To Armourgedon and Back!

Tucked away in rural Leicestershire is a company offering a wide range of services that will no doubt be of interest to military vehicle enthusiasts and owners. While Armageddon offer a range of services that include paintball experiences, tank and military vehicle driving, vehicle restoration services and vehicle sales, they arc perhaps better known for being the only place in the world where customers can take part in a tank-to-tank paintball battle!

If you’re not familiar with them, Armageddon are a company going places, having expanded considerably since they started out and now boast a range of vehicles, from main

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The Venezuelan Humvee

In early 2004 the Venezuelan Army requested the production of a locally built, multipurpose, lightweight vehicle. In answer to the request, CAVIM (Compani a Anonima Venezolana de Industria Militar), a state owned weapons factory, joined forces with CENARECA (Centro Nacional de Repotenciacion C.A.), also a state company, located at Fuerte Tiuna, dedicated to military vehicles modernizations, and together they developed the vehicle using the American Hummer as a basis for their design.

After finishing the blueprints and initial tests in just 22 days, the prototype vehicle (named Tiuna), was completed, and after some further testing was exhibited during a military

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Street Fight

In September 2010 U.S. President Barack Obama officially announce the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom, prior to the announcement the last U.S. combat troops had left Iraq. However, some 50,000 U.S. troops remained to train and support Iraqi security forces. By December 2011 the last of these U.S. soldiers were also withdrawn, ending finally the presence of large numbers of foreign troops on Iraq soil.

U.S. and allied forces were simply not prepared, nor equipped for this type of conflict and as a result, great efforts were made to address urgent operational requirements by fielding large amounts of new equipment,

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SLS chief engineer Garry Lyles

We spoke to the chief engineer on NASA’s new heavy-lift rocket about how development is progressing

What is your role as chief engineer?

My job is to manage the design of SLS from a technical point of view, so day-to-day I make decisions on any design changes that need to be made to the launch vehicle. At the end of July we’ll hold a review board and basically make a decision as to whether we’re ready to proceed on to Critical Design Review in about 18 months or so.

Is everything on track for the first scheduled flight in December

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Rising star

As soon as it was launched, the Nissan Cabstar established itself as a more than willing general workhorse. The model was always very special for John Waring when he was a youngster, so it was something of a labour of love when he fully restored his 1984 model. Bob Tuck joins the pair for a breeze round in the North Yorkshire sun.

It’s sometimes worth hanging on to your earliest dreams and aspirations. Yes, we all grow up and things we hoped for when we were youngsters might seem of little consequence when we reach adulthood. But there are times

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In Focus — Hummer

Despite high purchase prices, the Hummer is gaining popularity with private owners

The American Hummer, or High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) to be more accurate, has been operating with various armies right around the world for many years now, with many thousands of them currently in service and seeing active duty in hotspots such as the Gulf Wars 1 and 2, Bosnia, Iraq, and more recently Afghanistan, but when the first examples rolled off the production line in 1985, not everyone expected the Hummer to still be in such widespread use nearly three decades later following a troubled and

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Probegovye tests BMP-2

Such tests are one of the stages of the process complex regulated maintenance of combat vehicles. They are exposed to BMP in order to verify the quality of the implementation of army repair and installation of reliability and accuracy of the adjustment mechanism of the machine.

The route for the path chosen and prepared so that it was on the areas that allow to drive in low gear with the maximum load of the engine, to carry traffic to roll to both sides and in the higher gears. In addition, be sure to include the presence of climbs and

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REVENGE German occupiers

After the Anschluss of Austria and occupation of Czechoslovakia by Germany received many industrial enterprises, actively to make money on the German war machine. A similar situation occurred with the plants seized during the Blitzkrieg 1939 — 1940 period. They not only continue to produce the previous models, but also began to develop new models of military vehicles. Among them Tatra 57K, which will be discussed


Model T57 (Tour 57) replaced the Tatra T12, produced from 1922 to 1933. The new entry-level line of Tatra was the first car of the brand created by engineer innovator Ledvinka

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Cold War Leviathans

Some of the largest vehicles ever put into military operation were developed by the Soviet Union during the latter years of the Cold War; the descendants of which remain in service with the modern Russian Army. These highly specialised vehicles were developed for a specific strategic purpose, at immense expense in terms of engineering development and project cost. They were developed to transport and launch the Soviet Union’s ultimate nuclear deterrent -intercontinental rockets armed with multiple nuclear warheads, later generations of which had a strike capability of hitting targets in the US or China from pre-prepared launch sites in the

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Classic Plant

We look at an emerging branch of the military vehicle collecting hobby

Although there have always been those who have had an interest in plant and construction equipment, in the main it has been confined to civilian equipment and supports a thriving hobby, but in recent years the level of interest in military plant and equipment has risen to a point where it can be considered to be an emerging branch of the hobby today, with more and more vehicles attending shows. Over the last few years we here at MMI have been watching the growth of this area of

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