Blizzard deenergized part of Ukraine

Bad weather in Ukraine deenergized 60 settlements. Of squalls and blizzards hit Cherkasy and Kirovohrad region.

As the channel News 24, most went to the Odessa area. There are de-energized fifty settlements.

The Russian language has won the first battle in Parliament

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in first reading a bill declaring the Russian language official in half of the regions of Ukraine. Expand the scope and implementation of minority languages. "Orange" opposition once already staged a massacre, is preparing once again to disrupt the adoption of the document. The fact that her actions are contrary to Europe, "orange" do not bother.

The Verkhovna Rada of the second test adopted in the first reading bill, involving the Russian language official announcement about half of the regions of Ukraine. Also expands the scope of the implementation of languages of national minorities in

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Between Minsk and Kiev is Moscow

Society Today marks a year since the inauguration of the new President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. During this time, the inner life of Ukraine, in its position on the international scene has changed a lot. However, experts are convinced, in the relations between Belarus and the Ukraine stagnation.

In the last years of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in Alexander Lukashenko and the then Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky had active contacts with the Ukrainian leadership, the revolutionary intergovernmental agreement signed in including the abolition of all restrictions in mutual trade. Yushchenko's pro-European leader for some time acted as an intermediary

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Andrey Dmitriev

Society was born in 1981.Divorced with one son. He studied at the European Humanities University in Minsk, served in the army. 1999-2006 Worked in political campaigns in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.UCP member since 2001. Member of the Political Council. In 2007-2010 was the international secretary of the UCP.2007 — graduated from East European School of Political Studies.2005-2010 Successfully doing business in Belarus and Ukraine.From 2010 — one of the founders and leaders of the civil campaign "Tell the truth. "Head initiative group and the head campaign headquarters Vladimir Neklyaeva on presidential election.Hobbies: playing British prisoners — squash.Fluent in English.

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Our homeland agrees to pick up ground in the Crimea thread

Our homeland in favor of creating a common security space with Ukraine.

As the correspondent UNIAN, about minister Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said to journalists after talks with Ukrainian Defense Minister Dmitry SALAMATIN in Moscow.

"Russia supports the establishment of a common security space with Ukraine. To do this, we have a good potential in both the military and military-technical sphere ", — said ANATOLY SERDYUKOV.

He also said that he has informed the Minister of Defence Ukraine on the Russian position on the emergence of European component of the U.S. missile defense system.

"We want to continue to work

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Because of the earths axis shift Ukraine threatens earthquake at any time

The earthquake in Japan, which led to a shift in the Earth's axis by about 10 centimeters, will increase the number of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, climate change, to darken the atmosphere and reduce the solar heat. This forecast was made seismologists.

As for Kiev, the capital of the only seymostantsiya located in the basement to sensitive equipment from responding to car travel. The most likely of all that I can fix this — it pushes from Romania, from the so-called zone of Vrancea. They can reach up to Kiev: shocks can reach 5-6. And those who are on the

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Our homeland has paid for the thread

Ministry Defense of Russian Federation Ministry of Defense paid off Ukraine for introduction landfill landing systems "Thread", located in the Crimea.

For the first time since 2006, the payment was made by means of foreign exchange, transfers Department of Press and Media Relations Ministry of Defence Ukraine.

On the implementation of the Agreement between the Governments of Ukraine and the Russian Federation on the use of the landfill, "Thread", signed on February 7, 1997 in Kiev, and the Protocol of the mutual agreement of the actual price of services (duties) between the Ukrainian and Russian sides of the use

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Our home offers Ukraine a 10% discount on gas

Russian municipal company "Gazprom" can provide Ukraine with a 10-percent discount on fuel. On this, citing anonymous sources, February 20 wrote several books at once.

So, for example, "Moscow announcements" note that if "Naftogaz" opts for a discount, then Ukraine will receive fuel from 375 dollars for 1 thousand cubic meters, in other words, at a cost included in the budget of "Gazprom" for the current year.

In turn, the newspaper "Kommersant-Ukraine" reported that "Gazprom"Could make such concessions, demanding guarantees for all that foreclosures in 2012 33 billion. Cubic meters of fuel. Earlier Ukraine have stated that they want to

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Our home can prevent Ukraine

Despite the fact that Kazakhstan is davneshnim partner of Ukraine in the military-technical cooperation, at the moment the situation is changing, and specifically Our homeland with Israel and the Republic of South Africa can become a major contender in Kiev in the Kazakh market weapons.

Managing the military programs of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Sergei Zgurets said that Ukraine will soon supplied in Kazakhstan aeronautical engineering, air defense missile systems S-300 armored personnel carriers, which are relatively competitive prices from the standpoint of Ukrainian products.

"Specifically, armored vehicles, radar — there is a specific competitive

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Our homeland and Ukraine reunion inevitably

Need to see that outspoken enemies of Russia and the Russian people from time to time they say things that are not understood by many people in today's RF and in Ukraine. For example, Zbigniew Brzezinski first 1990 said subsequent "can not be stressed enough that without Ukraine Our homeland is no longer an empire, but with Ukraine … Our homeland automatically becomes an empire." And two years back, he spoke on the same topic: "If Ukraine does not hold out, our homeland again reincarnated into an empire."

Curiously, Brzezinski repeated almost word famous unifier of the German Empire

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