IDEX 97, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

An AFM report

IDEX IS NOW a well-established and respected international defence exhibition that grows in size and stature with every biennial show. Although it features land, sea and air defence products, interest at the third IDEX, held between March 16-20, centred on two of the most important air defence contracts to be fought for in the last years of the 20th century, both of which will be from the host country, the UAE.

The first is UAE’s $5 billion advanced fighter contract which Lockheed Martin was quietly confident of winning with its F-16 on the eve of the show.

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Convention & Happening


Garden City, NY

September 6-8, 2013

Anyone who has ever attended a convention hosted by Long Island ink entrepreneur, Tattoo Lou, will tell you that the man and his team pull out all the stops to make each event bigger and better than the previous show.

This year the United Ink show will be housed in the Cradle of Aviation Museum, offering attendees three floors of tattoos, freak shows, and all kinds of assorted mayhem.

Rows—long and large—of top artists from the States and around the world stretch the entire room; and walk-in clients and scheduled patrons build

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Expert: U.S. goal — to create a permanent chaos from Morocco to Xinjiang

"I agree with the figurative definition of" revealed the whole region, "in tune with the" opened a Pandora's box. "Look at the processes in Central Asia only in the context of the region's pointless.


U.S. aim to rebuild the entire structure of government, not only in Central Asia but also in the world. The U.S. goal — to create a permanent chaos from Morocco to Xinjiang, to slow down the development of the rest of the world by means of destabilization and the subsequent struggle against terrorism in these countries to divert their resources

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Economic Facts USA

Economic Facts USA

1. Astounding 48% of all Americans are considered either "low income" or are living in poverty. 2. Approximately 57% of all children in the United States live in families that are considered to be either "low income" or poor. 3. If the number of Americans who "want to get a job," it would be the same today as in 2007, the "official" unemployment rate published by the U.S. government, would be reached to 11%. 4. The average amount of time a worker is unable to work in the United States now exceeds 40 weeks. 5. One

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Black PR

On the Internet a document walks, born in inflammation of the brain proliberalnyh the media. Even without the document, and the mention of it with some excerpts. So, December 23, 2002, Mr. and Mrs. M. Glinkin O. Tropkina the pages of "independent" newspaper "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" showed to the world a sensation — a draft manifesto of the political party "United Russia". Now this "document" with varying frequency pops up on the pages of online publications of all kinds of opposition from poshiba Baranova and G. Kasparov, the self-appointed opposition to — Learn the active users and Twitter.

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Hospitalized public activist Sergei Obrazovsky

Sergei Obrazovsky told that last Saturday, April 26, was heading to Minsk for "Chernobyl Way-2008." Police initially watched him, and later tried to detain:"I spirited step toward the bus. In this time Police Major Bran clung to my jacket and raspolosovat it in half. In Ducor the road dug steel columns, their shape — shaped as letters "N". I sat down on the bar, grabbed his legs and arms because teaches wrestling grip. I say to them: "Have strength — pull with post". And they — two in police uniform, two more — in the form of GAI, two —

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Whether Russia will buy drones United 40?

In recent years, Russian Defense Ministry more than once appealed to zabugornye supplier of arms and military technology to provide one or the other type of products. A couple of times, this led to the signing of large contracts (eg construction of armored vehicles and Iveco LMV project Mistral), while in other cases, all ending with testing samples acquired (Italian Centauro armored vehicles and Freccia). On days of reports about the likely signing another contract to supply the limited edition art zabugornoy military use. According to RIA Novosti, citing an unnamed source in the defense industry, will soon acquire the

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Ukrainian-Arab ADCOM Systems UAV at MAKS-2013

Our blog isreportedof circulating information about the fact that the Russian Defense Ministry plans to buy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the party of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) United Block 40 version 5 of the development of the local ADCOM Systems (in fact, as can be seen gliders data sets, as well as other unmanned systems ADCOM Systems, developed with the active participation of specialists from the Kharkov Aviation Institute).…T/2011/AKTT611/Vartan.pdf 


An indirect confirmation of the possibility of the emergence of UAVs United 40 ADCOM Systems

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U.S. peace-loving Russian: Information War against Russia

For that year, the Western occult organizations are preparing to consciousness inhabitants of aggression against Russia. Australian Think Tank — "Institute for Economics and Peace" — released annual ranking of peacefulness.

According to it, Russia ranked 7th from the bottom — 147th. Such reports are no longer a rarity: in 2007, rated calm of Global Peace Index, prepared by analysts of his Economist Intelligence Unit, the Russian Federation from 121 countries took the "honorable" 118th, in the same group with Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Israel, Iran has even been called peace-loving Russia — 96th place.

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The crusade against us

1. Liberalism — a totalitarian ideology

What is the dominant ideology of the modern West and its geo-political avant-garde — the United States of America? That is not an idle question. It directly affects all of us. Let's be honest: we lost the global geopolitical conflict. We are defeated. And so have to know precisely and — who is the host of the new conditions of global balance of power, what are the main features of his world, what he thinks about the world, history, the fate of humanity, ourselves? It is necessary for all — and the one

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