Vajra — the weapon of the ancient gods

December 24, 2011 4:34

Vajra Stupa at Svayambhunadh

VAJRA (Sanskrit, Tib. dorje, Jap. kongose, whale. dzingansi, Mong. Ochir) — A symbol of Buddhism, just as the cross — a symbol of Christ Island, a crescent — Islam, the gate "torii" — Shinto. Texts define his lyrics. this: Diamond, Thunder Axe, a bunch of lightning crossed, acting as a symbol of the deities of the true teachings of the Buddha. In ind. Vajra mythology was known long before Buddhism as thunderous ax god Indra and other gods. Her epithets: copper, gold, iron, stone, with 4 or 100 angles, 1,000

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Vajra. How to make and use weapons of the gods?

Vajra — This is the only instrument of enlightened people of ancient culture that has come to us. All other instruments destroyed by disasters or time. Vajra only reached us in virtually unmodified, thanks to the few who managed to stay alive after the flood. Therefore, we must look more closely at this amazing device …

This unit is based on the as yet little-studied and most of today's deflected science torsion fields. Torsion fields and torsion technologies to perfectly mastered the Atlanteans. An example of this — the

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