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IT’S been said that the Internet is becoming more like the Wild West every day — it’s developed into quite an anarchic and lawless medium, where anything goes with barely a gun-toting Sheriff in sight. The web grew as a silo of information that lacked the instantaneous interactivity that its users craved. Facebook and Twitter came along at the right time, offering social networks that were superimposed onto the underlying world-wide web. Now users could post their own daily experiences, images or thoughts, direct from a mobile phone app, to enlighten their friends or the public at

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iWork for everyone

Apple’s productivity suite is coming to the web with iWork for iCloud

Apple’s forays into cloud-based software have traditionally been limited to its own ecosystem, but the upcoming iWork for iCIoud marks one of Cupertino’s most direct attempts to compete with Microsoft and Google head-on. iWork’s transition to the cloud means that — much like Google Drive and Office 365 — the popular productivity suite will soon be available not only on Apple’s own computers, but also on Windows machines. That’s a significant shift for Apple — which has traditionally limited its cross-platform options to iTunes and the Safari browser

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Feedle vs. DiggReader


When Google decided to pull the plug on its popular news reader, millions of users were left in a state of shock. The service they relied on to deliver their headlines and content since its 2005 launch came to an end on July 1, leaving a gaping hole in the market. However, with plenty of alternative RSS readers out there, it’s fair to say users won’t be stuck when it comes to choice. Feedly and Digg Reader are the two services that are in prime position to wear the vacated crown, but which one is the best

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Photoshop CC brightens up a somewhat stormy transition to Creative Cloud

Although the option to purchase a Photoshop subscription dates back to the 2011 release of Creative Suite 5.5, Adobe has now left users with one of three choices: shell out monthly to keep receiving the latest and greatest versions, stick with last year’s CS6 (which continues to be supported, at least for now), or switch to something else entirely.

While only a small percentage of its users may actually go rogue, the latest Photoshop CC offers an awful lot of very good reasons for them to stick around. Adobe


Yar-Sale: Photo tour

Yar-Sale … Unremarkable northern town, which is scattered among many expanses of tundra Arctic. If you look at it from on high, he has a curious and somewhat symbolic form of the plague, the apex of his aspiring to the warm south. Compact streets lined cape, surrounded like an island, winding ribbons of rivers, pieces of glass blue lakes, green velvet marshes. Yar-Sale — village, the center of the Yamal district of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District of the Tyumen region. Situated on the River Jumbo 200 km northeast of Salekhard. Population — 5600 people. Founded in 1927.

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In pictures. It was — it became

YaNAO Noybrsk, Hotel "Forest" ul.Holmogorskaya at 39. After repairs have hotel. Dispensed with a hinged facade, but simply whitewashed. It turned out, in my opinion, it's great! The decoration of the facade used tree!

Such examples in the last 10-12 years, tens!

Tyumen — the capital of the villages?

What a rich country Sia Siberia that for a powerful edge. More needful century, but when it will be settled, it is intended to play a major role in the annals of the world. Radishchev

Tyumen — the administrative center of Tyumen Oblast, the city was founded in 1586. Laid-bitch governors Vasily and Ivan Carvery in July 1586 on the site of the ancient city, the capital of Tyumen Khanate, which was next to the Tatar city Chimgi Tour. In Russian chronicles the XVI century. Tyumen Khanate was called "the Great Tyumen."

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Tyumen — the first Russian town in Siberia

Tyumen — the first Russian city in Siberia and the administrative center of Tyumen region, the administrative center of Tyumen Oblast. Population — 632.6 thousand people. First part: 

Administration of Tyumen

Street Chelyuskintsev.

Elias Church

Tyumen Drama Theater.

Historic Square.

Tyumen Building Academy


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Tobolsk Kremlin

Tobolsk was founded in the summer of 1587 on the Irtysh River, the ancient most important ways from European Russia to Siberia. Put hail Tobolsk to Cape Trinity Governor Daniel CHulkov under Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich.  In 1590, became the capital of Tobolsk in Siberia. Through Tobolsk not only Russia but the whole European world opened the way to the East, which sought the oceans ships Dutch, English, Portuguese. While every educated European of Russian knew that this Power is Moscow — the old capital, St. Petersburg — the capital of the new and Tobolsk — the

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Taz — a strong arctic village

Taz (up to 1949 Halmer-Sede) — a small town in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The administrative center of the district Taz.

Founded in 1883 as a trading post called fishing Halmer-Sede (Sopka (Hill) dead — translated from the Nenets). Once on the hill, which is now the village was an old Nenets kladbische.Status small town — since 1964.

Taz region is part of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District and is the largest on the territory of the district of the Tyumen region. Located above the Arctic Circle, on the right side of the

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