Bush on Belarus, Captive Nations Week

The U.S. president said his administration did Defenders Fund Human Rights, which will provide financial assistance for the "legal protection and medical assistance dissident Democrats who have been arrested or beaten by repressive governments." In addition, the South American president said that U.S. doubled funding for democracy projects Worldwide."The expansion of freedom is the moral duty. U.S. shoulder to shoulder cooperating with the new democracies in Liberia, Mauritania, Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan — singled out George Bush. — Amerikosy believe that the flame of freedom burns in every human heart, and that the flame can not be extinguished by governments,

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At the summit of G8 — about global warming, spa and Kosovo

As a result of unrest in Rostock suffered least 1,000 people. Wounding more than 400 police officers, 125 rioters arrested. In protest took part about 20 thousand people. Such actions accompany all recent summits "G", it is possible that the continuation of the events in Rostock happen during today’s summit.But acute situation will not only meet around favorites advanced industrialized countries, and on the meeting itself. The main items on the agenda a day or — control of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, the South American missile defense system in Europe and the problem of Kosovo. Experts do not exclude

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Expert: U.S. goal — to create a permanent chaos from Morocco to Xinjiang

"I agree with the figurative definition of" revealed the whole region, "in tune with the" opened a Pandora's box. "Look at the processes in Central Asia only in the context of the region's pointless.


U.S. aim to rebuild the entire structure of government, not only in Central Asia but also in the world. The U.S. goal — to create a permanent chaos from Morocco to Xinjiang, to slow down the development of the rest of the world by means of destabilization and the subsequent struggle against terrorism in these countries to divert their resources

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Economic Facts USA

Economic Facts USA

1. Astounding 48% of all Americans are considered either "low income" or are living in poverty. 2. Approximately 57% of all children in the United States live in families that are considered to be either "low income" or poor. 3. If the number of Americans who "want to get a job," it would be the same today as in 2007, the "official" unemployment rate published by the U.S. government, would be reached to 11%. 4. The average amount of time a worker is unable to work in the United States now exceeds 40 weeks. 5. One

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The crusade against us

1. Liberalism — a totalitarian ideology

What is the dominant ideology of the modern West and its geo-political avant-garde — the United States of America? That is not an idle question. It directly affects all of us. Let's be honest: we lost the global geopolitical conflict. We are defeated. And so have to know precisely and — who is the host of the new conditions of global balance of power, what are the main features of his world, what he thinks about the world, history, the fate of humanity, ourselves? It is necessary for all — and the one

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American democracy: that behind the facade?

At the time, the events September 11, 2001 have been used by the U.S. government as a pretext cutting rights and liberties of American citizens. Immediately after the attacks has been adopted by the "Patriot Act» (Uniting and Strengthening America byProviding Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001), authorizing the National Security Agency to listen to all phone calls and secretly search private homes of U.S. citizens without court authorization. The administration of George W. Bush called the document "a key step in the fight against terrorism." This legislation was adopted October 26, 2001, that

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U.S.: chaos and disintegration?

I. 86% of disappointed

A number of studies conducted over the past few years proved that the Americans frustrated by the federal government. Center «Pew Research», which conducted the survey at the end of last year, concluded that 86 percent of Americans are either disappointed by the activities of the federal government, or even anger at those who sit in the White House.

Yes, it's just a poll, yes, one of many. But the number — 86 percent — makes you wonder. Not fifty percent, not thirty eight. Not fifteen. Eighty-six — this is, consider the almost total unanimity.


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Democracy in America today


Who has more rights to human rights?

One of the achievements of its propaganda and diplomatic machinery Washington believes that once, after a meeting in Helsinki in 1975, he managed to turn the so-called third basket of the outcome of the meeting (humanitarian) in the main. Decade after decade, the United States used the "third basket" as an important weapon of foreign policy influence. Tectonic upheavals produced in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union at the turn of the 80-90s. Of the twentieth century, Americans have convinced the effectiveness of their chosen instrument …

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The Lost Generation («Project Syndicate», USA)

NEW YORK — The economic success of a country depends on education, skills and health of its population. When her youth healthy and well-educated, you may find a lucrative job, earn respect and succeed in adapting to changes in the global labor market. Business invests more when it knows that its employees will be productive. But many societies around the world can not cope with the task of providing the basic elements of health and a decent education for every generation of children.

Why do so many countries can not cope with the task of providing adequate education? Some are

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Human rights — another banner of cultural genocide

Until now, the so-called "human rights" in countries belonging to the "golden billion" of humanity and form the core of the Euro-Atlantic civilization, their representatives have always categorically served under the guise of universal, that is, to put it mildly, not exactly.

Meanwhile, the generally accepted definition of the term "human rights", which became the Western world conceptual sacred cow, international law is absent. He's not in the national law of any of the states, and the content of his contradictory. Particularly acute this was felt by the international community after the events of September 11, 2001 in New

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