yes, of course … Concerns laws world-famous western script «cohort» starts expressing exactly at the moment when the situation begins to develop not to the tune of their horns. Dudka played when relying on ultra-radicals «popazitsionery» (please do not consider this a typo author) was converted to big government in the

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Ukraine at a Crossroads

Beginning in 2004, for some reason it is assumed that President of Ukraine Yanukovych is pro-Russian politician. At present, some Western media continue to adhere to a similar point of view, even despite the fact that it's less than meets the present state of affairs. According to the opinion poll, even in the eastern regions of Ukraine is now the incumbent no longer believe.

Follow-up information was known to the general public on April 1.

According to a research conducted by the Kiev international institute of Sociology (KIIS), the credibility of the Ukrainian guarantor of the Constitution as before

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Our Ukraine and the home: a unified people in a single country

Zbigniew Brzezinski: "Without Ukraine Our home ceases to be a Eurasian empire … Only with Ukraine Our homeland will turn into a massive imperial government, which has spread to Europe and Asia." With these words, impossible to disagree. Far no secret that, as it was 60 years ago (during the stateliness Russian war), and in the 17th century (the other day Pereyaslavska Rada), and even before (the Middle Ages), in the true time territory of Ukraine continues to be the scene of acute geopolitical confrontation between the Russian Federation with the entire western world. From in whose favor it over

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Ukraine and our homeland, or who broke up the Soviet Union?

Who is it that ruined USSR? Almost always, the responsibility for the destruction of the Soviet Union blamed only on Gorbachev and Yeltsin. With all of this the role of the ruling elite of the former Soviet republics, among whom were many outspoken nationalist, in the collapse of one country are often not only not taken into account, and perverted: many are fully convinced that the republic did not want to leave, and our homeland let go of their own . This, of course, there is some truth. But the fact that it happened, there is no absolute guilt

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