20 Weeks Pregnant


Now you are exactly half way — congratulations!

During this period, the skin may appear dark spots. Do not worry, they will be held after the birth. It is also possible that you can be a problem profuse discharge from the vagina. To prevent infection, avoid irritants, and tight clothing. Uterus rises above shifting up the abdominal cavity and, consequently, little oppressing lungs. You may notice that your breathing has become more difficult.


This week, the sebaceous glands begin to produce fruit waxy secretion called "vernix." Its mission — to protect baby's delicate skin.

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33 Weeks Pregnant


From time to time you may be a sensation of lack of air. This occurs because uterus puts pressure on the diaphragm and lungs are pressed. Do not worry: a shallow breath does not mean that baby receives too little oxygen. Conversely, in this period through your lungs more oxygen than normal. Try to get as comfortable as possible, and you will feel better.


Baby weighs 1800-2000 grams, its growth reaches 40-41 cm. He's getting crowded in the uterus: it can not roll over freely and often is head down. His lungs finally ripen, and

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4 Weeks Pregnant


Your figure has not changed, the only thing that can be seen — a little swollen breasts and nipples are too sensitive. Most of the work accomplished so far by. From the moment of fertilization, the body gradually increases the volume of blood, causing the heart, kidneys and lungs to work vigorously. Attaching to the wall of the uterus of the future placenta (which fully formed by the 4th month) can lead to increased irritability, drowsiness, fatigue.

This week's testpregnancy (HCG) can already be positive.


For the past 2 weeks your future the

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The intrauterine device (IUD) — a small bendable device introduced into the uterine cavity for a long time for the prevention of pregnancy. Most often, the Navy called intrauterine devices, but modern Navy has T-shaped shape.

Since the beginning of the XX century was invented many varieties of the Navy, but at present time apply only two types:

progestin (Gestagensoderzhaschie, gormonosoderzhaschie); Copper-bearing.

They are made of plastic and secure comprise either a thin copper wire, or a container which is released slowly from the small amount of progestin.

How does? Navy prevents the implantation of the egg

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Gynecological examination

Go to the gynecologist, please contact:

for regular check-ups one or two once a year, to detect and prevent any disease; in disorders of menstruation; vaginal bleeding, as well as unusual discharge; If you have pain in the lower abdomen; when a burning, itching in the genital organs; planning pregnancy.

At the beginning of examination, the doctor determines the patient's particular shape, the amount of hair on the body, which can tell us about the hormonal status of the organism or its breach. Asking general questions about the working conditions, sexual relationships, partner, length of service and the

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Hypertonicity of the uterus

Gipertonusom cancer medicine called a reduction of the body, appearing before the expected date of commencement of delivery (often — in the early stages). Hypertonicity of the uterus — is not an independent disease, it's just a sign of trouble in a woman's body that can not be ignored, because it shows the threat of spontaneous abortion.

Causes Hormonal disorders — insufficient function of the ovaries, placenta, adrenal dysfunction, leading to a deficiency of estrogen and / or progesterone, or an excess of male hormones (androgens). Hypoplasia of the female genitals (genital infantilism), malformations of the uterus (for

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Diagnosis and treatment of female infertility

Woman, dreaming to become pregnant, should not cry into my pillow at night, and seek professional help. As today, in many cases,infertility curable.

You can see a gynecologist in the local consultation, but it is better to go to the profile center for the treatment of infertility. And no one, and together with her husband. Diagnosis of infertility includes a comprehensive examination of both partners.

The diagnosis

First of all, the woman will appoint a pelvic ultrasound, tests for infection and bacteriological crops in the vaginal flora, check hormonal profile, find out if there is problems with the

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Women’s Health — look inside

Ultrasonic diagnostic method based on the principle of echo-location — the reflection of ultrasonic waves from the tissue, followed by capture of the reflected sensor signal and forming a planar image on the screen of organs and tissues, through which ultrasound is passed. Vklinikah "MedCenterService" performed transvaginal ultrasound. It has the most informative when performed in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, ie at 5-7 days of the onset of menstruation.

Ultrasound research pelvic organs is to examine the structure of the body and cervix of the uterus and ovaries, as well as assessing the state

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Delay or denial of the placenta


The delay of the placenta associated with lack of contractile activity of the uterus and abdominal muscles. This is facilitated by:

crowded bladder, hyperextension of the uterus — a large fruit, polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy, premature or delayed delivery, uterine inertia, fatigue mothers, fast delivery is a surgical procedure, under-developed abdominal muscles.

Incarcerated placenta may occur as a result of spasm of the uterus unsustainable successive periods:

rough massage of the uterus, ill-timed attempt at squeezing the afterbirthCredit-Lazarevic you pull on the cord, abuse of the use of high doses of oxytocin.

Such actions violate undue physiological rhythm and

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Artificial Insemination

What is it?

Artificial Insemination— One of the methods of assisted reproductive technology, which is the introduction of semen sexual partner in the woman's uterus.

Inseminations carried out in many health facilities, but the success of such an operation is quite modest (7-10%). The introduction of fresh sperm into the uterus and painful sensations, the risk of transmission of infection, and desired pregnancy is still not coming.

Today, there are laboratory techniques to greatly enhance the effect of the introduction of the husband's sperm. Modern high-speed centrifuges can without damaging the male germ cells enriched sperm, clear

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