Tornados in Combat

Chris England served as a Tornado pilot during the air war in Iraq last year. Here he gives a glimpse of how the Combat Air Wing operated at Ali Al Salem During Operation TELIC. March 20 — April 14.

THE RAF contribution to policing the Southern No-Fly Zone in Iraq had been going on since 1992, and by early January 2003 was termed Operation RESINATE. As part of the regular Tornado GR.4 commitments, 31 Sqn deployed routinely to Ali Al Salem airbase in Kuwait. That January it once again returned with eight crews to conduct medium level reconnaissance with the

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The history of space suits.

These miniature spacecraft have allowed us to operate in space for over half a century

When the United States and the USSR first decided to venture into the cosmos in the mid-20th Century, it was readily apparent that they would need something to protect their explorers from the harshness of space. While pressure suits had been used before on high-altitude jets, no one was quite sure how the human body would cope with weightlessness, and particularly with the vacuum of space, if a spacewalk was to be attempted.

One thing that was known for certain, however, was that exposure to

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Tabletops For Album Covers

How does an idea of creating a very personal or unique album cover of a function shoot seem to you? And that too by shooting tabletops!

I have noticed that function photographers are generally interested in portraits or photographing models, but turn a blind eye to tabletops. They seem to pose a question, «What’s the use?» They crib that the market is competitive, but at the same time they fail to think ‘broadly, on how to deliver or present their pictures in a different way to make a mark of their own.

Through this write-up I shall deal with this

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How to incorporate screening into your outdoor space.

There are many reasons to use screens in the garden: for privacy, to hide unsightly views, as a windbreak or to create an outdoor room. So let’s outline some clever uses for garden screening as well as some practical materials you can utilise. Screening doesn’t have to be a boring old paling fence or a straight-clipped hedge. There are some very interesting materials that can be used to create a screen, such as metal, bamboo, or a variety of plants.

Traditionally, screens have been used for practical purposes, such as to hide

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Self Defence

Lon Nordeen and John Quigley conclude their report on the evolution of aircraft self-protection systems over the past three decades.

IN THE second, concluding part of this self-defence system article, the authors review Electronic Attack, Electronic Warfare Support, Suppression and/or Destruction of Enemy Air Defences (SEAD/DEAD) and the application of GPS-guided weapons in those roles.

Electronic Attack

This activity involves jamming or deceiving an adversary’s radar or radio communications. Jamming aircraft such as the US Air Force EB-66, US Navy EA-1F, EKA-3B plus US Marine Corps EF-10 and EA-6A added an electronic ‘punch’ with which to suppress North Vietnamese surveillance

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Learn more about this important renovation material, more popularly known as Hardieflex


A ficem board—short for fiber cement board—is composed of cement and plant fibers. Although ficem boards are not ideal for load-bearing or structural walls, they can be used for various interior surface treatments, like siding, partitions, dropped ceiling, coves, and other decorative details.


“Ficem boards are all-weather proof, unlike plywood and gypsum board,” explains architect Anthony Yan, adding that unlike wood, ficem boards are also resistant to termite. Meanwhile, architect Love de Leon adds,


Product review: Botbitz 30A ESC.

The Banebots BB-12-45 was for many years the most commonly used speed controller in the 12 lb Hobbyweight class of combat robot. They were compact, simple to use, and reasonably reliable. I had used them successfully on my 3 lb Beetleweight wedge/brick Trilobite, and had planned to use them on my fleet of mini bothockey bots.

However, when I came to order them I found they were no longer available. Looking around, I found that Botbitz (; an Australian company) had a new 30A ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) that looked suitable.

They cost $45 USD including shipping. I received

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Polish Air Force maritime exercise

FOR THE FIRST time in the history of the current Polish Air Force (PAF), joint naval and air force manoeuvres were undertaken during the last week of May in Exercise Karat 94 on the land/sea range at Wicko Morskie in the western part of the Polish Baltic Sea coast. The aim of the exercise was to combat a hypothetical enemy amphibious force assault on Poland and marked the first lime PAF aircraft had been used against sea-borne targets.

Formations of Su-20 Fitters from the 7th Recce-Bomber Regiment at Powidz were used for mine-laying, while Su-22M-4s from the 40th Fighter-Bomber Regiment

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Better beach portraits

Sure-fire camera and photo skills for improving your portrait shots

Portrait 1

Welcome to your free guide to outdoor portrait photography! Over the following pages we will help you improve your Canon D-SLR skills so that you can learn to take great portraits like the pros. The following techniques can be used to photograph anybody, from children to your partner and parents, male or female – the same methods will still work wonders!

Shooting in sunshine

The kit we used: Canon EOS 5D Mk III, telephoto zoom lens, silver-sided reflector Canon D-SLR technique: For our first round

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New vs used

The benchmark two-seat roadster or a brash but almost forgotten Italian sports convertible?

Porsche Boxster

NEW: £37,589

Power 261bhp Torque 206lb ft 0-62mph 5.8sec Top speed 164mph Economy 34.4mpg


The entry-level Porsche Boxster, in base-spec manual form. Equipped with a 2.7-litre flat six that develops 261bhp, it’s capable of a sprightly 0-62mph in 5.8sec. And thanks to better cooling, automatic stop-start and intelligent battery charging, the standard Boxster’s combined economy is a claimed 34.5mpg.


The car is barely any lighter than the more powerful Boxster S, but it feels a little leaner

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