Passion — rest for the soul.

My good friend from Ukraine Peter A. Kuzmenko suited to any business slowly, but if for something to be taken, making every effort to realize our plans with the greatest effect. Apparently, this is not surprising, as the name Peter in Greek means «stone».

I want to talk about passion Poroshenko bees. He is always willing to show his apiary honey treats, talks about the updates that are already tested and what the results obtained …

By the way, about the results. They have beekeeper not only stable, but also very solid (and why I decided to tell about his

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Rokfishing during the holidays.

Holidays — a welcome rest time by pressing cases -Most of us who have the virus in the blood of fishing, trying to hold on a fishing trip. Each time this desire something interferes: cottage, repair, household chores. His wife and children are asked to bring their their views. What about fishing? Is all lost? Not at all. Collect the bags and go with his family to the sea. There and fishing.

«Telescope» better leave the house.

In various countries and at the resorts I’ve observed a similar picture: the fishermen with extinguished gaze, thrown into the sea t what

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Holidays in the city.

More and more kids spend their summers in the town. This has its pros and cons. «House at hand children’s clothing for all weather conditions, cot and highchair, pet toys, — says Anna Shevelev. — Do you know where to buy the products for themselves, catering for the baby and where, if necessary, seek medical attention. Already navigate to a good playground, park, and other places where you can spend your leisure time. » What is the downside?

Even in familiar urban environment mother must be very careful! «It is desirable to have in her purse was always an

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Week holidays

A reflection film about the vocation, the fate of the younger generation, which tomorrow will enter into independent life. It raised questions about happiness, about loneliness, about the destiny of man, about kindness.

The film takes place today in the French city of Lyon. Laurent Kyuer young teacher, taught in schools French language and literature, always worried and frightened that students are passive in class, they are spiritually devastated. The children have not awakened the germs of those moral maturity that shape human-hating cruelty and violence that can sacrifice his own well-being for the sake of the happiness of

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Hands resting place created the Lithuanian and Belarusian youth

* On the pages of "Banner of Youth" in 1967 graduate BSSR A.Yarashevich A.Zinovev and write about noteworthy places of Belarus "On Polessye you can hear the old tradition. Once, long ago appeared on the Pripyat ship under sail. Walked it is from the south, from distant states. Cna In the mouth it is anchored, and saves came foreigner. Polessko Enchanted Forest, he settled on the banks of the Pripyat and spent their last days here. Was this Avida Nazon. daughter of majestic so people poured at the grave of his highest mound. " * "Building youth recreation area on

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Who is responsible for torn holiday?

In the tourist agency "Sputnik" said tour agents, and could not go to the Aegean Sea, returned a hundred percent. Nevertheless, no additional compensation is no question — say, force majeure occurred because of Turkish partners that fit your accommodations are not provided.Until the end of the season, "Satellite" will not do charter Minsk — Bodrum. Meanwhile, Turkey — one of the options available to stay abroad. Vacation on the Aegean coast are worth 475 bucks per person, excluding food. Tourism and tribunal incompatible?Most of those who were going on summer vacation on the Aegean Sea, at the moment have

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Belarusian youth — about money, leisure, marriage and repair

Listen:Guy: "The main problem — it’s money on vacation.’m Not going to go, no money."Woman: "Naturally, it is rest. I think I will stay in Belarus. And to relax here, I have enough money."Man: "Only the summer vacation."Reporter: "And what a vacation can afford for themselves?"Man: "This summer in Petersburg zezhzhu friends. I would like, as usual, by the sea. But This year will not work. "Woman: "We have no money problems, as we have a scholarship."Reporter: "And enough scholarships?"Woman: "On small enough costs, and will stay ancestors."Man: "Lack of funds — cash basic care. Of course, the hunt for

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Vitebsk: now make out a case tribunal Tatiana Seviarynets

Teacher of the highest category with 35 years seniority experience Tipo fired for absenteeism. Head of Education Department Pershamajski district Vladimir Shloma signing statement Ms. Seviarynets holiday at their own expense through several days overturned its own decision. So makarom, Returning from vacation, Tatiana Seviarynets found that missed 6 working days without any preconditions. Protect the interests of the teacher will be recognized in court lawyer Misha Zamalin Vitebsk.• Tatiana Seviarynets appealed to the tribunal, 12.05.2007

O.Kozulina: You can not, that mother lying in the morgue another 3 years

Belarusian authorities to This time not decided regarding the release of Alexander Kozulin at the funeral of his wife. Daughter Olga policy stated: "We have declared a hunger strike of solidarity with our dad. Wish 1st — that our mother was buried on Christian traditions. As the father said that without his burial will not, we do not wish to see our mother lying in the morgue yet Three years. Because we are asking to release his father, at least during the funeral, the funeral to spend normally.

Have 1st — that our mother was buried on Christian traditions


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Are Belarusian men to go on maternity leave?

Entered into force the Law "On introducing changes and additions to the Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus." Hitherto specifically employer deciding to give the man a maternity leave or not. And now the father can take a vacation at any time of: well, almost 3 years or a month, depending on family events. Belarusian society or ready for what will go on maternity leave men?"If there is a mother, she should take care of the baby"Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of the House of Representatives Nikolai Dubovik, who was the architect of configurations and voted "for" the

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