Kurapaty: broke the main cross, which once brought in the tract on the structure of the KGB (Slide-report)

SLIDE-REPORT:• Large format, loading slower • The smallest format, loaded fasterChief Kurapaty cross "sufferers of Belarus", which stood in the hole almost eighteen years, now lying on the ground. It’s broken into 2-places — across the bottom and around the cross. With cross and crown of thorns lost.Igor Vashkevich live near, yesterday evening about the eleventh hour he saw not far from Kurapaty 2- Young people and the lady who pulled a wire: "They were drunk. One young man was carrying on his shoulder this stitching wire. At first I did not realize, but after remembered that such a crown

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A. Marachkin restored chapel in Kurapaty Forest

The chapel is set next to a huge cross at the entrance to Kurapaty forest. On her mother’s face image of God Kurapaty all innocently shot. It was installed on Dzyady in 2003. In December 2005, the icon unknown vandals painted a swastika. Then have been desecrated and other Kurapaty commemoratives. Now painter Alexei Marochkin attached near the chapel new image icons."What that there Reproduction of Moms defiled God Kurapaty, LLC which is reddish church — is again states that, that our government is not interested, so this place was truly a saint.If all hushed up what happened here, when

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Vandalism at cemeteries problem becomes a national scale

Monuments in the cemetery in Mogilev vandals destroyed a few days. But in the Leninsky district police department of Mogilev, on the ground which are treasures, they say that there is nothing about it do not know. Says Deputy Head of the Criminal Investigation Oleg Kotov:"To us, until applications have been received. I ordered employees zaedut, look, there. But while the administration of the cemetery did not appeal to us. "In Borisov criminal case was initiated soon after the fact of vandalism. There’s a Jewish cemetery was broken 16 monuments. But within a month intruders have not found the, says

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In Kurapaty — new vandalism +

Listen: Broken, fallen and tilted crosses saw Vladimir Juho, which is one of the organizers of the farm and in the tract now came first.U.Yuho "Feels that it was made knowingly""Today I came in and saw Kurapaty terrible things that happened a day or two in the past. I was there on Thursday and everything was normal. And now come, and saw the broken crosses — here on the avenue crosses four broken. Also on the side of the field, which put around Kurapaty. Some crosses cranky — want to break, but they were very. Felt that it was manufactured

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The U.S. Embassy plans to return in Kurapaty memorial symbol (photo)

Spokesman of the U.S. Embassy Alexei Solomaha voiced U.S. embassy statement, which made the desecration of the memorial sign "From the United States to commemorate the people of Belarus." In 1994, during a visit to Belarus bench gave U.S. President Bill Clinton.Solomaha "Embassy regrets that again was damaged memorial bench — a gift from the people of the Belarusian people of the United States. But still a huge concern that this act of vandalism offends the memory of thousands of victims of political repression. Embassy is going to continue pochetat memory of those who died in Kurapaty, and considering a

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Photo: Kurapaty broken bench Clinton (refreshed)

At the entrance to the tract of security officers in civilian now inspected the documents of all who come to take part in a rally in memory. Kurapaty rising hill, meet at the fractured bench Clinton second secretary of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus Stephen Gilena. Part of the memorial sign is missing.Gilen: "We believe this case is a big disaster. This Chapter was very malehankih, but it was a very important sign of friendship between the Belarusian and South American nations. This is a disaster. "Several 10’s of people who have come now to Kurapaty to commemorate the victims

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Against Kurapaty vandals is not opened

This is the first case where the hooligans managed to catch the hand. Earlier, the police had not once ringleader cases on vandalism, but This time criminals could not find. Check on the incident on November 1 conducts local policeman. Sergei Myaleshka Within 10 days, he must determine — to initiate criminal proceedings or not. Recall: members of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Oleg Sviridov and Ales Macs duty in Kurapaty. After 9 pm they saw as two young people came out of the tunnel and began to fell to the ground crosses, established at the graves of victims of

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Vandals defiled the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk

As said embassy spokesman, Christina Pakonite

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania made a statement. It says that the NIGHT MODE 25 July in Minsk was an act of vandalism against the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus. Salting the Republic of Lithuania in Belarus Edminas Bagdonas protested and claimed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus to know the situation and look guilty. Also claimed by salting Belarusian side to take measures to further compliance was guaranteed, provided that Venskay Convention 1962 and does not violate the immunity of the Lithuanian Embassy. By K.Pakonite, eventually incident mode Embassy’s Consular

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Broken crosses to refurbish Grandfathers

On another act of vandalism in Kurapaty became clear yesterday. Recall that in the Stalin era, from 1937 to 1941, the Bolsheviks shot here from 30 thousand to 100 thousand (according to some researchers up to 250 thousand) people. Felled and warped crosses saw the Young Zmiter Fedoruk and Stas Stesik. Dmitriy Fedoruk said:"Yesterday we were walking with a friend in Kurapaty look tract itself, because he writes practical work for school, wishes to speak on regional Olympiad in history. Strolled right there to do the freshest photos. And beheld that many crosses broken, broken down. At some unknown Tipo

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CCP BPF activists patrol Kurapaty

In Kurapaty Forest I met five members of the CCP BPF, patrol members. Among them, party spokesman

"Most were watching, so here again, not vandals have done their evil deeds. Couple of times a day, late in the evening members of the CCP held in small groups on the memorial area, looking to here everything was in order, not to thieves roamed here. We always do it, here in order to avoid these dramas that took place here. And we will defend our shrine of blasphemy, of Satanists. " Before you go to Kurapaty forest, I called the police officer

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