Urban transmog rification. Necessity for mutation of spaces.

Over millennia the human race has evolved to an extent that habits have diversified to a great extent associated with factors such as culture, climate, topography, ecology and economy. In the Indian context this diversification can be observed in every few kilometers of travel. However, one thing which unifies us is certainly the enthusiasm of the people, the vibrancy they portray in terms of physical aspects such as art, architecture, attire; or non-physical aspects like events, rituals, gatherings. This reflects in the organically evolved vigorous spaces which one often finds in the old towns and city centers. Although these spaces,

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As the result of a chance encounter with design students studying the impact of the olympics on the unique area of Hackney Wick, Colin Priest has organised their work in to an exposition to coincide with the London Festival of Architecture

The prospect of urban change and the everyday negotiation of regeneration can be uniquely witnessed in Hackney Wick right now. Cut off by the infrastructural margins of the A12, the Lea River and the Greenway path, the area has become a peripheral periphery, a working island nevertheless. Signifcant as an influential creative urban community on the edge of Olympic

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ECO-productive cities.

Auroville, a growing international township near Puducherry, known for its efforts in social and environmental sustainability is hosting a three-day workshop on ECO-Productive Cities. Distinguished national and international professionals in the field will share their vision and experiences addressing sustainable resource and waste management in the context ECO-Productive Cities.

Cities today are global ECO-predators, occupying 3-4% of the land surface. They consume 80% of its resources and discharge more wastes. And cities in India are growing, the scale and speed of today’s urbanization is unprecedented. An estimated 400 million people are living in cities today. By 2050 another 500 million

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Documenting urban open spaces heritage.

Various typologies of public spaces in the city of Delhi were documented by the First Year students of Department of Landscape Architecture, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi with objective to study the spatial organization, relationship to the city and various landscape aspects. The study was guided by Prof. Rommel Mehta, Minesh Parikh, Jasleen Waraich, Nandini Rewari and Pankaj Jain.


The Ajmal Khan Park is located at Karol Bagh — a northwestern part of Delhi. This park was named in honor of Hakim Ajmal Khan, a former President of the Indian National Congress and a founder

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Barcelona has used the 1992 Olympic Games as a kick start for a highly ambitious programme of urban renewal, reports Deyan Sudjic. Photos by Richard Bryant

Nothing illustrates the ferocity of the competition between the world’s great cities more clearly than the round of tooth and claw politics, arm-twisting and out-and-out bribery that accompanies the final stages of the International Olympic Committee’s decision every four years on where to stage the Games. Despite the catastrophic history of violence, corruption and overspending that is the most lasting legacy of the modern Olympics, the shortlisted cities fight desperately for the chance to

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In 1956, the federal capital of Brazil started taking shape out of nothing. Built from scratch, in just over 40 months, Brasilia is a city commissioned by the-then President of Brazil, Juscelino Kubitschek, to fulfill a promise long pending in their constitution.

A state competition, to which over 5000 architects responded, concluded with Lucio Costa as the winner and consequently as the chief urban planner. Oscar Niemeyer, a non-believer in straight lines, joined as the chief architect and Roberto Burle Marx came on as the principle landscape designer.

Only two cities in the world have embraced Le Corbusier’s principles

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Department of Fuel and Energy Sector

Moscow has been developed and submitted to the

«The concept of the city target program to improve reliability of power supply of municipal facilities in Moscow in 2010-2012.»

The document was developed with the involvement of employees

RTN and operators based on a thorough analysis of the existing power supply systems and a detailed technical survey of the equipment.

The Concept provides update obsolete and often worn out of power, the introduction of automation and a unified system of dispatching management of municipal facilities that will enhance elektrobezopas of equipment, reduce the cost of operational services, and reduce the

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Take garbage with surcharge

Municipal waste and sediment DOMESTIC SEWAGE complement each other well. Scientists from the Agricultural Institute of Dnepropetrovsk combine his invention contained therein organic and mineral substances and a good fertilizer. Simultaneously solves the PROBLEM OF DISPOSAL OF WASTE.

B. Shumilin

Animal Farm king Augeas was in disrepair when Hercules turned up with a proposal to clear the debris in one day. The king accepted the offer without hesitation boastful contractor, promising generous pay if the work is completed in time.

Hercules broke the opposing walls of the barnyard and formed passage directed the waters of two rivers — Alpheus

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Answer Euro march organizers Minsk city executive committee will tomorrow

City officials said they can not collect on October Square and about the structure of the State Library. According to them, it can make a danger to public order, because both places are in close proximity to the subway entrance.Chairman of the organizing committee of Euro march Viktor Ivashkevich disagreed with the accusation authorities about the site near the library, saying, there held frequently held massive official events.In conjunction with this action the applicants said they could change their place of gathering — instead of October Square will be collected about Yanka Kupala, where there is no entrance to the

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Pinsk city glad … approved the proposal to apply argoticheskoy Hebrew

"Nasha Niva"In 1907, informs:" In these days of ministry to the whole atpustsila Belarus and Lithuania 300 thousand rubles the opening of public schools. Mogilev open 165 schools in 105 Vitebskay in Minsk 100 A ninth in Vilna, Kovno, Grodno and only 30 schools. These provinces have zemstvo to mute anyone try that, that give the apartment, central heating and a security guard for the school because it is not on the treasury atpushchae means; hard men give themselves well and not just sgavarytstsa them. " * "Nowe Zycie" in the 1927 report of the land: "In Pinsk city glad

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