Poll: Were you at the reception of mammalogy?

Listen:Lady: "Since vserasprostranennaya a disease, then you need to be checked. At least go to the gynecologist. It will have a look and will say, you need to go to mammalogy. Especially since, and devices that have them there for this. "Lady: "Well, not yet … Is age after 40?"Lady: "At one point I was. On his own work, I need to pass doctors sanknizhki. Sent me from the 24th to the hospital mammalogy. She looked and said that nothing terrible Tipo not, but need to be checked. I do not strolled . "Lady: "There was a time when I

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Authorities want the airbag

Recall that amount, the official Minsk asks IMF for the creation of "safety cushion" in the criteria of the financial crisis.The fate of the IMF loan for Belarus will be known in the subsequent week. While unchanged IMF consulate in Minsk do not fall mission estimates of the International monetary Fund regarding the economic situation in kraine.Perad talks on the loan, and the mission began its work in Minsk on October 27 in the leadership of the IMF said that the global crisis had a negative impact on the economy of Belarus on access to external financing. At the same

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EU sanctions have become a reality

In the estimates of losses to Belarus after the abolition of trade preferences economists significantly crawl. Experts call very different amounts — from 30 million dollars to 400 million euros per year.But it is clear that the sanctions will affect first light, chemical and wood processing industry."While sanctions have not felt"Company "Milavitsa" recent years in the European market need lingerie. About probable adjustments to work here they say without hunting.Says director of marketing Julia Garnik:"How will it affect? While this question can not answer, since no sanctions are not felt. As director of marketing, financial component until I can not

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Decided to build a nuclear power plant

"Construction of a nuclear power plant — a real perspective, the strategic task, and it shall be removed from Belarus does not want to.", Said Alexander Lukashenko today at a meeting of the Security Council on the development of nuclear energy in the country. "Today, we are laying the base functioning Belarusian countries in the criteria when the world is exacerbated global problem exhaustion of supplies of hydrocarbons. I think future generations will appreciate our decision, "- said President of Belarus.Minister of Finance Nikolai Korbut said that the construction of nuclear power plants is estimated at $ 4 billion dollars.

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Will the foreign traders in the markets?

The government decided that the foreign people will not admit to work until they receive a document certifying payment of the tax and a special permit for entrepreneurial activity.But as they say foreigners selling at Hrodna market, they currently receive a license to do business in the district administration also pay taxes."We get from Belarusian authorities spetsdazvol the right to trade, with all this, we prescribe and give the right of residence. We only pay for that money, "- says businessman Usman.Usman and his colleagues have not yet heard about the new government decree, but it is not very disappointing:"When

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In Latvia recorded meteorite fall

Watch meteorite in Latvia, February 21, 2013

Received information that February 21, in the territory of Latvia meteorite fell. Estimated location — Gulf of Riga.

This statement was made in an interview with Latvian Radio Baltkom representative of the Latvian center Andris Bieznis meteorites.

"According to our information we collect more, the meteorite could fall into the Gulf of Riga. We have three witnesses who saw a fall. It's hard to say what it was values, we collect the information. But he was bright enough, so perhaps

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Lukashenko has made it clear that he is ready for a political bargaining

Society At the end of the debate the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution on Belarus. As her comments in Minsk?The Belarusian Foreign Ministry said that so far have not received the text of the PACE resolution.

A spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Savinykh"We do not yet have information on the decision and therefore there is nothing we can not comment."


The leader of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich noted the joint position of the European institutions:

"The most important thing — it shows that the different structures that exist

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The ability to restore scorched U.S. nuclear submarine Miami is questionable

The possibility of returning to duty in the scorched dry dock shipyard "Portsmouth" (city of Kittery, Maine, USA) American multipurpose nuclear Underwater Boats (PLAT) "Miami" while is at issue.

Fire, sweeping the team and living compartments boat and lasted about 5 hours, valued members of the U.S. Navy as "large." As noted by Rear Admiral Rick Brikenridzh too early to talk about the fact whether "Miami"To be restored.

Background of fire and the price of damages while are not named. Burned-out compartments in the current time are sealed to prevent the supply of oxygen to the time until the military

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