Upside down, inside out.

AEROBATICS and upset training share many of the same skills, but they are different and have fundamentally different goals. If you’re actually rolled upside down by a Boeing 747 while on final, neither of these skills is likely to save you unless you’re flying something like an Extra—and really know how to fly it.

If several hours training in those skills is unlikely to allow you to recover from inadvertent inverted flight at 400 feet, what good is the training? The answer is that even with limited training in these areas, you’re unlikely to let that Boeing 747 roll you

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The girl sees everything upside down



28-year-old Bozena Kuchma suffering from violations of spatial orientation. Her case is unique in that because of this she does not experience persistent dizziness, and sees the world upside down. This means that an employee of the City Council of Uzice in Serbia is reading documents, books and newspapers upside down. At work, she went to meet him, given the unusual nature of her illness, and the display of her computer is configured properly: the pages on the Internet, the

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