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U.S. State Department: export of democracy

What is the U.S. State Department?

U.S. Department of State — a body of executive power of the Federal Government states that the functions of which are similar to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia. The State Department is headed by the Secretary, who is appointed by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

The head of the State Department actually is the fourth state in the face of his right fourth on the list to serve as President. The total guide to the President of the United States Department of State, as chief executive, to whom

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The increased number of earthquakes in the United States associated with the production of hydrocarbons

April 19. Increase in the number of earthquakes in the central United States may be associated, including the intensification of oil and gas. This was stated by a representative of the U.S. Geological Survey (US Geological Survey, USGS), William Ellsworth (William Ellsworth) seismologists at the conference in San Diego, reports Bloomberg.

It is a method of extraction ugledovodorodov — frekinge — where in shale rock injected a mixture of water and sand, along with chemicals. According to The Guardian, Ellsworth said that scientists have found no evidence of a direct link fracturing with earthquakes of magnitude 3. However, in some

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World domination or destruction? Why the U.S. has no choice

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17 facts about the U.S. auto industry

1. The average age of cars in the United States grew by more than 50% since 1990 and now set the historical record in 10.8 years. By the way, the average U.S. family home until the divorce is much less — only 8 years. Bright personality do not get along with each other, Cho is really there.

2. United States in 2010 produced 2.7 million Car — twice in less than Germany (5.5 million).

3. The average worker earns automotive industry in Germany $ 67.14 per hour in the U.S. — half as much — $ 33.77 per hour.


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American Gulag

You know what you do not say anything Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, taking part in the election debates? About the U.S. prison system. How else to explain to Americans, and along with the international community, why in the country's leader of democracy and freedom in the world, in places of detention are more than 6 million people, more than in the Soviet Union during the era of Stalin's purges? If all of these prisoners were housed in the same detention center in the United States would form a new city.

In America, there was the Gulag? One could

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Global warming is worse than terrorism




Change in the Earth's climate caused by global warming is a greater threat to humanity than international terrorism, said a leading scientific adviser to the UK Government, Sir David King.

In an interview published in the Journal of American Scientists, "Science", he stated that

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Russian steel bought the plant in the U.S.

United Metallurgical Company, the second largest pipe producer in Russia, has acquired TTS plant in Texas. This is stated in the official press release from UMC. For an undisclosed amount.

TTS produces a finish trim casing and the pump-compressor pipes (OCTG) in the amount of 150 tons per year. The Russian company plans to provide the plant with raw materials Casting and Rolling Complex in Vyksa.

According to the newspaper "Kommersant", OMC entered the U.S. market in 2005, but the plants in this country, she did not have: a company engaged exclusively in the supply pipes.

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Russian interplanetary rocket with a nuclear engine created in Skolkovo

Russian scientists have begun testing the various parts of the nuclear propulsion system, which will equip interplanetary probe and future spacecraft.

Russian nuclear missile created in Skolkovo. "Currently, we are testing various types of fuel, and then move on to the final assembly," — said Denis Kavalevich, a leading research group.

In 2010, Anatoly Perminov, the then president of the space agency "Roskosmos", confirmed the existence of the program, saying that the matter will expand cooperation with the United States. The list of countries that could be involved in this project, were also included China, Japan, Germany, France and the

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Romney passed the United States with giblets

These are now the presidential candidates from the Republican Party of the United States. From the very beginning of the election of the company, had a feeling that all of the Republican candidates, gathering some narrow-minded people. Anyway, let's remember some names. Former U.S. President Bush is a Republican. In the 2008 presidential race to Obama confronted McCain with Sarah Palin, Republicans, too, respectively. So tempted to ask, and that there is no one smarter? The answer could be: Clever sit in the shade and the strings of McCain pulled.

Note that in Russia it is saying Romney did not

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Racism and Nazism in the U.S. stormed to new heights …

Talking about the ideas of ethnic and religious intolerance, recently we increasingly pay attention either to the state of the Baltic republics with their division into those who are "up to the 40th" and "after the 40th" or the Arab East or Afghanistan where the radical Islamist currents are often placed very real extremist dictatorship.

Often, there are materials and on Russia, which provides information on the situation of xenophobia and religious intolerance in certain groups of the population. In this case, people who identify themselves as domestic "democratic" opposition, has been criticized ever

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