Cold in Ukraine has already killed 12 people

With the onset of cold weather in Ukraine from hypothermia killed 12 people, eight of which were frozen in the street. Last day of hypothermia 5 people died.

As the channel 24 news with reference to Ministry of Emergency Situations, 27-29 January 339 people applied to hospitals with hypothermia and frostbite. Of these, 285 people were hospitalized.

As of Sunday morning, in Ukraine there are 1442 points heating.

During the day, 5700 people contacted items for warmth and food for the entire period of work — more than 8000 people.

Subzero temperature in Ukraine will last

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Ukraine suffers from heavy snow

Ukraine captive snowy weather. Three dozen localities of the country is still without electricity.

As reported referring to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the most affected due to snowfall Odessa and Zaporozhye region. The last even stopped work more than forty schools.

In Kiev three days of snow fell as much as sometimes happens, and for the winter.

Pain in the head of Ukraine or the issue of Russian gas

Tense affairs of Ukraine and Russia in the gas sector is heating up more. If question of the gas contract for Russia is super-profits, transit capacities and strengthening of geopolitical influence, for Ukraine it is a matter of economic survival of the country and preservation of its sovereignty.

Continuation of the gas dispute and the prospects of Ukraine's accession to the Customs Alliance

The main directions of the relations between Russia and Ukraine related to the gas dispute and Ukraine's accession to the Customs alliance. The latest agreement on the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine signed in 2009

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Ukraine has declared a storm warning

Weather Center warns of worsening weather conditions in Ukraine, February 11-15.

As reported in the weather, due to the movement of the cyclone from southern Scandinavia expected worsening of weather conditions: February 11, in the west, during February 12-13, the country is expected to snow and sleet, snow storms, wind gusts 15-22 m / s, Carpathian highlands and mountains of Crimea 25-30 m / s, in the afternoon on February 12 in the Crimea and Azov places heavy precipitation. February 13 is expected to decrease in the temperature of 5-10 degrees, 14-15 February, will continue further cooling by night to

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Where vyplyvet Submarine Kiev?

In late May Ukrainian diesel-electric submarine boat "Kiev" — the only one in the Ukrainian Navy — commits a full range of tests and must finally become a real combat unit of the Ukrainian fleet.

How to remember a little earlier, in late April of this year, "Kiev" for the first time after many years of repair out to sea and was running tests in the course of which has been tested performance powerplant in different modes and other equipment. This report caused a stir: still, PL "Kiev" in the last decade has become a topic of endless jokes

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Arrears of wages

In Ukraine Gosfininspektsiey were checked all the local budgets, and in most regions of Ukraine were fixed amount of arrears in payments to the chairman zarplaty.Po Gosfininspektsii Petro Andreyev, arrears of wages to state employees, which are financed by local budgets, in early December of this year was More than one billion three hundred million hryvnia.

The bulk of officials can be dismissed because of arrears of wages to employees of public institutions, and President Viktor Yanukovych, in turn, raised the question of the "edge" of all kinds of non-payment of arrears to the chairman zarplaty.Po Gosfininspektsii Petro Andreyev,

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Galichanskie crusaders against Ukraine

In the state should not be "ruling the regions"

And the people who shot at our fathers,Making plans for our children.Boris Grebenshikov

Role Galicia, went down in the Composition of the Ukrainian SSR only in 1939 and earlier — from the end of the fourteenth century detached from ethnogenesis, historical and cultural development of the Ukrainian nation in modern Ukraine completely absurd. On the one hand — this is the most depressed region, which could not have survived without constant subsidies from the state budget, which consists in the main of deductions industrialized south-eastern provinces. Most of the

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Ukraines choice — is clear

Retiring in 2011 clearly showed the absurdity of Ukrainian rushing between the EU and Russia. Ukrainian authorities will have to make their own final decision, and if you take into account all the known problems faced by Europe in the near future and that call into question the very existence of the European Union in its today's form, that this choice will inevitably be made in favor of RF, wishes of the Ukrainian segodnyaschy power or not. The question is only when the Ukrainian rulers resigned to officially recognize the failure of their own European aspirations of Ukraine and return

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Frost and snow came to Ukraine briefly

The snow and cold weather in Ukraine will be held until January 19. Daytime temperatures will remain constant — to minus 10 degrees. But at night will be colder.

It is reported by news channel 24 with reference to the weather meteorologist Ukraine.

"Almost the entire territory of Ukraine, will depend on the clarifications — where they are — will be cold anymore. Probability large clearings in the West — it can be 12 below zero. A January 18-19 — 18 degrees below zero," — said forecaster Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Irina Hvatik.

In Kiev and the region

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Military Russia and Ukraine are taking up the brain?

During the meeting of the Ministers of Defence and Ukraine Vladivostok policy statements have been made regarding the development of the armed forces 2-eastern Slavic countries.

Anatoly Serdyukov told reporters that Moscow and Kiev want to sign a new agreement on the Black Sea Fleet rearmament, without which the unreal to the modernization of the Black Sea Fleet stationed in Sevastopol.

The main directions of the planned military cooperation:

— Moscow and Kiev wants to agree on joint use of ground test training complex aircraft (Thread) located on the Crimean airport Saki which designed for practicing takeoffs and landing on

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