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Upgraded MiG-31 BM Trials

INITIAL TESTING of the upgraded Mikoyan MiG-31BM interceptor is nearing its end at the Chkalov State Flight Test Centre (GLITs) in Akhtubinsk. A preliminary report is due before the end of the year which will lead to a programme to upgrade the Russian Air Force’s MiG-31 fleet. The first aircraft was upgraded and flight-tested by the Sokol plant in Nizhny Novgorod in September last year before going to GLITs for further trials. The second joined it soon afterwards.

Under Stage I of the upgrade, the MiG-31 receives an improved Zaslon-AM fire control suite with an advanced computer and the latest

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Upgraded Indian AF Mi-35s On Display

THREE UPGRADED Indian Air Force (IAF) Mi-35s participated in the major flypast and flying display on October 8 at Hindon Air Base, on the outskirts of New Delhi, to mark the 74th anniversary of the IAF. Previous displays had been undertaken at Palam, but were shifted to Hindon this year in order to provide more space and less disruption to commercial traffic in and out of Delhi Airport. The helicopters all wore the new low visibility grey colour scheme that is being adopted for the entire IAF fleet. Under a $20 million deal signed in 1998 with Israel Aircraft Industries

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First Upgraded Il-20 Completes Flight Testing

ILYUSHIN DIRECTOR-General Viktor Livanov announced on July 20 that flight-testing of the first upgraded Ilyushin Il-20 Coot-A electronic intelligence aircraft is complete.

He said the aircraft carries «new, more advanced radio-electronic equipment», but declined to provide details of the new equipment fit. Original equipment included a 26ft (7.9m)-long Igla-1 sideways-looking airborne radar pod under the forward fuselage, plus two A-87P panoramic cameras in the forward section and antennas for the Romb ELINT system in the rear of lateral fairings on the front fuselage. A series of large and small antennae under the fuselage are for the Kvadrat ELINT system —

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CTZ is testing the upgraded bulldozer B8

On the factory site "Chelyabinsk Tractor" is preparing to test the upgraded model of bulldozer B8 (B-8). In fact, it has already started — a tractor driven around on the premises.

Bulldozer B8 designed to develop soil category I-II, used in construction, irrigation and other sectors prommyshlennosti. Bulldozer B8 can be replaced by a number of works less efficient tractors higher traction classes.

The tractor is adapted to a laser system for leveling the surface and work performance with high accuracy for a given program.

In T8 tractors used tractor with a unified

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Ukraine has repaired five Indian An-32 aircraft

Another batch of modernized in Ukraine by order of the Indian Air Force AN-32 departed from Kiev to Kanpur. Over the past three years, Ukraine has improved 25 Indian aircraft

Ukraine gave India the next, fifth, party light transport An-32, consisting of five machines, upgraded the facilities of Ukrainian defense by order of the Indian Air Force. As reported Monday in the manual GP "Plant 410 GA" (Kiev), another batch of modernized aircraft departed from Kiev in Kanpur on Sunday.

"Today, the Indian side handed over a total of 25 out of 40 cars, upgrade

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Ukraine has upgraded more than 20 Indian military transport aircraft An-32

BANGALORE, February 5. / BUSINESS-TASS /. Ukraine has upgraded more than 20 Indian military transport aircraft An-32, told ARMS-TASS representative of the Ukrainian delegation participating in the 9th International Aviation and Space Salon "Aero India 2013", which opens tomorrow in Bangalore.

In the program of modernization of the fleet of An-32 involved 20 companies from Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United States, including "Spetstehnoeksport", "Antonov", "Motor Sich" and "AVIANT."

The company "Motor Sich" from Zaporozhye, for example, delivers 100 AI-20D Series 5M development ZMKB "Progress" TBO which increased from two thousand to four thousand

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At the landfill Prudboy first used thermobaric bomb modernized system for Pinocchio

Deadly fire "Pinocchio"

"Flamethrower division troops CBR defense SOUTH during the exercise, which took place at the site" Prudboy "in the Volgograd region, conducted tests of the upgraded thermobaric projectiles fired from modern heavy flamethrower system TOS-1" Pinocchio "

According to the Southern Military District, upgraded thermobaric shell has high range and accuracy of target destruction: fire range increased almost two times and up to six miles, and increased the combat weight of the projectile, resulting in a total capacity of AGNevogo destruction of the complex increased by 15-20%.

As noted,

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Russian Defense Ministry has received 35 upgraded MSTA-S self-propelled guns

More than 35 upgraded 152-mm self-propelled howitzers 2S19M2 "MSTA-S" got gunners Motorized Brigade of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), stationed on the territory of the Stavropol Territory.

All the commanders-propelled howitzer artillery battery connections to enhance the skills and training were retrained on this artillery system in the factory, the press service of the county.  

The new artillery system 2S19M2 "MSTA-S" has significant structural differences from the previous modification. We upgraded self-propelled howitzers installed a new automated fire control system, aiming increased rate of fire, and there is the possibility of using digital

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Algerian upgraded BMP-2M

On the web-site of the Algerian photograph appeared significant number of combatant, including introduction of upgraded weapons "Berezhok" infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2M Algerian army. The picture was taken in the factory bronetankoremontnogo BCL (Base Sentrale Logistique) of the Ministry of Defence of Algeria in Blida, where he carried out work on the modernization of the Algerian BMP-2. The contract for the modernization at BCL about 400 Algerian vehicles BMP-2 variant of BMP-2M, including introduction of weapons "Berezhok" was made of Tula "Instrument Design Bureau" in 2005.


The upgraded BMP-2M Algerian army on the territory of

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Izhmash upgraded sniper rifle SV-98

"Izhmash", part of the State Corporation "Rostekhnadzor", introduced an upgraded sniper rifle SV-98 with a new lodge of aluminum alloys and improved accuracy.


Unlike its predecessor, the upgraded SV-98 has a new ergonomic box made of aluminum alloy, which you can install all the modern sights. In this case, the replacement of the lodge had a positive impact on the accuracy of fire in the difficult conditions of combat, as the aluminum alloys are more stable with temperature changes.

Replacing the box will make the SV-98 rifle more

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