What your vagina wishes it could tell you

What would happen if your vagina could talk? Well, you’d probably get some weird looks, and you’d be a shoo-in for Britain’s Got Talent. But aside from that, your bits have a few home truths they’d like to share. Women’s-health expert DR ADAM KAY speaks fluent Vaginese, and is here to translate…

«Check me for lost property»

Like a cheap club on a Saturday night, your vagina needs to operate a strict one-in, one-out policy. Whether it’s a condom, a tampon, a diaphragm or a love egg, you need to make certain it comes out when it’s done its job.

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Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosisby definition, a vaginal dysbiosis and is not related to sexually transmitted diseases.

What is it?

In every healthy woman's vagina has its own set of micro-organisms called microflora. Of the normal microflora is fairly constant and is similar in healthy women. Normally, the main microorganisms vaginal lactobacilli are.

When lactobacilli are replaced by anaerobic organisms (Gardnerella vaginalis, Mobiluncus, Mycoplasma hominis, Bacteroides, Enterococcus) Develops Bacterial vaginosis. Before was evaluated the role of other bacteria, the disease often called gardnerellezom.

According to medical statistics, to date, the disease affects up to 20% of all women aged 18 to

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What's going on?

Vaginismus — Spasmodic reflex contraction of the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor, which makes it difficult sexual intercourse or pelvic examination and accompanied by pain. Vaginismus suffer 3-4% of young women.

We can distinguish three degrees of vaginismus:

Grade I — the reaction occurs in the vagina or penis tool during a gynecological examination;

Grade II — reaction occurs when touching the genitals, or while waiting for the touch;

III degree— The reaction occurs at a representation of the sexual intercourse or pelvic examination.


Vaginismus divided into true and false. The causes of

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Area of special attention

After the birth of a child may be problems where ashamed to admit, treat them uncomfortable … having sex is bring some discomfort. And yet, and urinary incontinence … what to do? To be treated! Today, these issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Urinary incontinence— A pathological condition in which the involuntary release of her. The volume and frequency of discharges can be different, from one to two drops every couple of days to a constant drip.

Why postpartum urinary incontinence may occur

In the process of childbirth and pregnancy, pelvic floor muscles women experience an

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The immune response to inflammation intimate

Despite the continuous improvement of methods of microbiological diagnosis and the development of new antimicrobial agents, there is a group infectious and inflammatory disease, the incidence of which in recent decades has been stably high without decreasing.

It is an infection of female genitalia. According to statistics, they rank first among all gynecological diseases with a frequency of occurrence of about 60 percent. A significant portion of these diseases are infections of the vulva and vagina.

The reasons for this situation somewhat. Among them — the variety of pathogens infectious and inflammatory diseases of the female

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Intimate Care

Intimate hygiene— Such a delicate topic that usually try not to touch her. However, this silence can turn a lot of trouble.

Terms of intimate hygiene For cleaning the soap must be used, but only warm water or special formulations for personal hygiene, containing a substance does not violate the acidity of the vaginal environment and create conditions for the growth of lactobacilli. You need to wash your hands washed clean, at least twice a day. The direction of the water jet for cleaning and hand movements should be directed from front to back, not to bring invagina

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Gynecological Surgery for Women

Intimate surgery for women includes the operation to restore the hymen and improve the shape, size and function of the vagina and labia minora.

Plastics of the labia minora

Perhaps among all the plastic surgery on female genital mutilation, this — the most in demand. This situation is due to the fact that the anatomical asymmetry of the labia minora — a physiological rate of the female body, which is beginning to be realized from the period of puberty. If too elongated labia create aesthetic or functional disadvantages, resort to their partial resection (removal). Operation performed under local anesthesia,

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German book for children on sex education

Look, it's a baby. You know how it come from?

Here you can see my mom and dad. Together they made this baby.

U-Turn 2.

This dad and mom naked. You can see the mother's breast, and her mother's crack. This gap is called the vagina.

You can see my dad's tail. Tail is called a member. And you can see my dad a bag between his legs. It is called the scrotum.

Mom and Dad love each other. They kiss. Dad's dick gets bigger. Now, it is right.

Mom and Dad want to dad's dick was

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Thrush (candidiasis)

It happens that a woman begins to feel the growing itching and burning vulva, which are accompanied by white, cheesy discharge. Most likely it's thrush or vaginal candidiasis (yeast fungi by name — Candida albicans). These fungi, in the opinion of many experts, may be part of the normal vaginal microflora in low quantities. However, breeding in large numbers on the mucosa of the vagina, these fungi cause the symptoms of thrush. Favorable conditions for the occurrence of yeast infections may begin to decline in the immune system, poor nutrition, hormonal background etc.

Itselfthrush assumes no particular danger,

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Thrush in pregnancy

In pregnancy, a woman is usually concerned about an increase in vaginal discharge. If the discharge white, cheesy consistency, accompanied by burning and itching, most of all, it thrush. It is, incidentally, is a frequent companion of pregnant women. Fungus genus Candida, causing yeast that normally lives on the mucous membranes of the intestines and vagina. By reducing the immune system, which often occurs during pregnancy, these fungi begin to multiply rapidly, which is the cause of thrush.

In case of thrush should always consult a gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe a special candle invagina and diet. If

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