Magnitogorsk State Technical University

JSC «Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works»

Ключевые слова: автоматизированный электропривод, широкополосный стан горячей прокатки, автоматизированная система управления технологическим процессом, управление скоростными режимами, регулирование натяжения, улучшение энергетических характеристик, силовой трансформатор, техническое состояние, диагностирование.

The results of the joint research fulfilled by the scientists of Magnitogorsk state technical university and specialists of the JSC Magnitogorsk iron-and-steel works are represented. It is noted that cooperation of scientists of the greatest metallurgical enterprise and the institute of higher education leads to scientific knowledge exchange, introduction of new developments and improving of specialists training.

Key words: automatic electric drive, wide-strip hot mill, automatic control system

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As the result of a chance encounter with design students studying the impact of the olympics on the unique area of Hackney Wick, Colin Priest has organised their work in to an exposition to coincide with the London Festival of Architecture

The prospect of urban change and the everyday negotiation of regeneration can be uniquely witnessed in Hackney Wick right now. Cut off by the infrastructural margins of the A12, the Lea River and the Greenway path, the area has become a peripheral periphery, a working island nevertheless. Signifcant as an influential creative urban community on the edge of Olympic

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Simulator Manager

Gubkin an important role in improving the quality of training of students started playing on the basis of modern technologies scientific and technical complexes. One of them became the center of production and dispatch management regimes the oil and gas and oil and gas transporting systems implemented by Auvix.

For example, the development of the field Control Center contains several areas of training and professional stereoscopic equipment for use in GE mode, as well as specialized software simulation packages — both Russian and foreign geological and geophysical programs. Over the years, he is being tested, with the help of several

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NS Pospelov On the structure of the Faculty of Philology of the University and LANGUAGE TRAINING OF PERSONNEL IN RUSSIAN LINGUISTICS

Soviet linguistics, emancipation from the shackles of the «theory» of Marr, is intended, on the orders of Stalin, «to take first place in world linguistics.» Implementation of this ambitious task requires not only maximum creative effort on the part of the few cash cadres of Soviet linguists, and a strong inflow of new, fresh linguistic forces. To do this, first of all, the proper resolution of the issue of the most efficient and relevant methods of training staff on linguistic philological faculties of state universities and faculties of language and literature teacher training institutes. Resolution of this issue is

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Modernization of elevators in the Research Library at Brown University

Day and night, this building is full of the life of the students and teachers work, conduct meetings and discussions, conduct scientific research in the 16etazhnom building overlooking the other buildings college College Hill, Providence, Rhode Island.

The impressive building, and not like the brick body entwined with ivy, which are better associated with Brown University, it is one of the nerve centers of the prestigious campus. Welcome to the University Scientific Library, simply referred to as among their «Sailau». The library building is a training center Susan P. Friedman and Richard A. Friedman, where you can practice around

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Will be trained in Russia repressed Belarusian students?

S.Karaganav: "The initiative will become the all-Russian scale"Oh, so Karaganov explained to Radio Liberty essence own initiative:"We will try to find methods to allow students to continue their education in Russia. This, of course, true. And we expect to launch this idea on a national scale. But for this it is necessary that this idea became clear that she has received recognition in the Russian society. Because, of course, it must first decide heads of universities, deans, etc., in each individual case. Maybe there will be a government decision and but likely, this should be done at the level of

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How much is a college degree?

In This year greatest competition was in BSU on specialty "psychology" — 13 people in place, international affairs — more than 11 people. International affairs budget for 138 people gathered on the paid department — 415. At the Faculty of Humanities, where specialization — are popular at the moment psychology, design — on budget and recruited 50 people on paid department — four fourth in this year’s budget amount was reduced to 700 seats, while the Education Act in black and snow-white says "forbidden reduce the number of budget places due to the growth of paid places. "Higher education becomes

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Global education: race race

With Sotk best universities of the world 50 — South AmericanThe top three rankings should be called completely. Are institutions that have long been listed as the most best Harvard (USA), Kembryzhski and Oxford (England). In the first hundred of the best universities in the world got about 50 American institutions. So makarom, U.S. as before remain undisputed favorite in the field of higher education.But at this point in the rating hit and representatives of States which were not seen in similar lists, such as Malaysia, newcomer Zealand — only 500 best universities in the world represent 50 states. Belarus

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In Grodno Institute called the police

But were prevented activist campaign "Save the Grodno from destruction," Ales Zalewski. He said that the door was also researcher of historical and archaeological museum Vashkevich.Ales Andrew Zalewski told us that the police patrol arrived Institute.

Night Siege — May 17

The forums portal discussions are about that, "according to the decision of the Ministry of Education Republic of Belarus from 1 September 2007 in all universities of Belarus excluded programs such thing as "WhiteRussian language. Prof. vocabulary. "Comments: "All the teachers involved to cut, silent";"The study of proteins. language in universities virtually allalways been formal. I mean nelingvistychnyya spetsyyalnastsi.Tamu worse just will not ";"Not counting the protein. Language quietly discarded religion, ethics, aesthetics … Well, you need to reduce the number of teachers (well, no funds from the country)";Blogger ant1killer offers to fight the abolition of benefits to students

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