Kiev wants to put pressure on the gas

Almost lost the chance of getting yourself gas on applicable prices, the Ukrainian authorities now try to conclude a contract with the official Moscow on how to make our home made a transit of gas from Turkmenistan. Ukrainian bureaucrats now believe that our homeland has the obligation to make a member of the CIS relating to the establishment of trade relations between the countries of the Commonwealth partners. Such statements from the lips of Ukrainian politicians look pretty amazing, especially when you take into account the fact that Ukraine itself until now walks around and around the ratification of the

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Kiev still launch program from the construction of the project 58250 corvettes?

Ukrainian Navy until 2021 will have four new ship class "corvette". This, according to ITAR-TASS, said Defense Minister Mikhail Yezhel. According to the Minister of Defence, the total amount of funding programs from the construction of the ships will be 16.22 billion hryvnia (2.04 billion dollars). According to the plans of Kiev, the head corvette series will be built in 2016 at the Nikolayev shipyard Black Sea.

The concept of a motivated defense programs from building ships of class "corvette"Ukrainian government approved March 9, 2011. Document involves construction of 4 ships of project 58250. Slandered concept creation 10

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Kiev in response to the gas ultimatum Moscow responded military exercises

Now on the eve of the beginning of the heating season and Ukraine Our homeland once again found themselves on the brink of war — the "gas." As surprising as it may sound, but these have become classic confrontation with the approach of cold weather, but if all the above issues were resolved diplomatically in the negotiations (but now for some similar talks last prime minister Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko behind bars would be possible), then today's confrontation in Kiev decided to answer a demonstration of military might. It happened immediately after the Crimea in the 1st step of the

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On warm days of spring Ukraine (video)

This spring will come to Ukraine at the end of this week. Weather forecasters promise warming up to 12 degrees this Saturday.

As reported, and in the western regions of Ukraine — even up to 15 Celsius.

The heat will last about a week in Ukraine and provoke intensive melting of snow. Although no large-scale floods in Kiev or in areas not expected to be minor flooding of the rivers Danube and Pripyat and Western Bug and the Seversky Donets.

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Red rains occurred in western Ukraine


Colored rains occurred in the Carpathian region. The reason for this was the sandstorm, which was brought by a cyclone from Africa

It is reported by the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies. According to the agency, cars and residents Uzhgorod Uzhgorod district, Transcarpathian region on May 30 in the morning covered with patches of reddish color.

Among the population there were rumors that the neighboring Slovakia something exploded or emissions occurred at the aluminum plant, or the accident occurred in warehouses with dangerous munitions.

"In connection with

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Scientists believe that the frequent downpours in Ukraine triggered Earths core


Scientists suggest that the core of the Earth warms from the inside, and the heat is a flood rises to the surface, so the heat, frequent showers, storms and hail will be no abnormality, and the usual climate pattern.

With increasing temperature, the periods of rainfall will become more persistent. "One of the characteristics of global warming is increasing the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events" — explained climate scientist Olga Pahalyuk.

Over the Volga steppes zone has formed a strong heat. A cool air moves from Europe and the Atlantic,

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Crimea will soon turn into Atlantis


By 2050, has long been a favorite with many tourists Crimean coast will … under the waves of the Black Sea. These forecasts are vying make pundits who study climate changes, as well as astrologers and foreign economists. The reasons for the terrible disasters in their assumptions must be global warming and greenhouse gases. This year, Ukraine, almost as much as Russia, suffering from the heat wave. So the scientists of the neighboring country was seriously concerned about the problems of global warming and greenhouse gases, destroying the ecosystem of the planet. Some

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As Ukraine nuclear warheads believed

The history of nuclear weapons under consideration adventure begins with the voluntary refusal of Ukraine of nuclear weapons in the 90's. Then the move of the young independent state called the real satisfaction of all the Western countries, especially the NATO countries were happy. Newspaper headlines about the formation of a new democratic country, and made a step justified this zeal. But the real reasons for the denial of nuclear weapons know very small circle of people. The financial assistance provided by Western countries to Ukraine in all young, we were not recognizable forms, and severe pressure on Kiev —

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Massive earthquake in Romania will be felt in Ukraine and Moldova

Yesterday, in Romania there was a strong earthquake measuring 5.7 points with the epicenter in Vrancea mountain range in the southern part of the Eastern Carpathians.

The earthquake was also felt in the territory of Ukraine and Moldova. And, although seismologists said tremors were only in western Ukraine, at night they were felt even in Kiev, according to witnesses.

Fortunately severe damage and no casualties, as the epicenter was far in Vrancea Mountains in bending Srednekarpatskogo ridge at a depth of 140 km.

At the same time George Mermuryanu, director of the Romanian Institute of Earth Physics, noted that

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More than 160 settlements in Ukraine powered down due to bad weather

Rain and strong winds have left without electricity 166 settlements in the five regions of Ukraine on the night of Friday, the press service of Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"On the night of June 24 as a result of adverse weather conditions (rain, strong gusts of wind) worked protection of power lines, causing blackout occurred 166 communities in five areas," — said in a statement. In particular, in the Vinnytsia region energized 81 locality in Khmelnitsky — 46, Kiev — 22, Ternopil — nine, Chernivtsi — eight. To restore the power of settlements brought brigade power companies.

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