While the Royal

Australian Air

Force may have only had five squadrons equipped with Beaufighters in the Pacific Theatre, they punched well above their weight. Crews had three years of intensive low-level operations over land and sea, hitting the enemy hard; but often at the cost of men and aircraft lost. Combat in the Pacific was a war of grinding attrition.

The two most active RAAF Beaufighter units were 30 and 31 Squadrons, both of which were war-raised. No.30 was formed at Richmond, New South Wales, on March 9, 1942 and five months later 31 was created at Wagga Wagga, NSW.

No.30 remained

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White Light



Road manager Rey Lañada’s pad is the corner unit in the uppermost floor of his condo, which conveniently affords him a generous helping of ambient light. Not only does Rey’s unit appear very airy, but he is also able to save on electricity bills because he doesn’t need to turn on electric lights that often.

The beige sofa from Dimensione is his two dogs’ favorite hangout. Rey says that he rarely receives visitors. The gnarled milktree plant, the bold-red accent chair, feathered lamp

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Royal Malaysian Police Air Unit

The air unit of the Royal Malaysian Police is tasked with the battle to combat smuggling and piracy as well as illegal immigration and fishing – all in addition to law enforcement. A report by Suresh Abraham.

THE AIR UNIT of the Royal Malaysian Police (Unit Udara Polis — UUP) was created in 1978 to combat smuggling, illegal immigration, piracy, and illegal fishing which includes the practice of ‘fish bombing’.

Initially, it was mainly concerned with patrolling the 12nm (22km) stretch of Malaysian Territorial Waters. It has since expanded its activities and its primary mission now takes in aerial patrol

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Maggie Wonderland

A spacious loft is transformed into a feminine, woodsy fantasyland, complete with furry and feathery companions.

While Maggie hasn’t completely finished decorating her unit, she is happy with the results of her little renovation project

It takes a big leap of faith to invest in property for the first time, but K-Zone and Good Dog magazine editor Maggie Adan had a bit of luck when she finally bit the bullet and signed the deed of sale for her condo unit. «When I looked into this property at its pre-selling stage, 1 really liked the location, and the plans for the

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Manufacture of aircraft and their components in Czechoslovakia more than 906-year history. It received the greatest development in the fifties and the subsequent decades of the last century. Most of all, developed the production of gliders, sports aircraft of training planes and planes for small aircraft. In the creation of these aircraft have been significant advances 6 both in terms of technical level of production, since the volume of its production. Aviation Industry of the Czech Republic full-fledged heir and successor of glorious traditions.

Located in the Czech Republic plants "Yugostroy" Traditional manufacturers of units and fuel systems of aircraft


Facing the Future Pari 2

CHANGING PRIORITIES have required the South African Air Force (SAAF — or Suid-Afrikaanse lugmaa — SALM) to re orientate and to scale down, in the light of new needs and strengths. The successfully prosecuted war in Namibia proved beyond doubt to the SAAF the value of its helicopter force. While the SAAF has reduced its rotary wing inventory to two types, the ‘new’ SAAF will rely heavily on helicopters for a wide variety of support tasks, essential to the need for rapid — and varied — response.

Helitopler Forte

With the withdrawal of the Frelons and Wasps, the SAAF now

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Defenders of the Mountain Fronts.

One of the most prominent units of the Italian Regio Esercito that fought in the First World War was 71 Squadriglia Caccia, which was assigned to uninterrupted frontline service from the moment of its constitution in 1916 until the termination of hostilities. In the first of two parts LUIGINO CALIARO tells its story.

Among the units of the Regio Esercito that fought in the First World War, one of the most prominent was without doubt the 71 Squadriglia Caccia, a unit which was assigned to uninterrupted frontline service from the moment of its constitution in 1916, operating almost exclusively on

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Colonel Russ Walz

AFM’s Mark Ay ton spoke to Colonel Russ Walz, Operations Group Commander, 114tli Fighter Wing, South Dakota ANG, about his unit’s current role and operations.

THE 114TH Fighter Wing is the only flying unit within the South Dakota Air National Guard, based at Joe Foss Field, outside Sioux Falls in South Dakota.

As a unit, the 114th has operated fighter aircraft since it was founded in 1946. The wing’s current type is the Block 30 F-16C/D, which it converted onto from the A-7D in 1992. The 114th FW continues to fly the same F-16s originally delivered 12 years ago: it

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Gas welding apparatus for brazing

Most of the details in their designs hams joined by soldering. Soldering tin-lead solders (PIC) provides good electrical connection, but does not provide a high mechanical strength.

The article offers a simple design of gas-welding machine. Served basis aluminum 5-liter can, which was built from the gas generator. Instead of the lid is inserted rubber stopper, 40 mm thick, which is fixed in the center of the electrode made of stainless steel with a diameter of 30 … 50 mm (in the upper part of the groove is made and threaded M16). The electrode was recorded in traffic using

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Back in Britain

Those were the days — the Air Fete at RAF Mildenhall still in its pomp, and a more-than-usually spirited display expected from the host unit. For years this had fallen to the 10th Airborne Command and Control Squadron with its EC-l35Hs, but in 1992 it was all change. On 1 February that year, the 100th Air Refueling Wing was reestablished at the Suffolk base, initially to assume responsibility for the KC-135 Stratotankers deployed to support the European Tanker Task Force. However, there was also to be a new departure. The 100th ARW was to have its own permanently-based fleet of

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