The population of Ukraine reduced

The population of Ukraine is reduced. Photo:

KIEV, February 18. At the end of 2012 the Ukrainian population was 45,550,000 people, or 80,600 fewer than a year earlier, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

The population of cities in Ukraine remained almost unchanged — downsizing had on the rural population, which for the year amounted to 14 million 174.4 thousand people. Only in the last year were born in Ukraine 520.7 thousand, 663.1 thousand people died, the natural population loss was 142.4 thousand. At the same time, last year, net migration was recorded in the

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Ukrainian sociologists about the campaign TNS

Society Exit poll (a poll of voters leaving the polling stations) on December 19 in Belarus will conduct a sociological Ukrainian company TNS Ukraine. Commissioned a study Belarusian ONT.If other organizations that also received a license to conduct exit polls — analytical center "Ekoom" National Union of Public Association "Belarusian Committee of Youth Organizations", more or less well-known in Belarus, the Ukrainian center of much less is known. We went to the famous Ukrainian sociologists, to tell about colleagues from TNS Ukraine.

Vladimir Paniotov

Vladimir Paniotov, president of the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, Professor, Department of Sociology Kiev-Mohyla

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Caddis fly-embroidery

Rare local holiday or festival in Rivne region Ukraine stoneflies do without: that there is a great team at the City Palace of Youth with the 1983rd year. They are also one of the few who still remembers and is able to spend a longtime Polissya rite — keeping Scrub at Trinity or Green party. This ancient Slavic pagan actions, which came to our times and now it is done only in a single village in Ukraine — Svaritsevichah. However, spring has already met him and Peresopnitsu.

Bush choose and decorate the most beautiful girl in the village. She

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Ukraine does not move to barter with Belarus

Society Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov sees no reason to go to calculations by barter from Belarus. On this he declared to journalists on May 30 in Kiev.

According to Azarov, the foreign currency reserves of Belarus sufficient to meet obligations to foreign contacts — RIA "Novosti".

In this case, Azarov said that Ukraine will certainly sympathize with "brotherly Belarus." "If we are some kind of help will be needed, we will certainly provide such assistance," — said the head of the Ukrainian government.

On the eve of some Ukrainian media reported that Belarus wants to go to barter

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West will face the Russian Federation from the territory of Ukraine?

U.S. and NATO are pushing Yanukovych to place on the territory of Ukraine of certain parts of the European missile defense

The longer, the more obvious it becomes to Ukraine of the Russian Federation "pike in the pond," appropriate in order to "fish awake." No other country in the CIS as such does not go with her to any comparison. And recent announcements again cry out that we were nervous about the bilateral Ukrainian-Russian relations have a lot.

Viktor Yanukovych has for a long time before his presidency in Ukraine has been stylishly oppose his namesake Yushchenko and other reckless

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Bookmark armored Gyurza M for the Ukrainian Navy

October 25, 2012 at the "Plant" Lenin's smithy "in Kiev accomplished 2-laying of the first created for the Ukrainian Navy small armored gunboats Project 58155 (" Gyurza-M "). Boats planned to be applied to solve problems in the Danube River Basin and in the coastal zone of the Dark Sea and Azov Seas. According disk imaging press service of the Ministry of Defence, 2017 will be built for the Navy Ukraine nine types of boats "Viper-M. "But during the ceremony of laying the first 2-units on October 25, the first deputy minister of defense Ukraine Alexander Oleinik said that

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In Ukraine, resorts screened for cholera


In Ukraine, all of Azov and the Black Sea coast are examined for the presence of cholera. This gave an indication Health Minister Alexander Anishchenko.

As reported, sanepidemstantsii should check river and sea water as well as fish.

Recall that in Mariupol hospitalized with cholera four. Anishchenko personally visited them in the hospital.

According to the minister, the situation with the spread of the disease under control in Mariupol. According to preliminary data, the source of human infection was caught fish in the sea.

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Russia and Ukraine sweeps snow

After snow storms in early December, Russia and Ukraine have a short break, and snowfall resumed with even greater force. History with a record-long traffic jams on the roads and accidents in Moscow after many hours of night snow again repeated. As the administration claims, very little is left to paralyze the movement of capital.

Due to heavy snowfall canceled flight state aircraft from Vnukovo Airport. Every 15 minutes, airport officials closed the runway for cleaning and processing rainfall antifreeze, which certainly had an impact on the schedule and aviavyletov touchdowns. In the Tver region, where previously congested from

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In the Carpathians, bears cure for stress

In Ukraine, opened a rehabilitation center for the Bears, who were ill-treated. These bears will take away from the owners, and to send to restore health to the Carpathians.

According to news channel 24, in the National Park "Synevir" for 2.4 million hryvnia arranged the 14 hectares of land, this created a natural habitat for brown bears.

Bear Resort is designed for 30 animals, but if necessary it can be expanded. Here will bring animals from all over Ukraine. And take care of them are European volunteers. Twenty-trained staff will teach clumsy not live in cages, and

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Does Ukraine have a future in the export of weapons

Selling guns is not only profitable for exporting countries. Arms-producing countries to solve their puzzles strengthen the defense and, of course, have the opportunity to lead a political agenda at the global level.

At the conclusion of professionals, military leader among exporters are the United States of America. U.S. arms sale in 2010 amounted to 31.6 billion. U.S. second place is our home — 10 billion dollars, then Germany, France, England.

On market arms stubbornly breaks China, which offers for sale yet finalized the standards of Russian military equipment.

The same method is Ukrainian arms exports. After the

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