Wartime in the Vale

The summer hasn’t exactly been spectacular this year and late June set the tone for the rest of the year with heavy rain causing widespread disruption and even cancellations for many a show up and down the country. On this particular occasion I attended two shows that fell on the same weekend, firstly the Yorkshire Wartime Experience on the Saturday (show report coming soon) and the Wartime in the Vale show on the Sunday. As it turned out the Saturday would have been the better of the two days to attend Wartime in the Vale because heavy overnight rain saw

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Vietnam Gun Trucks

On September 2 1967, a US Army 8th Transport Group convoy of 39 vehicles was ambushed a few miles west of An Khe by a company of Viet Cong (VC) soldiers. With only weak convoy protection of two Jeeps armed with guns, the results were predictable. Seventeen American soldiers were killed, 13 wounded, and 34 of the vehicles were damaged or totally destroyed.

In another ambush in late 1967, a U.S. Marine convoy of 10 trucks, escorted by tanks, heading for Camp Carrol from Ca Lu on Route 9 was stopped by mines, and then came under attack from small

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Tanks, trucks & Firepower

The late August bank holiday is a popular date for shows up and down the country, with intense competition between show organisers, but one of my favourite events on the calendar in recent years is relatively new in terms of military vehicle shows — Tanks, Trucks & Firepower. The event is a joint venture between Andrew Baker, owner of the land on which the show is held in the rural setting of a farm just outside Dunchurch near Rugby, and the local Birmingham and West Midlands branch of the Military Vehicle Trust, which helps attract many of the vehicles that

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Stars of Sandstone

It is apparent everywhere you look on the sprawling Sandstone Estate that the owners are striving for excellence. From the carefully tended lawns, well designed layout of buildings and storage sheds, and vast collection of steam driven and military machinery, the passion of owner Wilfred Mole shines through. The annual Sandstone Heritage Trust show held in May this year made a point of showcasing the Trust’s large serviceable collection of Military vehicles and equipment. Set amongst the picturesque Maluti Mountains of the Eastern Free State, this working farm boasts 26km of 2ft narrow gauge track on which a variety of

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R&W Febry & Sons Ltd

Individually, the Fabry’s most prominent (arm would have been that of R8W Febry of Chipping Sod bury, which at its height was operating a fleet of 150 haulage vehicles. Although in partnership with his brother, William, the firm was spearheaded by the chairman and managing director Richard (Dick) Febry.

Dick was the eldest of six sons and six daughters born to Albert and Alice Febry at Old Sod bury. He started work at the age of 12 at the Cross Hands Farm. Old Sod bury.

As a 17-year-old in 1921 Dick went to work for a local coal-merchant where he

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Latin American News Bulletin… (02-2013)

Airborne Brigade for the Chilean Army

Chile’s Army established the creation of an Airborne Brigade as the top priority of this force for in the coming years. The project will be developed over the next ten to twelve years, and will include the acquisition of thirty medium-transport helicopters as well as eight to twelve attack helicopters.

The unit will be integrated by infantry personnel with a total number of 800 to 1200 infantrymen who will be trained in vertical assault operations. The new brigade would comprise rapid deployment elements for the support of UN missions. Despite the brigade, personnel will

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In Focus — Hummer

Despite high purchase prices, the Hummer is gaining popularity with private owners

The American Hummer, or High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) to be more accurate, has been operating with various armies right around the world for many years now, with many thousands of them currently in service and seeing active duty in hotspots such as the Gulf Wars 1 and 2, Bosnia, Iraq, and more recently Afghanistan, but when the first examples rolled off the production line in 1985, not everyone expected the Hummer to still be in such widespread use nearly three decades later following a troubled and

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Danville Tank Museum

By my count, I’ve visited close to 400 military museums of different sizes and shapes in three or four-dozen countries, but the American Armor Foundation Tank Museum in the small town of Danville, Virginia, is one for the books. Danville (population 43,000), on U.S. Highway 29 in rural southern Virginia is hardly where you’d expect to find a world-class tank museum.

Tucked away under some trees, the museum boasts an impressive collection of 118 vehicles, which includes tanks, armoured personnel carriers, armoured cars, and tracked and wheeled artillery. Throw in some mobile anti-aircraft guns, a smattering of amphibious vehicles, Jeeps,

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Commando Force

The original Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) has a history that traces back to the Cadillac Gage LAV-100 Commando, the first production examples of which were built in 1963. The amphibious LAV-100 Commando was used extensively in Vietnam and was followed into production in 1971 by the LAV-150 which was sold to more than 20 countries. The LAV-300, a (6×6), was introduced in 1978 and numerous examples of the 15 variants available remain in service around the world. Assorted other light armoured vehicles including the Scout (4×4), LAV-200 (4×4), LAV-150S (4×4), and V-600 (6×6) have been produced by the now Textron

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Cobbaton combat collection

MMI made a return trip to what must be one of the largest private collections open to the general public in the UK

While I’m sure that there are private collections of military vehicles and assorted military memorabilia that are than the collection to be found at the Cobbaton Combat Collection, few of them open their doors to the public as a museum on a day-to-day basis, indeed Cobbaton is more like a private collection that just happens to be open to the public than a museum.

Thankfully Cobbaton does open to the public, and owner and frunder Preston Isaac,

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