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From this room the appearance of our publication changed: in a magazine format, it has become more compact, beautiful and easy to use.

But in fact everything remains the same.

We will acquaint you with the ideas and developments of leading specialists in the field of early childhood education and the experience of your fellow practitioners, to discuss topical issues of education and to develop tactics of behavior in complex situations.

Today’s education is experiencing a chaotic period. Teachers live a difficult life. The difficulty is not just forced overwork and give rise to

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Poland: Ministry of Finance to negotiate with the customs will last

"Protest customs lasts" — told reporters Yvonne Foltov with Customs Chamber in Kraków. According to her, the country’s information ministry money that the understanding reached with the unions customs, does not correspond to reality.Customs officers achieve wage growth by about $ 600, while authorities offer only two hundredth But it’s not all the requirements."Fact, we also demand configuration Customs legislation, because it is very poorly protects customs especially in cases of arrest or detention. In such a situation we are not allowed to defend themselves, we lose jobs machine "- says one of the participants of the strike customs.On Saturday,

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Slavic Vedic tradition. Carb vedanya Radin

A series of lectures in an accessible form reveals understanding Pocono Rod God, the primordial wisdom of Vedic Aryan birth. Carbo vedanya are the basis and essence of Slavic descent outlook. They reveal major, vital laws of the divine world and the human world, the rules of spiritual growth and understanding of the world from the point of view of Orthodox Rodnoverie (conservatives). Lecture is Yarovit Pozdnyakov. This lecture interprets the 2nd carb Essence thirds — Carb vedanya zeal.

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Logical Russian army. By brutal Russian tanks

One of the main problems of connectedness of society — in the formation of "islands of mutual consent", securely isolated from the great reality. In fact, some big lie has long long been killed by critics and rotted, and on the islands — which are not allowed critics — it lives for themselves and sometimes again and again splashed out on the people outside.

A textbook example — a traitor and an enemy propagandist V.B.Rezun. In fact, its large main memes (Stalin became the father of Hitler, Stalin poruha going to Europe, Stalin was preparing a brutal flying tanks)

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Mechanisms of sex watch online

Mentor programm "Mechanisms of sex"Invites you to a discussion on a very intimate topics — sex, attractiveness, emotions, love. Viewers will find out about the physiological, neurological and psychological configurations that occur during sex, and computer graphics help to more clearly present all of this and realize that. You will receive a severe scientific information through the prism of exciting and real-life stories. In each of these people share their personal stories and experiences. Acquainting us with the manifestations of sexuality from the first to experience the sexy sex with numerous partners and many harsh relations, this program allows

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Cell, or what is life / Cell. The Hidden Kingdom

December 20, 2011 2:50

Let's see which of chemicals is the average person. Take 18 kg of carbon, a small canister of nitrogen, 50 liters of water, phosphorus of 50,000 matches, a small iron nail, and about 20 elements. And put on a human scale and the collected items. Chemically, two scales are equal, but biologically they are quite different. In man, these substances are organized into cells that give life. 60 000 000 000 000 tiny, incredibly complex structures represent the body. Simply put, we are the cells.

When we breathe, move, think — all these

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Meeting with PhD, writer, researcher, Church Slavonic, a prominent figure in the Russian national revival Leonidovna Tatiana Mironova, in the studio "Slavophil."

We will study the Old Russian language, and, in comparison with him, drevleslovensky. Otherwise, plunging into the elements drevleslovenskogo without relying on the old-we pretty much just do not understand or misunderstand. The emphasis will be on imparting the rudiments of creative thinking, not on phonetics and morphology, both in academic textbooks on Old Church Slavonic language. Why is that? Phonetic interpretation of the ancient drop caps does not give access to the understanding of

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The phenomenon of the transition to the other world

Scientists have come to God through the painful search for the truth. Those who lived through the experience of death, trust once, simultaneously. They are an amazing transformation. In some cases, they develop intuitive abilities that are beyond "normal" mentality.

But this does not mean that these people are mentally fulfilling. On the contrary, Dr. Patrick Dyuavrin (France), who studies "the phenomenon of transition," says that the psychological balance to individuals traveling "out there" above average. That in some way these people are more normal than others.

They disappeared many diseases and psychiatric conditions have been observed before. They

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