Vampires Retire The Cat

SINCE THE merger in 1993 of US Navy Air Test and Evaluation Squadrons 4 (VX-4) Evaluators and 5 (VX-5) ‘Vampires’ to form Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 9 (VX-9) ‘Vampires’, based at NAWS China Lake, California, the squadron has maintained a permanent F-14 Tomcat detachment at NAS Point Mugu, California. Under the direction of the Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force (COMOPTEVFOR), the VX-9 F-14 detachment has supported US Navy fleet operation of the F-14 Tomcat. Underlying its key role of operational test and fleet support, VX-9 also had a reporting line to the Commander Naval Air Forces Pacific, who

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Hawaiian Vampires

AIR TEST and Evaluation Squadron 9 (VX-9) ‘Vampires’ deployed eight Super Hornets to Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) on January 24. VX-9 conducts operational test and evaluation (OPEVAL) of specific sub-systems and weapons for Navy and Marine Corps combat aircraft. During the four-week deployment VX-9 flew mock air combat missions to conduct OPEVAL of H4 high-order language software suite and the AN/APG-79 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar. Follow On Test and Evaluation (FOT&E) including the IDECM Block 3 and dual cockpit Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) was also undertaken to prove the efficacy of new modes and

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An unusual event occurred in Edinburgh




. There exists a special show for the tourists, during which they meet with vampires.

The actress, who portrayed one of the vampires, fainted when a tourist told her that she had gone nose bleed. Subsequently, the woman had to admit that she can not stand the

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Energy Vampires

October 1, 2012 1:31

You can believe and not believe, accept or reject the vampires. But this will change nothing. They exist. And they — among us. Vampires are different in nature, but their essence is the same. They drink someone else's life, feeding her. Sometimes this involves the direct consumption of blood, as the most brilliant impersonation of the current in the human energy. There are also those who are called "energy" vampires. People are communicating with which you can lose your strength, will and energy. With that, one way or another, almost every sign.


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Vampires are fighting for their rights

January 18, 2012 14:52

St. Petersburg ghouls are gathering signatures on the web, to officially register their rights. They were joined by the Goths, the trolls, the frights and other vermin. So call themselves members of the informal movement, which in St. Petersburg, there are already about a hundred. Now they decided together to establish the Association for the Protection of vampires and other non-humans.

Recently, the vampire cult is very common because of the numerous films and books on this subject, in which the images of vampires often romanticized and idealized. As a whole genre of fantasy, where there

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Posthumously condemned

Horror burned villages

Expedition Baranova old Old Believer recorded songs, ceremonies and traditions, and the most curious of which was an incredible legend beyond the rivers ghouls. One of the old-timers Orekhovka Egor Stepanovich Melnikov told Sergei that forty years ago in the village, located on the opposite bank of the river Lymbelka whose title no one remembers a local cemetery got into the habit to go vampire who turned all the residents of the village in its bloodthirsty kin . Learn about this horror orehovchane neighboring village began to think about how to leave far away from the native

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Energovampirizm — is part of modern life

December 24, 2011 16:13

Energy vampires themselves are not aware of whether they are harmful qualities. Many people are likely to say that sometimes feel strange and uncomfortable even after a short conversation with some individuals, whether its a friend or a stranger. A person can feel tired after such communication. As it turned out, this is what happens after the "attack" of the energy vampire. Unlike "real" vampires, which are selected out of the graves at night and kill people, drinking their blood and energy vampires need to absorb the energy of others.

Russian Sergey Nikodimov parapsychologist, an expert

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