Vacation added a couple of extra kilos? Do not despair, home intensive help for 3-4 weeks to recover lost form

From a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, do 10-15 attacks right and left, lifting his hands up. Pay particular attention to the stop.

Knelt. The slope of the body to the side, leaning on his right arm. Straighten the left leg and place the back of the sock. The left hand lift up over the head and well-Stretch the left side. Repeat to the other side.

For best results, is engaged in the daily and not through force

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New members will be called NIGHT MODE

Preliminary results of the election chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina promises to announce in the first half of the night. Struggle for parliamentary mandates continue to 263 candidates. In the vicinity of 15 names inscribed on the ballot only 1st challenger — liberate the people there do not have. Midst of candidates — 70 from one list of the United Democratic Forces. Again wish to receive a mandate 32 current deputies. Midst of applicants — 59 ladies. For earlier call names new deputies promise to only half of the first night. And the results of voter turnout

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Blitz-analysis: the new Russian President Putin NOT call

Tsigankov: "What is the future for the presidential election had the operation — the resignation of Misha Fradkov and Viktor Zubkov destination, which can not be possible to name a successor?" Portnikov "Viktor Zubkov really can not be called as a possible successor. But it may be referred to a figure that may affect the choice of a successor to Putin. I think at the moment is the most important point: just solve the problem, what kind of people will participate in this choice. I do not agree with the version that such person Vladimir Putin will call. For me,

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Citations a day or — 30 April

"Not very cleverly done by those who states that on such and such a Congress that prevailed, and on such and such — beat that. This personally inciting hatred and structural step when determining just what is actually saying is galasavatstsa. There are still five conferences, and we’ll see what the results will be. For me, as for the control structure that is constantly advocated for avoiding this own individual competition, it would be important, so it was understanding on the strategy. A how sit — this case secondary. "Vintsuk Vyachorka Party chairman BPF — on the results of the

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Figure a day or 71% of Russians do not consider themselves Europeans

Capital Levada Center said about the results of a poll conducted in 46 regions of Russia.71 percent of Russians do not consider themselves Europeans. With half of them are convinced that the European Alliance is a threat to Russia.Chap. also: Results of the survey on the web site "Levada Center"

For Belarus struggling Our homeland, China and the U.S.

It follows from the results of a sociological survey inhabitants of Belarus. It was held in August, the sociological center "Zerkalo-Info". And if Our homeland is very divorced from other states (36.6% of respondents), the China and the U.S. results are almost similar (respectively 8.4% and 8.0%). Soundings of public opinion conducted through questionnaires intervyuiravanne-dwellers in Belarus. Error does not exceed 2%.

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On Friday, the Belarusian Olympic medals await

Which disciplines before results can show the highest representatives of Belarus — learn from Igor Corneille. So who expect coaches and leaders of the Belarusian delegation? Already several days not subside discussion around successful performances in the semifinal heats Belarusian kayaks and canoes of different calibers — from singles to chatsverak. Hope first Alexander Zhukovsky that the preparatory step came first, as Bogdanovich brothers who own zaezde were second. Expect a positive result from the quartet and canoeists. Projected three-time Olympic champion in veslavanni Parfenovich, with rational embodiment piggy team of Belarus can be extended at least 2 medals. First

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LOSS U.S. troops in Afghanistan are growing steadily

As of August 21, 2012 the number of deaths of American soldiers in Afghanistan have gained, little self, 1968 people, reports agency Associated Press, based on their calculations. South American troops entered Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom («Enduring Freedom»).   According to the Pentagon, in this country as a result of enemy action in 1638 the U.S. military have died. Outside Afghanistan died very little, 116 U.S. military personnel involved in the operation, 12 of them died as a result of militancy. The Ministry of Defence also calculated the three dead American civilian officials.  

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British fans will be accompanied by a police escort

Arrive in Minsk unprecedented number of foreign fans, it is planned that in the stands is a 3 thousand British fans, whose impulsive temper known far outside of England. How will the care of English fans in Belarus? Yesterday was signed in Minsk special cooperation memorandum in British police th Minsk police. It is significant that the document is for only one meeting and first part of the status of British football fans.Apparently, in Europe there is no country where they would not mark a brutal reaction to the results of games. Due to the reputation of such power in

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Georgia: Misha Saakashvili defeated in the first round

Misha Saakashvili gaining 51.19% of the vote presidential elections in Georgia. This means his victory in the first round. His main rival, opposition favorite Gachechiladze received 25.53%. On it informs RIA "Announcements" with reference to the CEC.Currently there are no clear results from remote areas and from stations abroad, but they emphasize the representatives of the Central Election Commission, has no effect on the final result. International observers said that presidential election in Georgia in the main meet democratic standards. Immediately observers noted a number of violations that should be addressed in the future. Meanwhile Tbilisi several thousands of people

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