Belarusian and Russian meteorologists create a unified system of hydrometeorological

Belarusian and Russian meteorologists discuss the process of creating a single hydro-meteorological system. This question will be the main theme of the anniversary of the 50th meeting of the joint board of the Union State Committee for Hydrometeorology and Monitoring of Environmental Pollution, which takes place on January 20 in Moscow.

The meeting will also consider a proposal in 2012 to continue the program of joint activities in the framework of the Union State in the field of hydrometeorology and monitoring of environmental pollution. Its goal — to improve the quality of meteorological support and better use of data

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The strategy of the Russian Federation ( USA)

The collapse of the Russian Union in 1991, sent a process that came with the advent of Russian Empire in the 17th century. His task was to incorporate four key elements: Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Siberia. The axis of the St. Petersburg-Moscow had its nucleus, and our homeland, Belarus and Ukraine were the center of gravity. The borders were always busy, mostly expanding, but at times reduced when international situation worsened. They have gained greater expansion in the period from 1945 to 1989, when bowed central Germany, dominating the countries liberated during the second world war.

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Two sessions and a last chance

Society It smelled burnt. Our journey with Pazniak in a basement of the Central Committee of the PBC could be compared with the journey to hell — if we assume that the devils bonfires of decisions and resolutions of Lucifer. We were told that in the days of August 1991, there were burned tons of paper (even hired three firemen). But just do not have time to kill.

The first sheet that I picked up from the floor (Pozniak and now speaks of incredible coincidence) — had a plan that called for the creation of the Communists "alternative People's

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Slonim united opposition

Society At the initiative of the local branch of the BPF in Slonim formed the United Democratic Forces.

In the coalition includes members of the Belarusian Popular Front, BCD, BSDG "Tell the truth"" For Freedom ", TBM, activists of the movement of entrepreneurs and members of the Free Trade Union.

The purpose of association Slonim activists see the protection of the sovereignty of Belarus, the country's democratization, national revival, and to protect the social gains of the population.

Also established coordination Parliament, composed of one representative of each structure. The negotiations on accession to the joint work of the

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The capital of the Eurasian Union should be the Astana Nazarbayev response to Putin

The President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, right up to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin delivered a keynote article on the Eurasian Union in the pages of Kazakhstan "News" — the correspondent of IA REGNUM. In the article he talks about the prospects of economic integration and describe all the legends around the pool. A REGNUM presents you a hundred percent this publication.

Eurasian alliance: FROM IDEA TO HISTORY Coming

Just a few weeks separate us from the 2-significant events symbolically side by side in the political calendar.

In 1-x, is the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Almaty Declaration of

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Tests of the new rocket Soyuz began in Samara

Testing a new light rocket "Soyuz 2-1B" began in Samara, first start the machine and began flight tests are planned for 2012.

Establish a rocket engine, which developed the legendary designer Nikolai Kuznetsov to fly to the moon 40 years ago. The upgraded engine will launch the latest Russian missile easy class. "Modern spacecraft are becoming smarter and smaller satellites and launch heavy missiles are unprofitable. Here in handy easy "Union". The first start and the start of flight testing — as early as next year. "He has to withstand everything, all the load. The sensors must show

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USSR. The country that was stolen from us

Exactly 90 years ago ended the period of fratricidal strife, and on the ground destroyed Russian Empire emerged USSR.

Slightly Othmer time this fellow — born in December 1922, he died in agony in December 1991 — less than seventy years! The Soviet Union gave the world almost everything: TV, web (many believe that he was created in America) — no, it is not. More precisely, almost so — its creators are our scientists. Flying in space is also the first time we met. A country that was saved the world from fascism, the price of almost 30 million

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The USSR was the beginning of harmonizing on the planet

The death of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact dramatically destabilize the planet. According to the views of the majority of the people of Russia (according to research polls) that does not take into account the power reined in, our country lost on the dissolution of the Warsaw Treaty Organization (WTO), and life in that period was safer. In addition, half of the population believes that Russia must make a new international military-political bloc (such as NATO or the Warsaw Pact). Indeed, if there will come a time when the people of the world will become real adekvatnomyslyaschimi

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Eurasian alliance of free Republics

While a united Europe is bursting at the seams and trying to divide the funds in the week came the event that on the other as a historical and not name. In Moscow, the Russian Federation met favorites, Kazakhstan and Belarus to initiate the creation of the Eurasian Union. The new socio-economic union will work with 2012.

Medvedev, Lukashenko and Nazarbayev signed the documents, which opens the way to new monetary, trade and socio-cultural realities on the ground of the former Soviet Union. As explained to the presidents of 3 countries, Eurasian Alliance — a new education on the

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Alliance troopers joined the battle for Khimki Forest

Alliance Paratroopers of the Russian Federation intends to continue the campaign that led Khimki ecologist Konstantin Fetisov, mercilessly beaten by unknown on November 4, and will hold a protest against the landfill in the Left Bank town of Khimki, will also participate in the campaign to protect the Khimki forest, said a representative of the Union of the Russian Federation Nikolai Hrynenko paratroopers.

"What happened with Fetisov — a challenge for all of us, and therefore in principle to show that we will not be intimidated. We will pursue justice and the elimination of illegal landfills, will also participate in

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